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Same Ole’ Same Ole’

It wasn’t that long ago that Derrick Hall who was the Dodgers head of communications left the Dodgers and ultimately became the CEO of the Diamondbacks.  Josh Rawitch has always spoken very highly of Derrick, and Josh is also a bright guy who could rise quite a bit above his current pay grade.  I like Josh and have always respected and trusted him.  He’ll do well in Phoenix.  I hate for the Dodgers to lose a guy like this and as someone mentioned, others could follow if Frank McCourt continues to own the team.

Josh was a gentleman and stand-up guy that you could count on to do what he said.  Maybe he couldn’t abide the turmoil anymore.  I get that!

Like all fans, I wish this debacle were over, but it’s not.  Josh can be replaced, but I would hate to lose some of the other front office types.  That will likely occur if Frankie-Boy keeps the team.  Right now, there’s no end in sight.  Yesterday, I pointed out the drawbacks of a boycott, which by the way, I think will be effective in forcing McCourt out.  However, he’s still here and any rational discussion involving him seems to be something nobody wants to talk about.

Itoo  have boycotted the Dodgers this year, so all the vitriol pointed at me was misplaced.  I just pointed out that there are other things to think about,  Through all of this, I have tried to remain rational, but it is hard with all the issues and the ugly divorce.  I wish Josh well and wish the debacle ends soon.


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23 Responses to “Same Ole’ Same Ole’”

  1. Bobby says:

    Mark, you’re crazy if you think a boycott will work. A real fan would never do that. Kemp and Kersh will leave precisely because of this!!!

    Joke. just turning things around from yesterday’s article :)

    More importantly, please catch SF so I can win an LA hat from a buddy!!!!!

  2. Idaho al says:

    I agree, McCourt has to go along with Colletti. The Dodgers are going nowhere as long as McCourt is the owner. However, I would like to keep Mattingly. The Dodgers could have given up, but they did not. Mattingly kept the team together and they are playing good baseball at the end of the season.

  3. Badger says:

    I don’t blame anyone for wanting out of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization as it is currently constructed. Mark seems to want to blame the fans for this situation. If the players leave it is our fault, not the owner’s. We are myopic and bitter and need to grow up, but McCourt is just a businessman doing business.

    The dysfunction that exists within the Dodger organization is the reason people, including the fans, want to leave. It begins at the top. Address it now or it will continue to fester. Fix what is wrong and the fans will come back. Restore the Dodger brand and players will come back too. The players want to win and make money. Where better than L.A. to do that?

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    The only way that Frank does work out if he says the owner — if he re-thinks the money situation, pays off Jamie, and puts money back into the club. Not just new seats and stuff, but in payroll. Moving it from under $100 to a middle range of the uppers, like $130 or so.

    This team needs a new roster. Don’t tell me that next season: Gordon, Sands, Sellers, Federowicz all start in the field, with Blake and or Miles and or Carroll. That is a disaster to happen.

    For the Dodgers to compete it will take: a new 2nd or 3rd baseman, high quality type. And one new outfielder. Followed by a real catcher. Also, at least 1 starting pitcher if not two.

    Do that and the fans will come back to see a winning team on the field. Then, Frank should watch all games at home or in his office the first half of the season, and not walk around the Stadium.

  5. Badger says:

    Roger, the only way Frankie can do what needs to be done is with an extension of the current t.v. deal with the evil Fox (not good, we need our own cable network) or he takes on a money partner (which he won’t do). He has legal bills up the wazoo and a high maintenance well represented ex nipping at his heals. The man is in serious financial trouble, the team is in bankruptcy and there is no money for new players. Frank stays and what you see next year is an extension of what we see this year – with Lilly and Uribe older, Kuroda, Ethier and Loney likely gone and Kemp in his contract year.

    It’s a downhill slide my friend.

  6. GoNzO says:

    I am reposting this. I posted it in yesterday’s blog.

    So if the Dodgers drew in 3 mil this year it would motivate Kemp and Kershaw to stay? Then why didn’t Beltre stay? He was here during the “good” years. Money is green wherever they play. Management that is why. That is why top notch dodger execs are jumping ship. I hate the Dbacks but love watching a game at Chase Field. Very family oriented just a different atmosphere than at Dodger stadium where you have to be careful where you sit and especially what you say. So you are right Badger, fans are different from city to city.

