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The Ten Top Dodger Prospects

I have not had a Top Ten for a while, at least not ranked in order, but I’ll break form and name my Top 10 for 2012.   Absent from the list are Jerry Sands, Nate Eovaldi, Josh Lindblom and Dee Gordon, all of whom made the show for various intervals last year and all of whom should make the team next year as well.

#10 Tim Federowicz – A true defensive specialist, Fed-X has a decent arm, but excellent footwork and an amazing release,  make him a great catch-and-throw catcher.  He’s smart and is a leader.  He has below-average speed, but is a solid base-runner.  His hitting is the question, but it’s not unusual for a catcher to mature a little later.  He’s 25 years old.  I see him as a .250 – .260 hitter who might hit 12-15 HR, but who will be outstanding defensively.  Maybe not Gold Glove…. but close.

#9 Garrett Gould –  He improved his mechanics last year and was outstanding at Great Lakes.  His velocity was better than the year before and you have to remember that he’s just 21, but his curveball is major-league ready.   He is developing a “man’s body” and I see him as a workhorse #4 starter in a year or two.

#8  Chris Withrow – This guy has the stuff to be a #1 or #2…. sometimes!  Other times, his pitches are flat and lack “bite.”  His control is erratic because of poor mechanics.  If he can ever consistently replicate his release point, he’ll be a horse.  If not, he’s a RH Greg Miller.

#7  Scott Van Slyke – Many discount his success last season because he’s nearly 25 years old, but I think he’s just starting to “get it.”  I see him as a 1B and maybe a platoon partner for the #6 Top Dodger Prospect (next).

#6 Angelo Songco –  He’ll have to play 1B or LF in the majors and I see him as a platoon partner who will own RH pitchers, but fail to hit lefties.  He’s a guy who can get 400 AB’s and hit 20 HR while hitting .270.   Not a star, but a solid pro.

#5  Shawn Tolleson – Good slider, fastball that touches 97 and maybe higher next year.   The thing is:  he has excellent control and could make the team as early as next season as a middle reliever.

#4 Alex Castellanos – This guy can hit… for a 2B, and while he is older, he won’t be the first 26 or 27 year-old to finally make the show.  He’s a reserve unless he can play 2B and I believe the Dodgers will move him there next season.    .280 and 20 HR are a possibility.

#3 Alfredo Silverio – I’ll call him Tommy “HITMAN” Hearns because this guy is a stone-cold hitter.  His style reminds me of Cal Daniels.  He won’t walk much, but he will swing the bat and get on base.  He could be a LF or a 4th outfielder.

#2 Zach Lee – This guy is a number 1 on any staff not having Clayton Kershaw.  He’s likely to make the show in 2013, which is the only reason I have Allen Webster ranked #1.   Lee has the makeup of a champion and is mature beyond his 20 years.  Control, power, curve, change-up, slider – he does it all.  #2 at worst!

#1 Allen Webster – He only has pitched for about 3 years, but he has four pitches, an excellent “short” delivery, a 95+ MPH fastball and will be ready next season.  If he improves his curve-ball, he will be devastating.  He is my dark-horse to make the team next season and he’s the reason I would not waste money on Hiroki Kuroda.  Again, he’s a number #2.


Travis Denker – At 3B he’s a better choice than Russ Mitchell.

Russ Mitchell – Is catching really in the cards?

Justin Sellers – For God’s sake, he’s a utilityman!

Jamie Hoffman – Been around forever…


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25 Responses to “The Ten Top Dodger Prospects”

  1. DodgerDude says:

    I have heard from people within the Dodgers that A-Cast will indeed be tried at 2B.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    He would probably be a plus bat at 2B. I see him as a guy who will have a solid career in the majors.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    I wonder why Ned signed Ellis for two years if A-Cast is ready for the show? Can Alex play defense? With K-Fed in the Dodgers plans behind the plate, isn’t adding another .250 hitter(Ellis) to the lineup taking a step towards mediocrity?

