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Do Real Fans Boycott?

I have been a Dodger fan for nearly 50 years, but I’m not from LA.  Some of you will say that doesn’t qualify me to be a real Dodger fan because I wasn’t “born” into the family.  I say it qualifies me more because I “adopted” it.  Dodger fans from LA had no choice – I did!  I wasn’t born a Dodger.  I became one.

Some of you don’t want to support current ownership, and I get that (i really do), but I think your worldview of this situation may be too myopic.

You say that if Frank McCourt continues to own the team, free agents might not want to come to play for the Dodgers.  I say that if fans don’t show up and support the players who have busted their tails to become one of the hottest teams in baseball, free agents may not want to come to LA.  For a 100 years the fans have showed up in Chicago.  They arrive early and stay late.  In LA, it’s just the opposite:  the fans arrive late and leave early.  Players notice stuff like that.

You may win the battle and starve out Frank McCourt, but in the process the fandom of LA could be exposed as fickle fans who really don’t care about the players and you may lose the war.  Potential free agents may prefer to play for a team where the fans have some “skin in the game,”  not a team who fans stay away like it’s “no skin off their back!”

Before you stay away, think about winning the war, not just the battle.  Are you really a Dodger fan or are you like what you believe Frank McCourt is like – Do you only care about yourself and not the players?

Matt Kemp and Clayton Kerhsaw have gave their all this entire season.  If they see 18,000 in the stands tonight, do you really think they will want to continue to play for the Dodgers?  Enjoy watching them on TV now, because if you are one of the boycotters, you may just be the ones to chauffeur them out of town.

UPDATE:  Read carefully what I wrote.  I’m not telling you not to boycott.  I’m just presenting another (unpopular) viewpoint.  There ARE other viewpoints…

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23 Responses to “Do Real Fans Boycott?”

  1. Badger says:

    Oh brother…… methinks you are doing it again and are just looking to light up the board.. but I will step in the trap:

    of course real fans boycott. The only voice we have is our pocketbook. If you are serious here, I am surprised you don’t understand that.

    And I happen to know the facts surrounding your “choice” of the Dodgers. Maybe you want to explain to the folks here how your loyalty was actually for sale to the highest bidder?

    And about the fans… you don’t live in L.A. so what you think you know you don’t. I lived there for 20 years, and went to both ballparks the Dodgers played in while I was there and continued to go after I moved to Northern California. There are some fans that do in fact leave early to avoid the traffic, and some fans arrive late due to a number of extenuating circumstances (I was late a few times myself because I lived and worked in Orange County and on the days I worked late, I had to get home, get ready and drive to L.A. big place L.A. – spreads out for miles. You would know that if you actually lived there) but what you aren’t saying here is that more fans stay right in their seats than actually go to damn near every other ballpark in America.

    Dodger fans aren’t fickle, they are fed up. Frank McCourt is an embarrassment to all of L.A.. He needs to go back to where he came from, the slime of the East Coast. As soon as he does, the fans will be back at 3.5 mil +.

    I care more about the Dodgers than do the players on the Dodgers. They will come and go. Facts are, most of them no doubt grew up rooting for other teams. Facts are, all of them will go to the highest bidder first chance they get. Don’t talk to us about loyalty and mention players in the same sentence. That’s just bullsh*t and you know it.

    Yeah, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw gave their all this year. Do you think they did it for the fans? If you do, you are more naive than I thought you were. They did for themselves and you will see exactly how much loyalty they have for all of us when they become free agents.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      and Badger,

      You forget that the home office of a company for which I was the National Sales Manager was in LA. I doubt that I have been to as many games in LA as you and I may or may not know LA as well as you, but I have been to more games in Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Philly and Detroit than you and I know that Dodger fans are a different breed.

  2. The Glass Is Now Empty says:

    Badger I am so gad you stepped in the trap…..Thanks for your explanation…it is right on…I live 45 miles east of LA and it is a hassle getting to games on time sometimes.Yes I have left early especially when the parking situation was a mess..It is an hour drive home after getting out of the parking lot and when you have to be at work at 5:00 am on the weekdays you sometimes need a jump start.