    Mark if you think this is bad wait until those season ticket holders that will not renew this year are not in the books for next year. Grim.

    On a sidenote, I doubt that bankruptcy court will let McCourt auction those TV rights. Why would other teams wait for their current deals to expire when you can just tear it and demand a new one or threaten to sign with a cable network?

  7. Mark_Timmons says:


    There is so much to be decided, I doubt anyone can predict what will happen. I hope we have life without McCourt, but if he stays it probably means he got some money somehow and he knows (because we all know it) that he has to pack Dodger Stadium to make money.

    The only way he can do that is to win and sign a couple of big Free Agents. He has to know that if he can\’t sign Free Agents and win, he\’ll go broke.

    So, I see this as a win-win for Dodger fans: McCourt is gone and hopefully we get a better owner or he\’s back and flush with cash.

    On the Dodger Stadium experience: That is a whole another ballgame. Latino gangs are prevalent and Dodger Stadium has one of the lowest average ticket prices in MLB. I think the Stadium has to move and prices have to go up to eliminate the gamns. Not good news.

    • Dodger66 says:

      Mark, I agree with you that if McCourt stays he will be flush with cash, but for how long? My big concern is that after a couple years McCourt will be as broke as he is now and you know how fun the last couple of years have been. That is why I can’t support McCourt.

      • Mark_Timmons says:

        Two things killed McCourt:

        1. The Recession; and

        2. The Divorce.

        There is a possibility he has learned his lesson. There is also the possibility that he will bring in an investor.

        As soon as the Dodgers sign Free Agents who are TYPE A AND start winning, the true fans will return. The McCourt haters won\’t.

        Then again, he could be forced to sell.

        Here\’s the thing: I don\’t have a say in that and neither do you. All we can do is wait.

        • Dodger66 says:

          No one can argue that the divorce has not hurt McCourt financialy.

          The Dodgers seemed to be surviving the recession untill this year, and I would say that has more to do with McCourt than the recession. The imformation that became public due to the divorce detailling the misuse of Dodger funds, and the product on the field this year.

          • Tede51 says:

            We can all hope that the Bankruptcy Court Judge Gross will refuse to allow Frank McCourt a new cable deal and tell him he has to follow his current cable contract with Fox. This is the only way for us the fans to get a new owner. Also getting a new cable contract is the only way Frank can survive keeping the Dodgers with the mighty dollar. If the Bankruptcy court allows him get a new cable contract, you will see a lot of other professional teams filing bankruptcy, just to break their cable and T.V. contracts. Professional teams all know how to work the books.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I understand the ifs and buts of McCourt staying and working with the various money in-roads.

    I am just saying, if he were to work his overall plan and move in a higher salary and plug those holes — the team would have a better chance to win — and in winning — fans will start to come out (even Mark has said a winning Dodger team will see fans back out. Kids will make their families take them).

    But a winning team will not be made up of Miles, Carroll, Sands, Mitchell, Gordon, Federowicz. Keep Loney and that team will struggle to be a .500 team again.

    Make my changes above and zoom, there is a chance in his hell.

  9. Badger says:

    I agree that several new and better players will help the Dodgers win more games Roger. I just don’t see where they are going to come from.

    I think the Dodgers could have survived the recession. People were still finding their way to the games right up until this year. Heck, even this year attendance will officially be over 2 million because of the fans that bought season tickets. And the Dodgers value doubled during the recession years. What killed McCourt was karma. The guy is a creep. His wife is a creep. The OPM ran out. And then the divorce. Divorce has bankrupt a lot of people over the years. Since much of the McCourts fortune was built on real estate appreciation, they were, like so many out there, in trouble with the bubble. They got nothin’ left to split but the Dodgers. I said early that California courts would not let him get away with dumping her with nothing, and I also said it would likely drag on for years. So far, looks like that is exactly what is happening.

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    There is also the possibility that McCourt will sell a minority interest in the team. The TV deal is not his only salvation.

  11. Badger says:

    Yeah, I suppose that is possible. But, who in their right mind would go into business with this guy? And, would a minority share be enough to pay all the bills, pay off the ex and buy the group of new players that Roger talks about? That is going to take a large sum of money.

  12. Badger says:

    Well said MSTI.

    “This is, of course, stupid.”

    I do believe he is talking directly to Timmons with this comment.


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