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Fish Hacks Rob Kemp

I am giving Bill Plaschke a temporary respite from being a fish hack.

Rolling Eyes Over MVP Voting

His article in The LA Times today hits the nail on the head.  Tomorrow he will go back to being a fish hack like the rest of his ilk, but today he’s FREE.

Look, you can spin it anyway you want it, but three things are undeniable:

  1. Matt Kemp beat Ryan Braun in practically every statistical category;
  2. Matt Kemp did it with the likes of James Loney, Juan Uribe and Casey Blake hitting behind him, while Ryan Braun did it with #3 in the MVP Race, Prince Fielder hitting behind him; and
  3. The Dodgers would have won a lot fewer games without Kemp than the Brewers would have won without Braun.
I can only conclude that most baseball writers are idiots!  Plaschke gets a free pass on this one.  In the end, this will be the best thing that ever happened to Matt Kemp.  He’s now motivated more than ever and says he wants to be a 50-50 man next year.  A “Matt on a mission” is a good thing.  Someone needs to slap Andre Ethier and put him on the same type of mission.  Andre needs to” man-up, sack-up and step-up.”  He needs to quit being a sniveling little crybaby and realize his potential.

The Dodgers Are Not As Bad As You Think

No offense, but don’t get all upset over this.  The 2011 version of the LA Dodgers finished the season with 82 wins.  Don’t drink the Cool-Aid that the team was horrible.  There were just 12 other teams who had a better record.  If my math serves me right, there are 30 teams in MLB and as much crying, moaning and groaning as there was last year,the Dodgers finished well into the Top 50% of the teams.  Not great, but not as horrible as many of the fans want to make it.

Additionally, after the All-Star Break, the Dodgers record was one of the best in baseball.  They got off to a horrid start and most of the team underachieved last year.  While Kershaw and Kemp were having outstanding years, Uribe, Furcal, Loney, Ethier and others struggled mightily.

Some people automatically take the negative route.  They see the glass as half empty – every time.   They only see the bad.  They think the Dodgers are ruined, that they will never recover from Frank McCourt in10 years.  As I have  said before, Frank McCourt has left the Dodgers in remarkably good shape…. as long as someone like Joe Torre or Peter O’Malley doesn’t end up running the team.  Everyone is lining up to buy the team – most of them glory-seekers!



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6 Responses to “Fish Hacks Rob Kemp”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    I have been away, to a conference in S.F. since Friday; getting back last night about 10.

    1) I roomed with Voldy (long time Dodger fan poster from the Chicago area) and some of you know Voldy. In fact, back in 2007 — Mark, Voldy, and I met in Chicago and drove over the boarder to watch Clayton Kershaw pitch for Great Lakes. It was a great trip. We sat next to a profession life-time Cub scout and got to chat the entire game with him. Note: I took a bunch of pictures of Clayton pitching that game. Mark had his tech guy make an enlargement of the photo and I had Kershaw sign it at Spring Training two years ago. Nice.

    2) I had lunch last Friday in S.F. with Venice Glen; life-time Giant fan who posts on Dodger boards. This was the third time I have met with Venice in S.F. while visiting there. First time for lunch some 8 or 9 years ago; then for a game (Dodgers vs. Giants – Giants won) with two other Dodger board guys (4 of us at the game). Venice starting posting back on the old L.A. Times board with Mark, Voldy, and myself.

    The N.L. MVP was announced yesterday when I arrived at the airport in S.F.

    My first thought was — that big HR Braun hit to end the season was the period he needed at the end of his season. A BIG HR indeed. Plus, he really helped his team into the post season.

    As for Matt, without him, the Dodgers would have pushed the Padres for last place. I agree with Mark, this might be a blessing in the end. Make Matt come out a prove that he is a MVP and help to put the Dodgers over the top next season. He was a close second and made us all proud. Well done Matt !!!

  2. Lever says:

    Here an issue I have: Kemp was denied one game because of a rainout that was not made up. What if he had played and hit a homerun and made it to 40-40? Would the jackasses have voted him in then? This is deplorable.

  3. RogerCraig says:

    I hope Kemp has a big chip on his shoulder next year and takes it out on the “fish hacks.”

  4. Jae says:

    Now, if Andre Ethier could just get it together like Kemp did last year…

    He is older than Kemp and should be wiser, but he currently is not!

  5. DodgerDude says:

    I look for Loney and Ethier to bounce back with big seasons next year.


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