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Is Theo Still a Genius?


Many Dodger fans have begged for a GM like Theo Epstein and a payroll like the Red Sox have.

Last night the wheels fell off of that team with the $164,000,000 Payroll.

The Rays with their $42,000,000 Payroll beat them out.

When you outspend your division rival by $122,000,000 and can’t beat them, you are a freakin’ idiot!

Consider this:

  • Carl Crawford  batted .255 with a .289 OB%  and was paid $14 million (he’ll make $21.5 mil in  2017).
  • JD Drew batted .222 with a .315 OB% and make $14 million
  • John Lackey gave up 203 hits in 160 innings with a 6.41 ERA and was paid $15.25 mil
How is Theo such a genius?  The Red Sox have done the best with their own young players and an occasional trade.  Most free agent signings have ended badly for them.
The Dodgers should take note!

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7 Responses to “Is Theo Still a Genius?”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, what you are saying in another way — sometimes, the bigger you are, the harder you can fall.

    Big salary budget just makes their fall look worst.

    Maybe some changes in the front office and coaching staff for the Red Sox. Their fans will not sleep all winter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion, the order of blame goes like this:
    1. The players
    2. Theo
    3. Terry Francona

    I still think it’s unfair to blame Terry that much because he can’t stop a pitcher like Lackey or Wakefeild from throwing 8 runs in 4 innings. But Theo is not a genius. He has brought up a great farm system but his signing are a disaster! Julo Lugo, Renteria, Lackey, Crawford, Drew, Jenks, ect., all with huge contracts! WTF

    The Sox got exactly what they deserved, and showed no heart what so ever (minus Ellsbury and Pedrioa). So this is what 1978 felt like.

  3. DRomo says:


    Theo has 2 rings. He took big swings and missed a few times. But his teams are right in the mix every year. Who not named Ruben Amaro (who took over a winning team) and Brian Cashman can say that?

    I would rather have an orginization who is committed to spending what is needed while developing talent anyday of the week.

    Your gloating when the players choke is lame. And yes it was the players who choked. Not Theo.

  4. Jaylan says:

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so stargihtfroawrd.


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