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The Big Bat The Dodgers Need

Last winter, the Dodgers were maligned for not signing that “big bat” free agent, namely Jayson Werth, Adam Dunn or Carl Crawford.  I was of the opinion that the Dodgers should not sign any of those free agents, and of course, they didn’t.  The only big bat I wanted was Adrian Beltre, but I felt the contract he received was too large to justify the expenditure.  How did it all work out?

  • Many of you clamored for Adam Dunn who got a $56 million/4 year deal and got $12 mil this year.  Production: 11 HR/41 RBI/ .165 BA.  That worked out pretty well, didn’t it?
  • Others wanted Jayson Werth, who received a 7 year/$126 million deal ($11 mil in 2011)  Production:  19 HR/56 RBI/.230 BA.  Not much better…
  • Many salivated for Carl Crawford who hit 11 HR/53 RBI/.255 BA while making $14 million in 2011 (7 years/$142 million) – Insanity!
  • I wanted Adrian Beltre who has hit 27 HR/94 RBI with a .287 BA.  He made $14 million in 2011 (5 year/$80 million) and was the best of the free agent class of 2011.  He would have helped the Dodgers immensely (OK, I know Texas is different from LA, but he did hit 48 in LA once).
So, I just want to go on record as saying “Forget the fat boy (Cecil’s kid) and Albert.  I think they are bad deals waiting to happen.”  There is a certain amount of risk in every signing, but I think there is one player who could be the BIG BAT the Dodgers need next year IF he becomes available.  His team (the Cubs) has an option and he has an option, but I would be willing to offer Aramis Ramirez 3 years at $50 million.  The Dodgers need a 3B.  Ramirez is a risk for injury but he’s 33 and young enough to have 2-3 more good years.  Put him in the lineup behind Andre Ethier and you would have something.
  1. Gordon  SS
  2. FedEx C (Good OB%)
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Ethier  RF
  5. Ramirez  3B
  6. Loney 1B
  7. Sands LF
  8. Uribe  2B
Think about it.

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14 Responses to “The Big Bat The Dodgers Need”

  1. Badger says:

    You think there is room for another, mostly deferred, $50,000,000?

    Yes the Dodgers need a third baseman. They have needed one for a few years now. They also still need a LFer and, if Uribe doesn’t rebound, a 2B.

    That is a lineup with 3 inexperienced players, but, if you can pull it off I would take it. However, if things at the top don’t change, I believe it is time we accept the fact we need to retreat. If McCourt remains, it’s time to go the Rays route, and the sooner we begin that process the better.

  2. DRomo says:

    Uribe 2B….who’s he? :)

    I wonder what the price for David Wright would be? Ramirez is a nice piece but I am not a huge fan. I do agree Fielder &/or Albert would be the “splash” Frank needs to draw err….sucker season ticket holders back to the stadium, but it would be a BAD move!! With the dire need to lock up Kershaw and Kemp those dollars are better spent here.

  3. Badger says:

    It’s my humble opinion that many season ticket holders will be on hold until ownership issues are resolved.

    Having said that, I also know there are season ticket holders in L.A. that will NEVER give up their seats. It’s automatic for them. And since these people are extremely rich, season tickets for them amounts to dinner and movie for the rest of us. I would imagine 20,000 season tickets will automatically roll over. Doesn’t mean they will show up, just means these people don’t want to lose their seats.

    $92M already committed? Where does a bankrupt owner find the money for a David Wright? BTW, Wright is owed $15M next year with club option of $16M or a buyout of $1m for 2013.

  4. coloblue says:

    David Wright for Andre Ethier sounds about right……2 all stars who were injured but should be healthy..add Uribe so Mets have 3b for next 2 yrs.. and mayeb we throw in $3M to cover salaries..
    Wright is owed about $14M next yr..Andre will be a little cheaper but both could be free agents the yr after..unlikely Wright will stay with NY who have no hope of having a good team in next 3 yrs..

  5. jose says:

    Either choice would be great but we know Ned Colletti he probably sign Mark DeRosa for some ridiculous amount of money he fits the bill gets hurt a lot, and plays for the Giants. Off topic do you think the Dodgers should go after Logan Morrison if the Marlins make him available?

  6. Mark_Timmons says:

    Why not keep Ethier and add Ramirez. Two bats, not one.

  7. Badger says:

    “Why not keep Ethier and add Ramirez.”

    I can give you 50,000,000 reasons.

  8. Bobby says:

    I wouldn’t call Aramis Ramirez a “big bat”. He’s very solid, but not a big bat.

    he’s slowed down from the 30+ hr guy in the middle of the last decade to hitting on avg around 23-25 now. That’s solid. That’s not a big bat.

    A “big bat” gives us 35+. That comes from Pujols or Fielder.

    Now, having said that, he’s a very solid player who, if nothing else changed, would add pop to the 5 or 6 hole. But 17 mil for him? I’d rather trade some prospects to get Wright, who’s much younger and a much much better fielder, or, God help us, Evan Longoria.

  9. Badger says:

    Bobby, David Wright is owed $16 million for next year (15 + 1 buyout) or $31 million if he stays for two years. ( Where will the Dodgers find this money? They are in bankruptcy! There can be no huge contracts added to the already inflated payroll ($92 million) so unless you got a way to dump some deferred contracts (good luck with that) or get rid of some other contracts (that ain’t gonna happen) how can something like what you propose happen? Seriously, how do the Dodgers pull something like that off?

  10. Bobby says:

    Wright makes less than what Mark proposed Ramirez get. So, if we have 3yrs/50 mil for ramirez, we surely have 2 yrs/31 mil for wright, plus we perhaps get rid of a contract?

    But either way, ur right. Mccourt doesnt have the money to get Wright, Ramirez, or pedro feliz even.

  11. Dodger66 says:

    Untill the McCourt situation is resolved one way or the other avoid any big contracts unless it is to lock up Kershaw and or Kemp!

  12. Badger says:

    The $92 million expected payroll includes significant raises to Kemp, Ethier and Kershaw, but also includes a non-tender to Loney, so anyone signed to play 1b must be added to that figure. It also does not include a catcher, and doesn’t count re-signing Kuroda which means only 3 starting pitchers. A few holes there, and not much cash to fill them.

    Ian Kennedy in the mix for Cy Young. Big match up tomorrow night. Lincecum vs. Kershaw.

  13. Bill Russell says:

    Just a thought, by watching the Dodgers play on TV, does that put money into McCourts pockets? Just a thought.


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