  4. coloblue says:

    Mark..uhh.. Eovaldi is still technically a prospect….he pitched less than 50ip still a prospect as Guerra is… and Lindblom…

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      I know they are technically prospects, but we have seen them and will likely see them again next year. I want to focus on true prospects whom we have not seen at the show. We did see Fed-X for a minute, but that does not count – IMHO.

      • coloblue says:

        fair enough…just wanted to remind you they are technically prospects..
        One guy I think you have missed the boat on is Joc Pederson …definite top 10 guy maybe top 5.
        Joc has highwer ceiling than SVS,Silverio or Castellanos..all who i like by the way..
        Joc is a top 5 guy on my list…

        • Mark_Timmons says:


          I do the Top Ten a little differently – I look at the players who are closest to the Majors and give them preference. Of my Top Ten, only Lee, Gould and Songco have no change of making the majors NEXT year. Pederson has a very high ceiling, but I need to see him at the next level. He\’ll be there next year if he progresses.

  5. Gonzo says:

    What is upsetting to me is Ethan Martin. Many teams wanted to draft him as a 3B but the Dodgers insisted he sign as a pitcher. Well, I think that the time has come to make the switch. I have a feeling that the kid will rake. Make the switch ALREADY!

  6. 24fan says:

    Many thanks to you Mark and Jared wish you all the best!!!! Always enjoy reading your site everyday and appreciate all your hard work. Excellent Top 10 prospect.

  7. Bobby says:

    Nice reference to KAL daniels. that guy had a beautiful swing, but never lived up to what I thought he could be.

  8. Bobby says:

    oh, and p.s. congrats to our Cy Young Winner!!!

  9. Bobby says:

    p.p.s. mark i totally disagree with you about Kuroda. you can never have enough pitching!!! this guy isn’t some old 37 yr old who’s always injured. if he gets hurt this year, it’ll be a fluke, not the norm.

    On this team, he’s the #2. Bills is the 3. Lilly is the 4. eavoldi will be the 5 most likely. For us to really step up in levels, we either sign CJ Wilson to be the 2, we hope bills wakes up and becomes more than aaron harang part 2, or we hope to god eavoldi and eventually webster really step up. there is no way we can really afford kuroda to leave. he’s worth 1 more year

    • DodgerDude says:

      You know what I like, Bobby?

      I like it that you can disagree with Mark and not make it personal like some of the bitter old guys that used to come here.

      • Bobby says:

        yeah, i mean we’re all giving our opinions on how to improve our average team. i never got why people needed to resort to name calling (as if we all agreed on how to make the improvement, that it would actually happen!!)

        I don’t know Mark or anyone else on this board (as far as I know). Maybe if we were all friends in real life and not just in on-line life, then the name calling and insults would be not taken so seriously.

        either way, i really wish we were in on fielder or cj wilson. damn

        • Mark_Timmons says:

          I hear you Bobby. I am just afraid Kuroda is getting to the age where he might break down. That\’s a lot of money to commit to the DL.

          But, you may be right.

      • Glass Is Half Full Again says:

        Mark….some of us old dudes are still here irregardless what some may think….Read you every day……

  10. nedsucks says:


    Have a question.

    Why would we sign lily and gurrier to those contracts knowing we were going to still be in how do i say it s sad situation in the payroll department. That money could have definetly got us a “big bat” this year. Why not put the money back or sign to 1 year deals for them and know that this year 2011 two of the better hitters are free agents. Ned cant be that dumb can he??

  11. Torsten says:

    Things look pretty grim if your number three prospect projects to be a fourth outfielder. That said, always enjoy your insight. (don’t tell Jared :) ) I think Tolleson makes the club in spring training. Nice back end of the bullpen with Kenley, Javy, Guerrier, Elbert, and if we bring either back, Kuo and MacDougal.

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