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What The Future May Hold for Frank McCourt

I read The LA Times just like most Dodger fans and the headlines always look like this:

It Needs to be Over - Really!

  • “Dodgers’ bankruptcy could cost Frank McCourt plenty”

  • “Frank McCourt won’t own up to his responsibilities”

  • “Dodgers’ argument fails to move bankruptcy judge”

Bill Plaschke, Steve Dilbeck, TJ Simers and Bill Shaikin are quick to point out every misdeed and every possible scenario which bodes ill for Frank McCourt… and they could be right!  Or not!

You simply never know what will happen in a court of law.  During the OJ Simpson trial, I said he would be found not guilty and was really vilified for it (I did not say he was innocent – just that he wouldn’t be found guilty), and I was right.

There was less evidence that Mike Tyson raped a girl in the Canterbury Hotel in Indianapolis, but he was found guilty.

The judge, not the media, not the fans, and not the fish hacks, runs the trial and controls it’s outcome to a large degree.

While I am not confident that Frank McCourt will win in bankruptcy court and while I know he has lost in the court of public opinion, I think Dodger fans have to at least consider the possibility that he may very well win what he needs in court.

Again, don’t shoot the messenger – I am not on Franks’ payroll, but the possibility exists that Jamie is the idiot, whom Frank tried to please and couldn’t, and even in divorce there is no way that she can be appeased.  All it takes is one idiot who doesn’t want to settle, and who doesn’t care if it becomes the most expensive divorce in history.  She might be that idiot.   I think that Jamie McCourt is clueless:  she just wants it all and wants to bring Frank down in the process.  That doesn’t absolve him, but it might explain some of the bizarre twists and turns in this case.

What could happen next is anybodies guess, but I will tell you some things that THE LA TIMES won’t discuss:

  • I would not be surprised to see the Judge order MLB to turn over team financial documents right in the middle of the bankruptcy trial.  It will depend upon the questions asked by Fank’s attorneys and the answers given by MLB, but just because the Court has said he can’t have the documents requested, doesn’t mean he won’t get them during the trial.
  • The judge doesn’t care about the Dodgers profitability in 5 years – it cares that the team can emerge from bankruptcy ASAP as a viable entity.   Therefore, don’t discount the fact that the Court could indeed order an auction of the teams’ TV rights.
  • Nobody mentions it, but I think Franks’ attorneys may have negioated a settlement with his old law firm’s insurance company whereby the settlement for the screw-up they made on the Pre-Dodger-Numpt pays Jamie off.
  • Frank may have a financial partner lined up to take over part-ownership of the team and provide an infusion of cash and he can also have a new development plan with a new partner for Chavez Ravine which could generate huge cash.   The best time to do that is when the economy is bad.

Frank is up to his ass in alligators and may not survive the next phase, but I just want to present the other side.  Some of what I said may happen, may not happen or none of it may happen, but you have to at leaste consider that possibility.

Things would be great if Mark Cuban owned the Dodgers….

It ain’t happening!

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9 Responses to “What The Future May Hold for Frank McCourt”

  1. Evan Bladh says:

    Mark, Thanks for the insightful perspective. It is honest, candid and a lot what you point out I believe may possibly happen. McCourt has a very good shot of still owning this team when the smoke clears. Now excuse me while I go throw up.

  2. Tede51 says:

    One of your statements for sure that you said Mark just won’t happened. You said Frank may have a financial partner lined up,not true. Frank just got done stabbing his best ally and friend in Fox in the back after all of what they done for him. Also just ask any of Frank’s ex-partners that he has sued or screwed them over. I don’t know anyone who would like to have Frank McCourt as a partner because of his bad past. All of your other statements could be a possibility, but I pray they don’t happen.

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    I wonder how much McCourts old law firm is paying in the settlement?

    If they pay the settlement to Jamie we will know what’s up.

  4. Dodger56 says:

    As an attorney, I really appreciate all of the non-lawyers who have weighed in on all of this. The real issue isn’t what is going to happen in the bankruptcy court – it is what Bud Selig and baseball decide.

    If the bankruptcy court rules that Frank can auction off TV rights but baseball doen’t approve it, then Frank still can’t do it. Franak still has to play by baseball’s rules. It’s like Bud said – no one will pay to see Dodger games if they aren’t in the National League. Ultimately, if Frank doesn’t cut a deal that Bud likes, then Bud won’t let him and if he does it anyway, but can force him out or force the Dodgers out of the league.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      Therein lies the rub – if Bud denies a seemingly lucrative deal, then he re-opens the opportunity for Frankie Boy to get discovery about MLB teams, books. This is a high-stakes chess game and I am not predicting who will come out on top, but Frank has a fighting chance.

      If Frank gets some money from Bingham and Dufass, the Bud will have less reason to turn down a deal.

      It will be interesting…

  5. Bobby says:

    If the Dodgers are really worth $1.2bil, as that Chinese govt’ offer insinuated, or if they’re worth $900mil or so, as others have insinuated, why would Jamie settle for under $150mil?

    Why would Jamie give up an opportunity to cash in on some magic tv deal Frank is going to sign that will pay the Dodgers $120mil or more a year for 20 years?!!!

    Ummmm, maybe cuz she knows its all a crock? maybe cuz she knows $150mil is the best she’ll ever see, and she better take it? Maybe cuz she knows even if Frank sells the team for $1billion, he’ll still walk away with like $37 after all his debt is paid?!!!!!

    Jamie’s lawyers arent idiots. This settlement showed exactly what they think of the Dodgers and Frank’s future worth upon any sale or any tv agreement.

    This settlement is great news. Frank won’t beat MLB, and his scum self will soon be back in some parking lot in Boston, and we’ll have a real owner.

    I am very happy Jamie “settled” for $150mil (if that)

    Can someone correct me if i’m wrong?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      You could be right… or not!

      I am not saying that Frank will prevail, but it ain’t a slam dunk.

      I’m sure there’s more to it than the payment, like JAMIE gets the real estate. It’s probably a $200 to $300 mil payout, and I do have to point out that Frank might have to pay ZILCH if the court rules against him, so I think he’s reasonably confident.

      I just point out the unpopular other possibility. My heart tells me that I want Frank out. My head tells me he might not be gone…

  6. Gonzo says:

    I think Jamie’s liars saw the writing on the wall and decided to settle. Why settle all of a sudden? If she’d stay faithful (pun intended) to MLB and Fox she’d have gotten a lot more. I’m no liar, but I know liars hate losing money and probably told Jamie to settle for the cash and put in black and white. No matter what happens; Frank owes 130M to his ex no if and or buts. There is a chance Frank may keep the team, but I seriously doubt it. Gross’ decisions for the most part are leaning toward the Dodgers.


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