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What Went Wrong

When looking at the 2011 Dodgers, it would be easy to say “Everything“  or “it’s all Frank McCourt’s fault.”  Neither would be true.   Everything didn’t go wrong (Kershaw & Kemp), although MOST THINGS did go wrong.    It’s also incorrect to say it is McCourts’ fault as I do not believe Frank McCourt played an inning this year.  Let me know if I am wrong on that…

In a nutshell, what went wrong is that all but 3 of the Dodgers Top 11 offensive players “underperformed” from their career norms. I compared OPS, and only Jamey Carroll, Matt Kemp and Rod Barajas (barely) had OPS in 2011 that were above their career percentage.  It’s likely that Barajas will decline before seasons’ end, which will leave the Dodgers with just two players who would be OPS’ing over their career averages.

Contrast that with the Arizona Diamondbacks who currently have 6 players OPS’ing over their career averages. Last time I checked, they were pretty good, but if you looked ar career OPS, you would conclude that the Dodgers were a better team.  The thing is: they don’t play the game on paper!

The Dodgers are 5th in the NL in team ERA and the D-Backs are 10th, while the Backs are 4th in the NL in hitting and the Dodgers are second to last (just ahead of San Fran).  The Dodgers have scored 100 fewer runs than Arizona, while Arizona has given up 70 more runs than the Dodgers.

Clearly, timely hitting and pitching is the difference, but when only 3 of 11 position players OPS above their career average, you won’t do as well as when 6 players beat their career OPS.  Even Ray Charles can see that!

What bothers me is why that happened.

Did the Dodgers just have bad players?  That’s not it, because most had a higher OPS than this year.

Did the Dodgers pick players who were destined to decline?  An argument could be made for that (Furcal, Uribe, Blake, et al).

Was it the manager and coaches?  That’s an interesting idea.   Kirk Gibson seems to have instilled more excitement in AZ than Donnie has in LA…

I want to know.

What do you think?

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8 Responses to “What Went Wrong”

  1. Badger says:

    There is an atmosphere of stink that surrounds the whole organization, including the players. They know what is going on. They know they play for a despised owner. Leadership resonates from the top. This team is without a rudder. They are adrift. The Los Angeles Dodgers are owned and operated by an unctuous, unprincipled louse. And you think that has no effect on the players?

    Last place. I knew these guys had it in ‘em.

    • MillaBlue says:

      Everyone I know (who are not Dodger fans btw), every commentator I see cover a Dodger game, and every piece I see written about The Dodgers talk about how this franchise is a complete mess.

      How can anyone or group ignore all of this and come out playing their best baseball? This season is 100% on the debacle that is Frank’s soap opera life. This isn’t up for debate. The Dodgers are embarrassed every time they take the field. I don’t blame the players at all.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve been busy lately, and haven’t had time to post or even watch games. This will probably go on for a while, maybe a long while. That said, I’ll put this as simply as possible. WHAT BADGER SAID!!!

    And let me add, ownership is the reason the Dodgers don’t sign true impact free agents or trade for them either. And why not? Lots of debt, very little cash.

  3. Idaho al says:

    Badger, I agree. Until McCourt is gone there will be nothing positive about the Dodgers and the players know it. I would add one more to that List, Ned Colletti. Maybe he has not had the money to spend. However, almost every trade he has made has been terrible. We lost McDonald and Robinson. Some of the signings have been for guys who over the hill. We need to get a manager who has been trained in the Dodger way. The only bright spots have been Kershaw, Kemp, Kuroda and some of the young players. Carrol and Miles have been doing well considering they are role players put in starting position. I used to think Either would be a great ball player, but I am starting to lose faith in him. I think he wants out.

  4. Tede51 says:

    Mark, you say it is not correctly to say that it’s Frank McCourt’s fault for the failure of the Dodgers. Frank as a owner of this team not only took about $180 million out of the Dodgers for personal use, he made over 28 shell companies from the Dodgers franchise, according to MLB. A great way to pay himself, don’t you think? No other major league team in professional baseball pays anything close to the rent the Dodgers do of the amount of $14 million dollars. Remember he really owns the stadium and this doesn’t include cost of team paying to use the parking lots. I do know that MLB authorized all of the shell companies, but it doesn’t make it right. In a major market for a baseball team, he can’t afford to get one all star free agent? He really doesn’t care. Frank has already spent all the money from the Fox’s cable contract for the next two years. Now he has lowered the $35.00 reserve tickets for Dodger games to $15.00 for the rest of the season. How do you feel about all the season ticket holders who paid regular prices for all their season tickets? You really think he cares for the fans. In 2005 Congress completely overhauled the Bankruptcy laws with the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 or “BAPCPA”. Now Frank McCourt makes the Dodgers go bankrupt. The pro baseball players he has put out on the field are players that would mostly reserves players on many other teams. I know part of the problem is that GM Ned Colletti’s has wasted so much money on free agents which I would call bad investment players. Frank McCourt has ruined the Dodgers,a team that Judge Gross called a storied franchise in Bankruptcy Court. You can’t say it’s not Frank’s fault, in my opinion. We the fans just need a new owner.

  5. Badger says:

    Well said Tede. And welcome back Brooklyn. I wondered what happened to you. We need your steady influence around here.

    Most of what I read around the blogosphere is saying the same thing we are saying here. We are all still Dodger fans, that won’t change, but making a stand against an unscrupulous owner is actually the right thing to do here. We are not lemmings, paying what’s left of our hard earned money to a fraud who insists on improving his lifestyle and not the product for which we paid.

    I believe the players are doing the best they can under these circumstances. I just happen to think these guys are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. With the exception of the young kids trying to make it in the bigs, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the vets on this club seek an exit from all of this. It would appear that MLB is currently powerless against an experienced litigator like Frankie McSue. He is intent on embarrassing everybody involved in this and since he doesn’t give a damn what people think of him, this will go on as long as he has a dollar left to pay attorneys. So all of you who continue to show up at the park, remember who it is that you are giving your money to.

  6. Bobby says:

    what went wrong:

    1) an owner who can’t afford big time talent
    2) a GM settling for mediocre free agents and expecting them to out perform who they really are
    3) asking players who haven’t proven they can do it, to, “do it”

    unfortunately, we all have to suffer

  7. jerry says:

    i blame donny boy.. chat B is only a 6 inning pitcher..all his stats say that..but donny boy .leave him in for 7 and bills plows the game..if all the stats major league has..i quess donny doesnt use them..even the fans can figure that out..


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