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The New Owner of the Dodgers

Former Dodger players Orel Hershiser and Steve Sax are teaming up and forming a group to buy the Dodgers.  They are calling themselves the Orel-Sax group. 

Compliments of Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer - LA Daily News

OK, that’s a lie… but it was fun writing it.

Seriously, who isn’t trying to buy the Dodgers is a smaller list than those who are trying to buy them.

Most are pretenders.  Steve Garvey?  No way – He has only one problem:  MONEY.  Uh, oh, Don’t let Bud hear that, he’ll have him anointed in the wink of an eye.

Mark Cuban?  I can’t see Bud letting him in, nor can I see Cubes paying the going price.

That leaves a lot of people left, but I think Dennis Gilbert deserves a long, hard look.

He’s a former agent now employed by the ChiSox as a front-office executive, who has a sterling reputation as a win-win type of negotiator.  Unlike Scott Boras who tries to beat-down the owners, Dennis positioned himself as a friend to both the owners and players and negotiated fairly.  He has put in some time within MLB after his retirement as an agent, so he seems positioned as a member of the “good ole’ boys club” which is important here.

It’s not clear to me how much he’s worth, but he does spend six figures a year on Dodger Tickets.  If he bought the Dodgers he could save that money and upgrade to an owners’ box.

The Dodgers could do a lot worse than Dennis Gilbert.  I think he’ll need two or three investors to pull it off, but he’d be a local owner, a smart owner and an owner who would mesh well with the fans.

Frank McCourt was 0-3 in those areas.

If he’s the pick, I think he’ll know who needs to runs the baseball side of the business…

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8 Responses to “The New Owner of the Dodgers”

  1. 哈哈,正在找呢辛卯年(兔)十月十四 2011-11-9谢谢啊0yoe0k

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    I agree or not…

  3. Bill Russell says:

    I was drunk when I wrote that.

  4. The Original GoNzO says:

    So is Camelback included in the sale or does it strictly belong to glendale now? From what I’m reading it’s probably going to be gilbert. i know its an auction but if cleveland got lebron any other fix is possible.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Bye Bye Rod Barajas, you’re a pirate now.

  6. GoNzO says:

    Just read that O’Malley is getting in bed with FOX. I don’t know if I like this pairing if this is true. What if O’malley croaks and FOX is left as the owner again. Can you imagine Chase Carey trading Kemp to some random team for journeymen players?

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Seeing things out there of this and that team are beginning to talk to some of the players that Dodger fans would like to see the Dodger sign or trade for.

    Looks like the $$$s will be higher than lower. Barajas signed high. And the Dodgers need a real catcher. I am not willing to go into the season with Fedex and Ellis as the Dodger catching staff. One is a AAA player or backup in the majors and the other has not even had two cups of coffee in the majors yet. Make your move Ned.

    Oh, I just got word . . . Frank rejected my offer of $1,000 for the team.


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