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What Pitcher Will Surprise Us Next Season?

There is a lot left to happen between now and Opening Day 2012, but I think there could be a surprise or two come next season.

Here’s why I think that – Mike MacDougal had a nice season last year, which means that someone might want to overpay for him.  As much as liked what he did in 2011, he’s not worth a big contract.  There are also allegedly several teams looking at Jon Broxton, but I can’t see anyone paying him a lot, so if it’s close, he might be back in LA where he is comfortable (or not).    Additionally, Dana Eveland and Hong Chih Kuo will probably be non-tendered, so both could be back, one could be back, or neither could be back.  We really don’t know, do we?

What I do know is that the Dodgers have a plethora of young arms.  Cole St. Clair is being exposed to the Rule 5 draft and I keep hearing that he is ready for the majors, but I have serious reservations that he can pitch at the major league level.  His fastball tops out at a Ted Lillyish 87  MPH at times and I can’t see him being really successful.  Ethan Martin was also exposed to the Rule 5 draft, but it would be a streatch to expect anyone to keep him all season.

So, who could be the pitchers who might make the team next spring?  I have a few suggestions:

  • Steve Ames – He  is flying a bit under the radar, but who could conceivably make the team in the Spring if the above-mentioned players walk.  He is a strikeout artist and has a live arm made for the pen.  Watch him.  The odds are against him since he is not on the 40-man roster, but he could be  a factor.
  • Allen Webster – He’s my Top Dodger Prospect.  I think he can be a Number Two Starter.  The question is:  when will he be ready?  I’ll tell you this right now:  this guy will impress you with his moxie and “stuff.”
  • Stephen Fife –  Nedcompoop got him from Beantown in the you-know-who trade.    He has a good pitchers body and the ability throw several pitches.  Scouts think he can be a starter if he can utilize them all and he does pound the strike zone.  He’s a darkhorse candidate to make the show.
  • Josh Lindblom – Now that the Dodgers realize he’s a reliever, watch him “blom” is 2012.

Those are my TOP 4 who could make the team next year (in no particular order).

Do you have a different idea?   I’d like to hear it….


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10 Responses to “What Pitcher Will Surprise Us Next Season?”

  1. Bobby says:

    Shawn Tolleson. He’ll come up sometime, and become a late inning bp buy by the time the playoffs roll around.

  2. Viva_El_Che says:

    yeah probly tolleson. or maybe withrow??

  3. DodgerDude says:

    Mark has already said that he expects Tolleson to make the team at some point next year.

    I agree with that.

    Ames would be my pick. I’ve seen him pitch and he could really surprise you all.

  4. Emerson-Lake says:

    I like Tolleson. I’m not a fan of Fife, and think Webster needs more time. But here’s a real long-shot…anybody heard anything about Ronald Bellisario?

  5. Torsten says:

    Definitely Tolleson. And it seems we have forgotten about Eovaldi. If memory serves correct, the kid did a nice job last year in limited exposure.

  6. coloblue says:

    Guyys who make team..Eovaldi ,Lindblom for sure..
    #1…Tolleson …
    #2.. Webster late in season….
    but next big surprise will be SP Angel Sanchez..RDLRosa the second..
    possible Sept mlb ETA but probably 2013.

  7. Viva_El_Che says:

    i think lee or gould would make it to the show before sanchez no? man kemp got robbed!!! suks.. :(

  8. Gyro says:

    Scott Rice will be our lhp in the pen. He’s healthy now and dominated at Chattanooga.

  9. bluetrain says:

    Tolleson, hands down…This guy is the real deal..


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