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It Might Be Wise to Sit This One Out

Rod Barajas gets $4 mil.  Jamey Carroll gets $7.5 mil.  Let me do the math:  Based upon that, Prince Fielder should get a 10 year/$500 million dollar deal.   He’ll just ride into town and take over the owners’ suite.

I think you will see some insane contracts this year.  I like Jamey Carroll – he was a nice signing for $3.5 mil for 2 years, but now at age 38 he suddenly becomes worth twice that?  WOW!  Good for him!

Maybe this is the time to stand pat.  Maybe a tweak here or there, but this team ain’t horrible.

Sometimes you just have to be lucky – Juan Rivera has had a good year or two, but in the right situation, he could have a career year.  Could… or not.

This is for Ned:  A.J. Ellis can catch, so can Fed-X.  The hitting may be weak or not.  Ellis actually has a good OB% in minimal MLB service… and he can catch (did I mention that?).  Go with Ellis and Fed-X and forget the vets that you love so much.  I mean it-DON’T DO IT!  DON’T SIGN A RE-TREAD!

One more memo for Ned:  If Aaron Hill can be signed at a “decent” price, do it.  This guy has been hampered by injuries, but he has a huge upside and is only 29.  2B is a position where the Dodgers need help.  Hill has had a season where he was “Jeff Kent-esque.”  Hey, some of this is just blind “luck.”

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