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Treanor is NOT News

Signing Matt Treanor is not news because it would be a shame if he actually  took a roster spot from either A.J. or Fed-X.

It’s such a non-factor that I won’t address it anymore.

Play Misty for me

He’s the Dioner Navarro of 2012 – that’s the best I can say.  A million dollars?  OK?  Well, he does have one re-deeming thing – he is married to Misty May.

There could be a trade or two, but I would not imagine that the Dodgers would be bidders on any big free agent (i.e, Fielder or Pujols).  It’s mostly over.  This is the offense for nest year:

  • 1B – Loney
  • 2B – Ellis  (I think he will be a stabilizing influence)
  • SS – Gordon
  • 3B – Uribe
  • LF – Rivera
  • CF – Kemp
  • RF – Ethier
  • C – Ellis
There may be trade or signing for a utility infielder or outfielder, but I think it’s a mistake to bring Kuroda back..  Nothing good can come from that.  Forget Padilla… toast!
As much as I have trashed Jon Broxton, I could see him coming back next year.  After all, he can be a great set-up man.
The rotation as it sits currently is as follows:
  1. Clayton Kershaw (Cy)
  2. Chad Billingsley (is 2012 the year he really pitches up to his ability?)
  3. Ted Lilly (2.94 ERA after the All-Star Game)
  4. Nate Eovaldi (he will be solid)
  5. Allen Webster (I’ll give you one guess as to who my TOP Dodger Prospect might be – that’s coming up soon)
Now, I would be fine if the Dodgers were to sign one of these pitchers: Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang or Jeff Francis… at the right price.


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    You need to write something that gets these morons riled up. Unless you say something good or bad about McCourt, they just sit with their heads up their arses.


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