    I have not attended any games this year and won’t until the ownership situation is rectified..

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      You are a typical Dodger fan and I\’m not saying that\’s bad or good. The traffic in Chi-town is as bad or worse than LA. I\’ve been home from games there at 3AM. I\’ve watched a packed Wrigley Field sing after a victory. I have also seen many games in LA and know fans leave early. In 1988, I wonder how many fans were in the stadium when the Greatest Event in Dodgers History occurred?

      The fans ARE different in LA, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS. Again, I\’m not condemning, just observing.

      • Badger says:

        Yeah, and I have been to many games in Minneapolis – the fans are different there too. I have been to many games in San Francisco, they are very different there too. And the same can be said for New York, Phoenix, Anaheim and Oakland, all are places that I have been to many times. Fans are different in many ways because of where they live. People in Minneapolis are way different than those in San Francisco, who are way different than those in New York.

        But one thing they all have in common, they love their teams and they love baseball. What you don’t seem to accept Mark is that the truth about this McCourt greaseball has taken the joy out of the game for many of us. Read what 56 says below. He nailed it.

        I am watching the game tonight and the stands are empty. Fans have a RIGHT to express themselves and the Dodger fans are very clear in what they think of the present circumstances surrounding the Dodgers. We are not “mean spirited” and “bitter”. You say this: “You both are full of yourself and I have an idea what that is. You both need to grow up.” What the heck is that? You “have an idea what that is” because you are full of yourself? Most fans don’t agree with you. It’s as simple as that.

        And don’t try to dodge what you are implying by inserting an “update”. We know what you were getting at. You have maintained the same position throughout this entire process. You have in fact been a McCourt supporter since he took over in 2004. I know this because we have had the same damn argument about it for 7 years now.

  3. RogerCraig says:


    I believe that Mark posed a question, but did not give an answer – just another point of view.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I couldn’t have said it better. And by the way, I am a Dodger fan who wasn’t born in LA. I was born in Brooklyn, and unlike a lot of Brooklyn Dodger fans I remained a Dodger fan to this very day.

    And what gives you the right to define a Dodger fan? To do so defines you as an all knowing arrogant … (fill in the blanks). I want Frank McCourt out for the good of the Dodgers and baseball in general. I’ve been a Dodger fan longer than you’ve been alive. So please, don’t lecture me.

    And finally, let’s be clear. Frank McCourt isn’t and never was a Dodger fan. An owner who rooted for his own team wouldn’t gut it of the resources necessary to put a winner on the field.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I’m sure you understand, but it just hit me that by opening with your name, and then opening the second paragraph with “And what gives you the right…”, makes it seem as if I’m referring to you. Obviously, the “you” in that case is Mark. But like I said, I’m sure you understand.

  6. Badger says:

    Notta to worry Brooklyn. I knew your intent.

    Roger, you could be right. But, after all that Mark has posted over the years, what do you believe he believes? Just asking.

    Mark is known for posting stuff just to light fires. But, I have known him for a number of years, and have seen him get lit up over certain… issues. Some of this stuff I think he actually believes.

  7. Mark_Timmons says:

    Brooklyn & Badger and Disciples,

    You are bitter, mean-spirited old men, who can\’t read English. Your bitterness will kill you, not Frank. For you to call me arrogant is uncalled for and small-minded.

    I never attacked you. GO BACK AND RE-READ IT! I presented another point of view, with which you obviously disagree, and which I understand, and you call me the bad guy?

    You both are full of yourself and I have an idea what that is. You both need to grow up.

    I actually would like another owner, but refuse to let it consume me as it obviously has you both. Feel free to disagree without being disagreeable, but you both obviously can\’t.

    Feel free to boycott the Dodgers. It\’s your right! I just presented another viewpoint.

    Brooklyn\’s reaction to what I said is tantamount to giving someone the death penalty for spitting on the sidewalk. It\’s cowardly and I won\’t put up with your vitriol!

