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Memo to Frank McCourt & Ned Colletti

Frank and Ned,

The season is over and now some real work begins.  I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, Frank.  I mean, it’s possible you won’t own the team next year, but I am working under the premise that you will, for no other reason than you own it now.  I think that’s good for you too, Ned, because if Frank is booted or has to sell, you are right behind him.  I have some advice for you – my Ten Commandments, if you will.  Feel free to accept them… or not.

  1. If you can’t afford it today, you can’t afford it tomorrow.  That $22 million you are paying to the ghosts of Jones, Ramirez, Furcal, Pierre and others would probably pay Prince Fielder who can hit better than any of those invisible players.  While you are at it Frank, take the same advice in your life.  Oh wait, it’s was Jamie’s fault… Riiiiiggggghhhhhhhtttttt!
  2. Never plan for a guy to play 3B who is as tall as he is wide and aging.  Juan Uribe is a DL waiting to happen and would actually strengthen the team if he weren’t on it.  What else should I say?
  3. Playing 3B ain’t rocket science.  Put a good athlete there who has a good arm and he can play the position.  Hint:  Jerry Sands should be given the opportunity to play 3B.  You have no one there and he needs a place to play.
  4. Forget the Japanese pitcher who is in his late 30′s.  Hiroki Kuroda gave you a good run and is a great guy, but he’s another DL waiting to happen.  It’s too risky.  Can you say Padilla and Garland?
  5. Broxton, Kuo, Barajas, Carroll, Miles are there only if no one else wants them.   Don’t even think about signing any of them unless it’s way, way below market and then still don’t do it.
  6. $200 million/8 years to Prince is the limit.   Yes, I know that the last 3 or 4 years will be bad, but he will be hell on wheels for the first part of the contract and he will put butts in seats.  You need that Frank!
  7. Ellis and Fed-Ex are the Catchers.  Don’t waiver on this one.  It will be OK.  Trust me.  It will be OK!  Really it will – both can catch and they might even hit.
  8. Offer Arbitration to James Loney.  Yes, he’s not Prince Fielder, but unless you are going to sign Prince, James may be back on track as a Gold Glove .295/15 HR/90 RBI guy and that’s OK, IF EVERYONE ELSE DOES THEIR JOB.
  9. Look for the Number 5 starter from within.  I have no clue who that might be, but this team has more than enough arms to fill that spot.  The key word is “DON’T PANIC!”
  10. Keep the management team intact.  That will speak volumes.  If they front office types leave in droves, the confidence in the organization will hit an all-time-low.  This is important!

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9 Responses to “Memo to Frank McCourt & Ned Colletti”

  1. dodger _27_ says:

    wat about ???? wada from japan wat r the chances we sign him .probly if kuroda goes back to japan dodgers go after him huh??. i also think dodgers should get rod back next year .i’d also like to see jerry at third but he probably has to be really bad r something for them not sticking him there . n if loney doesn’t except less $ let him go n jus put sands at first even tho i’d like to see looney back with the dodgers next year.

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, do a specific file on folks’ ideas on match up of the 8 teams in the post season. By that I mean — how the present Dodgers would match up, and even your suggestion above of next season would match up.

    But I disagree with you on Sands. They have pushed this guy all over the field. LF, RF, 1B – and 3B.

    I will say it again — Get a new 3B who is a major league player via FA or trade and be done with it. Not teaching a kid, no Uribe nor the other leftovers from 2011. Face it Mark, the Dodgers should have done what you and I suggested a year ago == Beltre.

    And I also said the Dodgers should have traded for Michael Young from Texas. Hew alone could have provided the spark for several more Dodger wins and tightened up the field.

    Starting pitching: Kershaw and that is about it in the match-ups I suggested above. Billingsley is lost somewhere in space with his form. The rest of the starters are nice for a season, but not head to head postseason.

    Catching. Ellis and Fedex might be nice for the Twins or in Seattle, but I a greedy. This team needs more.

