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We all know that Ned Colletti has a penchant for making deals that he shouldn’t (and I am being kind).

Ned now has a new name.

I wish I had thought of it, but it was “Wally” who did.  He has anointed Ned Colletti as “Nedcompoop.”

From henceforth, Ned Colletti shall never referred to as just “Ned,” but rather, as “Nedcompoop.”  I like that so much I am just giddy.  ;)

We will stop referring to him as Nedcompoop when he wins a World Series, but until then it’s


OK, since I was bragging about how I predicted great things for Kershaw and Kemp, I thought I’d revisit five others I thought would also be great:

  1. Adrian Beltre – I championed him for years and then when he finally re-deemed himself, he was gone.  I predict he will eventually be in the Hall-of-Fame.
  2. Andy LaRoche – I believed he would be a near-All-Star Caliber 3B and I still can’t figure out what happened.  What happened?
  3. Russell Martin – My favorite Dodgers for a long time.  I predicted he would be an All-Star and maybe HOF in his future.  He came up through the ranks quickly and became a star and then fizzled.  I still can’t figure out what happened… and don’t blame it on overwork.  Lots of catchers have worked that hard.
  4. James McDonald – I never believe he would be a starter.  The jury is still out, but I think he’d be great out of the pen.
  5. Greg Miller – Filthy stuff and I believed he would one day harness his control.  Never happened!
Who did you like that failed to make it?
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14 Responses to “Nedcompoop!”

  1. Bobby says:

    1) like you Mark, I thought Blake DeWitt was going to be a big time #2 hitting 2b for us. Watching him hit that based clearing double vs the Phillies in the 2008 or 2009 playoffs made me believe even more. Oh well.

    2) Loney: figured he’d be .320, 25hr 120 rbi with a gold glove type. Not quite.

    3) and if we’re going wayyyyy back: Wilton Guerrero, Billy Ashley, Edwin Jackson, Jose Gonzales, etc…… I’ve been wrong a lot :(

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Totally forgot about Blake DeWitt whom I predicted would hit 20+ HR.

      I was not quite so high on Loney but did expect more power. Maybe he\’ll realize it NEXT year. I have been saying that….

  2. Emerson-Lake says:

    I thought Billy Ashley was going to be a monster home-run hitter for a long time (his nickname was “Light-Tower Power.) He had a beautiful swing, but it just didn’t kick-in for him. His lifetime stats were Career: 28 HR, .233 BA, 84 RBI in SEVEN seasons. Too bad.

  3. Wally says:

    LMAO!! Glad you enjoy the Nedcompoop moniker.

    I’m with you on LaRoche and DeWitt. I thought they would fare much better and be mainstays for the Dodgers.

    I thought at the time we gave up too soon on Jason Werth and that he would go on to be a productive outfielder.

    Raul Mondesi never lived up to his potential. Our last 5-tool player before Kemp. I hope Kemp keeps his head on straight and doesn’t flame out like Mondesi did.

    Also, alot of us really thought Greg Brock was going to be a star.

    And lastly, Dreifort never could recover from injuries to become the stud pitcher most of us thought he would be.

  4. RogerCraig says:

    I thought Ron Fairly would have a hall-of-fame career. Boy, was I wrong.

  5. Mark_Timmons says:

    By the way, we have to pay Wally royalities every time we write Nedcompoop!

  6. Gonzo says:

    I always thought that short pitcher was going to have a good career for the dodgers, what was his name Pedro Martinez I think. What ever happened to him?

  7. Torsten says:

    Looking at previous commenters, a lot of my good ones were taken! That said, Jon Meloan was one. Great heater. Couldn’t understand why, even after being traded to Cleveland in the Blake deal, how he never stuck. Oscar Robles was another. Never gonna be a star but made contact, got on base, and fielded both middle infield positions well. Lastly, and don’t laugh, I had faith in Charlie Haeger. 12 ks in his first start of 2010 too. Tough to control that knuckler though…

  8. Darvin says:

    BS low – rationailty high! Really good answer!


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