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Is It Really Over?

Here are a few ramblings from yours truly:

If you read this blog, you probably read it because you don’t always think “in the box.”   Some just read it so that they can tell me how dumb I am, and then they are insulted when I give them the same back.   Look, I am frequently wrong, but I do get it right occasionally.  Maybe you do too…

Dodger fans have called for Frank McCourts’ ouster for two years and I just have called it the way I have seen it.  I have said not to bet on it, but it looks like Frank is running out of juice… and LA!

As owner of the Dodgers, Frank McCourt did some really dumb things, but he also did some good things, and as vilified as he has become, the Dodger franchise is in better shape than when Peter O’Malley took the money from Fox and ran.  The Dodgers are no longer irrelevant, so as nice a man as Peter may be, he has no business running the Dodgers, especially at 73 years of age.  Figurehead?  Maybe!!!  Managing partner?  No way!!!

Let me remind you that Frank is not gone yet, and I can see a scenario where Frank may still own the team by opening day.  It’s not likely, but it could happen.  I have said that for two years and I have said it would not surprise me if Frank still owned the team.  That said, at this juncture, it’s likely that he’s gone by Spring, but now you have to worry about who Bug Selid will pick as the next owner.  It’s possible Dodger fans may some day “pine for Frank and the good old days.”  I hope that’s not true, but Bug doesn’t inspire confidence in me.

If the season started tomorrow, I believe the Dodgers would be better than anyone in the NL West.  However, it doesn’t start for quite some time, and there’s a lot left to be determined between now and then… the most important one is who will own the Dodgers.  We don’t have a clue…

I am just eager to get back to a time when all we write about is baseball, not who owns the team.  Wouldn’t that be great?

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4 Responses to “Is It Really Over?”

  1. GoNzO says:

    Mark, have to disagree with you. There is no chance McCOurt stays. Once the Judge Gross gives the ok to auction the team, there is no turning back for McCourt. Do you actually think if the team goes for an amount that will pay of all creditors Gross would let McCourt back out because he didn’t make a profit? Then there is the Brian Stowe thing that the new owner will inheret that is at least 20 million in a settlement so the faster Franky sells the faster he is debt free. He will still be a rich man but he might not necessarily make a profit from the Dodgers.

    As to fans oining for McCourt I doubt it. Bud got it wrong 2 times in a row and I assume he does not want to leave after next season having placed a bad owner for the Dodgers again. Third times a charm I guess and the Dodgers will have a new owner with deep pockets.

  2. Anonymous says:

    it aint over til it’s over


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