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Rant & Rave Sunday

  • I think that the Dodgers have to bring James Loney back next year.  Maybe he just was allergic to Jeff Pentland.   It could be.  How could you think otherwise?  Loney has went from being gone for good to being a candidate for a long-term deal.
  • So, Frank McCourt is pursuing Plan A (get a new TV deal) and I have no clue how that will turn out and neither does anyone else. Plan B is to take on a financial partner, and Plan C is to develop the area around Dodger Stadium and build a new Stadium Downtown.
  • For the record:  Dodger Stadium has outlived its’ usefulness.  It needs to be torn down or receive a dramatic ($500 million) makeover.  Sorry if I offended anyone.
  • Boy, I sure am glad that MikeScioscia’sTragicIllness has proven for the ages that Jon Broxton is a hall-of-famer.  Other bloggers have jumped in and agreed.  Of course, they have.  I always thought J-Brox was a pretty dang good pitcher who tended to choke on the biggest stages.  Guess I was wrong.  I’m so relieved.  The only thing that bothers me is that people who know him best don’t feel that he has the makeup of a closer (someday I can tell you chapter and verse, but not today, so mock me all you want if it makes you feel good).  This a case of where figures don’t lie… but liars figure!   Oh, and for the record, I think J-Brox will probably be back next year.   ”Keep thinking he’s a great pitcher if it takes you to mamby-pamby land.”
  • Clayton Kershaw is THE MAN!  If he won’t drill you, no one can!  The Cy Young is HIS to win or lose.  The ball is in his court.
  • FedEx will be the Dodgers starting catcher next year, but Rod Barajas will be offered a deal.  As usual, AJ Ellis will be “odd-man-out.”
  • FYI:  FedEx is in my TOP 5 Dodger Prospects.  Ned may have stole this guy.
  • Regardless… Ned Colletti has to go.
  • Jamey Carroll = Justin Sellers (sorry I doubted you Artie).  Bye, Bye, Jamey!
  • Will Kuo be back?  How about Bellisorry-eo?
  • James McDonald has 9 wins.  Ted Lilly has 10 wins.  Their ERA’s are nearly identical.  Lilly has pitched about 10 more innings.  They both give up a lot of home runs.   The Dodgers could have had James McDonald for $6.6 million less than Ted Lilly this year, but Ned evidently thought that an extra win was worth $6.6 million.  He’s a bargin hunter, that Ned!
  • Frank McCourt SHOULD go… but will he?

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11 Responses to “Rant & Rave Sunday”

  1. Badger says:

    You are wrong about Broxton and MSTI is on the money. Broxton’s numbers don’t lie and it’s damn obvious to anyone with the ability to read that the apparent end came shortly after Torre overused him.

    Everything else you said is ok. The FedX top 5 pick? Yeah sure. The Dodgers top prospect list changes every 5 minutes so go ahead and put him on it. Everyone knows Colletti and Frank have to go. No argument about Dodger Stadium, though it was you pounding us with how much improvement was done under McCourt. Everyone knew the trade involving McDonald was a dumb move. Lilly is what he always was, only now he is a another deferred financial anchor for the Dodgers.

    It’s time for an organizational overhaul which must begin at the top. Will it happen? 99% of Dodger fans are hopeful it will.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    I think 100% of Dodger fans are on board for a overhaul. Just 1% realize it may not happen…

  3. Badger says:

    So, if these 99% of fans have the courage of their convictions, they will stand up against the wrong and boycott Dodger games – right? 1% of 3.5 million is not very many showing up at the park next year.

    Not going to happen that way. The sheeple will show up, putting more money into McCourt’s pockets and we all will keep getting what we have been getting.

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Apathy is a big reason.

  5. Badger says:

    Apathy is a big reason for what?

    Apathy suggests a lack of interest. I don’t find that anywhere. If you believe that I think you are misjudging Dodger fans. People are very interested in what is going on with the Dodgers. Fans care. You think they don’t WANT to show up? Of course they do! They just don’t want to support a miscreant like McCourt.

    You watch. As soon as that louse is gone, the stands will fill up. It won’t matter if the Dodgers must start a complete rebuild with 25 unknowns, the Dodger fans will be there.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Why bother to say anything about Broxton, if he turns out to be a good pitcher you (Mark) will just say that you really thought that all along and was just stirring the pot. I also recall you (Mark) being on the Ted Lilly bandwagon at the beginning of the year as I was trying to work him into a Micheal Young trade. Anyway, who cares, just thought I would pop in to shed some of my two cents since it’s been pretty dead around here for awhile. Going to the game on Tuesday to support McCourt NOT. But to watch Clayton get his 20th win against the Giants. Got seats between the Crips and the Blues. I’ll be flashin my colors and packin heat. Hell no, I won’t become Bryan Stow. I’ll be taking a man of color, (D Romo).

    Who watched the Mayweather – Oritiz fight last night? What a joke. Boxing has become a frickin circus……..

  7. Mark_Timmons says:


    I have ALWAYS said that Broxton is a good pitcher. I have also always said he is NOT a closer. I stand by that.

    I like Ted Lilly… as a number 5 and not at $11 million like he will make next season. I think he\’ll do what he always does. He\’s a number 5.

    Badger thinks you are supporting McCourt when you go to a game. The other point of view is that you are supporting the players. He won\’t ever see it that way.

    Boxing? Is it still around?

  8. jerry says:

    spend the money on the players ..not a new ball park.

  9. Badger says:

    I can see why people would show up to see Clayton’s 20th. Enjoy the game Bill.

    And, Mark, you ARE supporting McCourt if you go to a game. It may not cost you anything – you didn’t pay for the tickets, you don’t have to pay for parking and you don’t buy a dang thing when you are in the ballpark. But if you go, the costs were paid for by somebody. There is no getting around the fact that money from all those avenues goes to McCourt. If he gets enough, he will be able to hang on. I don’t him hanging on, I want him gone. The only vote the fans have is with their pocketbook. So, I don’t send McCourt any of my money, and many fans out there feel the same way. Doesn’t mean they don’t love the Dodgers as much as the fans who continue to go. In fact, in some ways it means they love them more. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to stand up for what you believe in.

  10. Dodger56 says:

    Loney back? Really? Have you heard of a small sample size? You can’t look at the last 2 months and assume that Loney will always do that. You have to look at the body of his work. He hits great – for a shortstop or catcher. He is always going to do about the same thing – hit about .290, hit 10 – 15 HR and underperform for a 1B, the most important offensive position on the field.

    Tear down Dodger Stadium? Really? It’s too old? What about Wrigley Field? Fenway Park? Ask any fan – the Stadium is a great ballpark. It would cost $500K at least to buy a new one. Why not spend the money on players and the farm? Replace some of the scouts that McCourt fired so that he can afford the mortgage payments on his 7th LA mansion?

    You miss the big picture. Whether Broxton is great or not, he won’t be a Dodger next year anyway. What about the players who WILL be here next year?

  11. Dodger66 says:

    Mark, I know you think that Brox has no huevos or is lacking in heart. If his elbow comes around after surgery I think Brox will have a great year. Brox did give up some crushing runs in our last two playoff runs, but when he is right Brox is a lights out pitcher. I think that Torre over used him which may have led to his elbow issues. Brox should of let the Dodgers no sooner about his elbow that concerns me that he waited so long to let them know.


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