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Strange Times That We Live…

  • We live in a time when wins and saves evidently don’t mean anything for pitchers.  A time when batting average and RBI are diminished because of new stats like WAR, OBP, OPS and  plethora of other statistics that can prove whatever the writer wants.  Stats?  Yeah – I read ‘em, I  like ‘em – I just don’t worship ‘em.  I do fear that the sabermetric guys will try and define everything in baseball, including this blog … and that might be bad for me!   You can quote all the stats you want, but I can see that Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp are worthy of the Cy Young and MVP Award respectively, no matter how anyone spins it.
  • The gauntlet has been thrown down.  The line is drawn in the sand.  It’s going to be Bud or Frank.  Frank is still trying to get into MLB’s books in an attempt to show that maybe he’s not the only owner who is raking in too much dough.  Bud is threatening to kick the Dodgers out of baseball.  Frank wants a new TV deal.  Bud won’t approve it.  The bankruptcy judge will have to make a lot of rulings very soon that will determine if Frank McCourt can continue.  The TV deal is Franks’ Plan A… and don’t be surprised if the winning bid is still…. FOX (like in sweeten the deal).  If Frank McCourt succeeds in keeping the Dodgers, Bud could be the “odd man out.”  I also guarantee that Frank has a Plan B (bring on a financial partner) and Plan C (develop the Ravine), so this thing could drag out.
  • I still think that Jerry Sands should be tried at 3B.  Let someone work with him this fall.  3B is an obvious need for the Dodgers.  They have little minor league depth there and Sands is athletic, has a good arm and a soft glove.  He could solve a big problem.  If they only re-signed Rivera and had Sands at 3B next year, they would be even stronger offensively.
  • I think that Kemp, Ethier, Loney and Kershaw will all be Dodgers next season, even if Frank still owns the team, and as I have often predicted, they will sign a big hitter free agent.  Watch and see, and then see the fans come back next year.  It won’t matter who the slimedog owner is.
  • Josh Rawitch says he would have left the Dodgers even if there wasn’t turmoil.  You can decide if that’s the truth, but we really don’t know.  Logan White may be the next front-office guy to leave.

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4 Responses to “Strange Times That We Live…”

  1. coloblue says:

    Mark…Sands is a good def OF or 1b…no way they try him at 3b again…
    It is more likely that A.Castellanos be tried out at least he was a 3b before OF..and not too bad a 2b!
    Our predicted salary commitments for 2012 with loney ..and no Kuo…maybe barajas.miles and guerra put us at about $103M according to trublue…IF we sign Kuroda absolutely no big FA….

    we have to sign Kemp and Kershaw as out 1st priorities..

  2. RogerCraig says:

    The Dodgers need a 3B. Castellanos might be a great idea there.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Can we talk about a real 3b, who knows the craft, can hit major league pitching, and will some day go into the Hall of Fame !!!!

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    I watched that first AB tonight of Sands. He really was fooled and looked like a rookie. Oh, wait, he is a rookie.


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