    All we know for sure is: Kershaw, Kemp, Gordon, Jansen and the rest is smoke and mirrors. Again, I am talking about post-season play for next year. This team needs to get a lot better with or without McCourt.

  3. DRomo says:

    Who wants to bet me Ethier is traded before the 2012 season begins. As a cost saver and also to allow for Juan Rivera to stay. Lets face it. If we pull off the miracle of signing Fielder (which I doubt) the probability of keeping Ethier and Kemp is slim. Lock up Kemp and move Ethier and a package of minor leaguers for major league pitching. Rivera can put up similar #’s in right or left field at half teh cost. Ethier is not going to stay. Why prolong it. I like him but I think the team showed they are better without him. Move him while he has value.

    #5 pitcher = Barbara Billingsley. The gutless wonder has peaked but I suppose he is locked in as our #5 guy for the next few years. Here is hoping he doesn’t trip on his skirt in his driveway again this offseason. Maybe mix in a salad, develop an out pitch, and learn how to be an intimidating pitcher like your agent was. By the way the flesh colored goatee doesn’t change your image.

  4. Bobby says:

    i think you lost me when you said ‘playin 3b isn’t rocket science’

    tell pedro guerrero that. you don’t put some guy at 3b and think it’ll be ok; it’s a hard as hell position to learn and play. get a real 3b, and let sands focus on what he already knows!

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Steve Garvey tried to play 3b, and that did not work out.

    Rivera is not in his productive years, but in his older years now; 34 next summer. Do not count on him for 160 games as a starter. And he did not impress me as a 1b; thus, not as a 1b for 20 or 30 starts, his glove hurts there.

    Come on Dodger fans, let’s put a real roster together, not 4 kids, 4 old men, and some blend players.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Pedro couldn’t play anywhere. Anyone can see that. He had a horrible glove. Sands has a good glove. He can play 1b very well and plays all 3 OF positions well (just average in CF). He has above average speed, but a quick first step. With a strong arm, I think he would do well at 3B. Steve Garvey just couldn’t throw -no arm. This is just my opinion hut I played 3B for several years and it’s not rocket science. It’s reaction!

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    IF Sand did and could play 3b, then better get a power bat for one outfield position and 1b or catcher. Two new key players are needed to move the Dodgers from a nice team to a great team with a chance.

    And this would be keeping Ethier.

    If Ethier is traded for some scrubs, that leaves 2 outfield positions open.

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    I\’m for keeping Ethier – I think he will have a career year as he plays for a big contract. Put Rivera in LF and Gyynn the backup. If (BIG IF) the Dodgers could get Prince, Loney would walk or he said he\’d play LF. I\’m not sure about that one though. I would almost rather see Loney walk and not re-sign Rivera if the Dodgers could somehow get Fielder.


    1. Gordon SS

    2. Gwynn LF

    3. Kemp CF

    4. Fielder 1B

    5. Ethier RF

    6. Sands 3B

    7. Uribe/DeJesus/Sellers/

    8. Ellis/FedEx

    • ray guilfoyle says:

      Hey folks….I’m back for another offseason. Looks like the nervous Nellies were right all along. Hey, we had a terrific second half to build upon, didn’t we.
      Sorry I haven’t been around in months….too busy over at my blog building a team of fantasy football writers. Traffic is booming….all os good.
      I would trade Ethier…read on Olney’s blog that he has told friends he won’t sign with LAD after 2012…guess he sees the writing on the wall….they will sign Kemp to a huge deal….and sign Fielder….I HOPE.
      Then pay Kershaw next offseason.
      I think Kuroda returns…..he had another solid season.
      Billz is lost….I am off of that bandwagon.
      Our bullpen was rebuilt this year and should be dominant in 2012…with Jansen closing of course. The guy is absolutely dominant. Keith Law raved about his fastball recently.
      On to another exciting offseason.
      Hey, it appears the judge in the MLB trial is leaning toward the MLB case….or at least it sounds that way to me….not a law guy at all.


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