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What Now?

  • I find it interesting that of the TOP 10 teams in MLB with the highest salaries, only one is alive in the playoffs and that is the number 10 team.  I guess money can’t buy you love.  This is the new paradigm.
  • Frank McCourt certainly has good attorneys.  Who can predict what will happen at this juncture?  I am so done with it…
  • The more I think about it, the more I think the Dodgers should stand pat this season.  Let the kids develop and let the oldsters walk.  Something like this would be interesting:
  • C – FedEx/Ellis
  • 1B – Loney
  • 2B – DeJesus  Castellanos
  • SS – Gordon
  • 3B – Uribe
  • LF – Rivera/Gwynn/Sands
  • CF - Kemp
  • RF – Ethier
  • Bench – Sellers, DeJesus, Mitchell (that’s kind of a light bench)
  • Pitching – Maybe sign a starter (I’m not in favor of Kuroda – his time is over).  The rest of the staff is excellent.
  • I would say that the odds of the Dodgers losing certain coaches or other front office staff are high this season.  Here’s my odds:
  • Logan White 2-1
  • DeJon Watson 5-1
  • Tim Wallach 2-1
  • Davey Lopes 4-1
  • Frank McCourt 1-1
  • Jon Broxton could be back in 2012 and could be a nice set-up man.
  • Here’s why I like stats but if the Ranger had believed the stats, they would have never had Mike Napoli as  their catcher.  See, what you do is trade for a guy like Napoli when no one really wants him.  The guys with the good stats cost too much.
  • Watch Al-Cast and Fed-Ex next year.  Two sleepers for ROY.
  • By my calculations, Chad Billingsley is scheduled to “get it” next year.  I hope so.
  • Octavio Dotel and Raffy on the playoff Cards – OK.  I guess the West Coast affected their play.
  • Matt Kemp did a physical and mental makeover last off-season.  Andre Ethier just needs the mental makeover.  You have read what the writers say about him and it ain’t flattering, but if you talk privately with them you will find out that they all think he’s an A-Hole!  Hey Andre, change your thinking, change your life!
  • UPDATE:  Ken Gurnick reports that Alex Castellanos is being considered as an option at 2B.  I presume that’s not a stretch because he has played 1B, 2B and 3B before and has logged quite a bit of time at 2B.  A power bat at 2B would be excellent.  We’ll see how that plays out.   Now, just move Jerry Sands to 3B already.

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6 Responses to “What Now?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your bench needs at least one Vet. One power bat.

    I like Sellers. But Mitchell can hardly hit major league pitching. DJ is still a minor leaguer. Not enough there Mark.

    But I grant you this, if they ALL (the entire team) have career years, then anything is possible.

    Where is Brooklyn and the Badger . . . . ?????

  2. Bobby says:

    no to sands at 3b. god no!!

    Jared told me on another thread that alex C is not playing 2b in the afl. does that mean he’s not in line to play 2b at all? you’d think we play him there now? to see how he does? i also wouldn’t mind that move.

    Bills finally “getting it” would be like adding a solid #2, or a great #3. That in itself would improve our rotation a ton!! bring back kuroda. either he or lilly will get hurt next year anyway. the 5th spot was earned by eavoldi, and he and rdlr will be fixtures in the 2013 rotation.

    should be a fun offseason kids!!

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    Alex has experience at 2B so it’s not a foreign position to him. Spring Training might be enough… Or not

  4. KEVIN says:

    I say stand pat with your lineup and bench (tweaks here and there) and spend your money on pitching. Why not sign Mark Buehrle? I still think Kuroda has another good year in him. A pitching staff containing the five below would be pretty good.


  5. Dodger56 says:

    The Bible says “faith is the evidence of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1). Obviously, Mark is asking us to take things on faith.

    Fedorwicz at C? Really? He wasn’t considered a good prospect by the Sox because he can’t hit. Ellis is a competent backup.
    A minor league OF at 2B? If he was really a good 2B, would the Cards have moved him to OF? Loney at 1B? Which James Loney shows up? The one who is a sub-standard offensive 1B (.290, 13 HR, 90 RBI), or the one who is horrible? I know that we are stuck with Juan Uribe for the next 2 years, but he doesn’t inspire confidence either.

    Ata this point, the only sure things are Gordon at SS (growing pains and all), Either and Kemp in OF (if they don’t trade the malcontented Eithier).

    Einstein famously said that one definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result. the 2011 Dodgers played .600 ball for 2 months and still only finished .500. Standing pat is a guarantee of another .500 Dodgers team if we’re lucky.

  6. Pete Matthews says:

    Any talk of returning Ethan Martin to an inf. position???


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