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Video Blog – What Will Next Year Bring?

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7 Responses to “Video Blog – What Will Next Year Bring?”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Well Mark, there’s an opening on 60 minutes. I hear Andy Rooney is leaving. I can see you sliding right in. Good Luck with that.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    No interest, and I guess no one else is interested!

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Well for what it’s worth, I agree with most of what your saying. If McCourt wants to bring the public back, look for a big splash in the FA market this year. Probably Fielder. We need a strong #2 in the rotation behind Kershaw.

  4. Dodger56 says:

    Your assumption that if McCourt is still the owner of this team next year will be good news assumes facts not in evidence. McCourt cannot be relied upon to do the right thing. There are some owners who are bad owners and bad people (ie. Donald Sterling) and as long as they own the team, nothing good will happen.

    The decision to “make a big splash to put butts in the seats” doesn’t address the fact that the team lacks big league talent at multiple positions, depth at the big league level, and ready talent at the minor league level (position players).

    OK – assume that the Dodgers sign Prince Fielder (the one big splash possible as Pujols will resign with the Cards and Aramis Ramirez is not a big splash). Ethier may or may not be back but if he is and he’s not extended, he will pout all year – he has a history of pouting. Who will play LF? Why do you think that the underperforming James Loney will be a better hitter in LF than at 1B? Isn’t LF a position where a big stick is needed like 1B? And really – do you think that tony Gwynn Jr. is anything more that a defensive replacement/pinch runner? Jerry Sands is the future at LF. (Again – you assume facts not in evidence if you believe that he can be a major league 3B. He hasn’t even been a minor league 3B.)

    If the season were to begin today, the Dodgers have Kemp in CF (they have to lock him up long term ASAP!) Ethier in RF (maybe), Gordon at SS (I agree with your assessment there) and Uribe at 2B or 3B. They don’t have a starting LF, 1B, 3B or C. Their bench (Carroll, Miles, Gwynn) are all free agents as is Rivera, Blake (non-tendered), and Barajas. Loney and Ellis are out of options and Loney is a non-tender candidate. That’s a lot of spots to fill. If they sign Fielder for $140M over 7 years, they don’t have enough money to fill a lot of holes.

    the Dodgers have the same problems in the rotation. OK, of course we have Kershaw. Billinglsy, despite having great talent, has regressed again this year and doesn’t look like more than a #4 starter. Lilly is old and getting older, and notwithstanding his strong finish, is an extreme fly ball pitcher who will keep giving up HR’s. Kuroda is 37 and has neck problems – I doubt that he will be back. Eovaldi is not ready for prime time. Read Jon Weisman’s take today – high WHIP, lots of BB’s, low K rate, and weak secondary pitches. He may be a big time starter some day, but he needs another year in the minors.

    Do you think that the league will let thie bankrupt team spend the type of money that they will need to spend to sign enough players (assuming that such players are available) to really be any good next year?

    Do you have confidence that the management team of McCourt and Colletti have the ability to build a winner?

    Again, I object – this assumes facts not in evidence.

  5. Bobby says:

    i think it’s funny how people assume gordon is ready at SS, but don’t assume sands is ready for LF.

    the guy hit .342 in september, yet somehow he has more to prove than gordon does. sands is our LF next year, not some 1b who wants to move to LF to stay with the dodgers. not gwynn. not rivera.

    if gordon is ready, sands is every bit as ready!!

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    I agree Bobby. The way I see things is that Ned will likly sign Rod (one more year) and Ellis and he will split time until Fedex is ready. Loney will be at first, Gordon at short and it looks like Donny likes Uribe at third. Second is up for grabs. I don’t know if there are any good 2b free agents, but if Mc Nut goes cheap it may be Sellers. That actually provides a strong defensive combo, but you have to wonder how well Sellers will hit. Best case is to sign a strong fa for third or second. Left field belongs to Sands and the starting outfield is set baring a trade of Either. I do not want to sign Rivera or Blake, But I do want Tony Gwynn back. I was happy to get him last spring and most here were not. He is an excellant 4th outfielder and a valuable member of the team.

    Kuroda should go back to Japan, but we need to replace him from the outside. Please, no more Padillia or Garland type starters…I would rather see some kids.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Gentlemen – meet your 2012 LA Dodgers.

    C. Rod B
    1b Loney
    2nd Sellers
    SS Gordon
    3rd Uribe
    Lf Rivera
    CF Kemp
    Rf Ethier

    Pitching Kershaw, Billingsly, Kuroda, Lilly and Best of the pack
    Relieve will be up for grabs. Finish will be 3rd place behind
    SF Giants


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