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Rant & Rave Saturday

  • Matt Kemp was the latest to have good things to say about Frank McCourt a few days before his signing and the truth is:  people who work for McCourt and the players have an entirely different opinion of him than the fans.  I’m not painting him as a saint or anything, but Dodger fans are no different from the average American Public who love to make heroes or villains out of people.  The truth is:  many people are neither hero or villain – there’s a lot of middle ground and that’s probably where Frank McCourt lands.   I still say that the Dodgers are in better shape now than when Peter O’Malley sold them to FOX, which begs the question:  Why is everyone wanting Peter O’Malley back?
  • I think something happened behind the scenes (which we will ultimately find out in a few months) that caused Frank McCourt to change his mind and sell the Dodgers.  I don’t know what it was, but it will be interesting to find out.  It caused him to do a 180…
  • FOX is seeking to have the Dodgers bankruptcy be dismissed as all the debts will be paid when the team is sold.  That is a move of desperation that the Court will not grant as now that the process has started, they will see it through.  Good try, FOX!
  • How the Dodgers fare next year will be greatly determined how healthy and effective Juan Uribe and Mark Ellis are.  I don’t think it would be realistic to think that either one could have a career year (although it is possible), but to see how bad the Dodgers were at 2B and 3B last year you only need to know that if Ellis and Uribe had just their average year, it would be a great improvement:
  • Mark Ellis average year:  10 HR/24 Doubles/51 RBI/ .266 BA/.728 OPS
  • Juan Uribe average year:  14 HR/22 Doubles/57 RBI/.252 BA/.721 OPS
  • A changing of the guard:  John Ely and Carlos Monasterios were outrighted to  AAA and the Dodgers added LHP Michael Antonini, outfielder Alex Castellanos and RHP’s Stephen Fife, Josh Wall and  Chris Withrow to the 40-man roster, which is currently a 38-man roster.
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    5 Responses to “Rant & Rave Saturday”

    1. Ken says:

      39 on 40 man; 38 on active!

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        Technically, Belly is still on the roster, but I have been told it\’s unlikely he will stay. Of course, if he did and could come back with his head on straight, it would be a big plus.

        He got into some kind of trouble in his country that the Dodgers and some writers know about, but won\’t talk about. I have tried to pry it out of them to no avail.

    2. Wally says:

      Heh, heh, heh…. As much as I detest McCockroach, I am enjoying him sticking it to Fox.

      Also gonna need Ethier and Loney to add in career avgerage years. Sure wish we had a real #2 starter. I’ve pretty much given up hope that Billz will ever get there. Nedcompoop should have taken care of the pitching before signing Rivera and Ellis in my opinion.

      Anyway, great post Mark….

    3. DodgerDude says:

      I dig that name



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