  8. Dodger66 says:

    Mark I think your reaction to Brooklyn is a little over the top. It has been hard and taken sometime, but I have also come to the view point that boycott is the only way possible for us fans to express ourselves. I’m in for as long as it takes, and still consider myself a loyal Dodger fan.

  9. Mark_Timmons says:


    You are probably right. I said that in the post, but there might be collateral damage. I don\’t disagree – I just don\’t call people names that way.

    You do have to consider what the players think as well.

    I just am giving this another perspective, but some people feel they have to attack me for saying it.

    I have no problem with what you say…

  10. Mark_Timmons says:


  11. RogerCraig says:

    I think some are in such a rush to disagree with Mark that they jump to conclusions. Conclusions that he never wrote. I think he is due an apology.

  12. Dodger56 says:

    I am a third generation Dodger fan; my Dad and his Dad were from Brooklyn and frequented Ebbets Field; I saw my first game at the Colosseum. I have lived and died with the Dodgers. I remember the awful post-Koufax years (1967-8)as well as the glory years. Mark’s point seems to be that if the fans don’t support McCourt as owner by going to games and spending their money then they really aren’t fans of the team. This is based on some really bad reasoning.

    We have to support the team, we are told because if we don’t, free agents won’t want to play in LA and the team’s free agents will leave. I submit that both of these statements may be true but not for the reason given. The messy McCourt divorce has revealed that this guy plans on continuing to reduce the amount that he spends on team payroll and obviously this is so that he can line his own pockets. In the last 7 years, the Dodgers have become last or near to last in money spent on the draft and have brought in no impact free agents. The team has swung trades for talent, but have done so at the expense of trading away many of the best players that the team has developed in the minors (Carlos Santana anyone?) instead of taking on new salary. THE REAL REASON THAT FREE AGENTS WON’T PLAY IN LA AND THAT KEMP OR KERSHAW MIGHT LEAVE IS THAT MCCOURT WON’T PAY THEM!

    Short term pain may be required in exchange for long term gain. If fans don’t come to games, eventually something will have to give. In the short run, this may mean that the team will go through lean years, but what makes you think that the years won’t be lean anyway? Is there anything about this years’ team that gives you reason for optimism, other that Kemp or Kershaw? And what impact players do you see coming from the minors any time soon? Anything that Dodger fans can to do help show McCourt the door is a net plus in the long run.

  13. Badger says:

    Well said 56.

  14. MillaBlue says:

    This is MillaBlue, signing off for good.

    Movin on………………….

  15. Tede51 says:

    Mark, in life the glass is always half full or half empty. You always try to push your bloggers button which is good for blogging with the glass being half empty. Can you you tell me why Josh Rawitch who worked for the Dodgers for 15 years is leaving to work with Diamondbacks with Derrick Hall, another PR ex-executive who left just after Frank McCourt bought the team? I wonder if other executives are going to jump ship this off season. Sometimes in life you have to cut your losses to go forward. This is what the true Dodgers fans are trying to doing, sad but true.

  16. GoNzO says:

    So if the Dodgers drew in 3 mil this year it would motivate Kemp and Kershaw to stay? Then why didn’t Beltre stay? He was here during the “good” years. Management that is why. That is why top notch dodger execs are jumping ship. I hate the Dbacks but love watching a game at Chase Field. Very family oriented just a different atmosphere than at Dodger stadium where you have to be careful where you sit and especially what you say. So you are right Badger, fans are different from city to city.

    Mark if you think this is bad wait until those season ticket holders that will not renew this year are not in the books for next year. Grim.

    On a sidebar, I doubt that bankruptcy court will let McCourt auction those TV rights. Why would other teams wait for their current deals to expire when you can just tear it and demand a new one or threaten to sign with a cable network?

  17. Charles says:

    We need to threaten any cable broadcast company like Fox sports or Time Warner etc. with a boycott of the their sports channel if they make a deal with and e-mail them.

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