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The Zach Lee Interview

Before we get to the interview, let me bring up a few things that are on my mind.

The Last Big Thing

  • The PCL Factor:  Travyon Robinson hit 32 HR in about 1,100 AB’s at Inland Empire which is known as a “hitter’s league.”  Then, last season he hit 9 HR at Chattanooga (523 AB’s) which is a “pitcher’s league.”  This season at Albuquerque, he hit 26 HR in a little over 400 at bats.  The PCL is certainly a hitters’ league with routine flyballs becoming homeruns.  In 2,791 minor league AB’s T-Rob hit 64 homeruns (one every 44 AB’s).  In 2011, in the thin air of the PCL he hit a HR every 16 AB’s.  Of course, Dodger fans were all “gushy” about that and labeled him a TOP PROSPECT when in reality, it was the PCL FACTOR! Look what is happening to Tim Federowicz, who has averaged a HR every 50 AB’s in his minor league career – he is averaging a HR every 7 AB’s in his brief stint in the PCL, where routine pop flies are Grand Slams!  Pay no attention to what Tim Federowicz is doing at AAA and put no stock in what T-Rob did there.  Robinson may or may not become a major league player, but his 5 K’s in his first 12 AB’s are pretty much what I expected.  Seattle is a horrible place for him to play.  His HR’s in AAA will merely popups in Seattle.  Now, I am not saying this was a good deal.  Ned has been swindled many times and why should this be any different?  I’m just saying that 26 HR in 413 AB’s  at AAA is not a barometer of major league aptitude!
  • The Dodger Bankruptcy:  Frank McCourt’s loan agreement with MLB and their agreement not to take over the Dodgers under certain circumstances paves the way for the bankruptcy court to allow Frank to seek a new TV deal.   I know everyone is ready for him to be gone, wants him gone, wishes he were gone, yada, yada, yada!  I’m with you there – I just think it’s not likely to happen now.  I think that Frank will put together a plan with the Bankruptcy Court to get a lucrative TV agreement, agree with Jamie on a buyout, get a big upfront payment to do it and still have enough left over to have a $140 million payroll next year (yes, you call me delusional, but it may be you who is really out of touch).   I can tell you this:  Frank knows that he has to spend big to get the fans to return… and return they will!  The Dodgers as an organization are still running very well.   You can say all you want that free agents don’t want to come to LA because of McCourt and you would be dead-wrong!  If you believe what most bloggers and journalists write about this, you might be in for a shock.  That said, I just wish this would go away.  LIKE NOW!
  • Hiroki Kuroda: Pitchers like Doc Halliday always pitch well enough to win.  Pitchers like Hiroiki Kuroda just pitch bad enough to lose.
  • Dave Hansen:  Too bad the Dodgers didn’t pull the trigger on Jeff Pentland long ago.  Hansen seems to be making a difference!  He might be a keeper.
  • Garrett Gould: In case you missed it, here’s Garrett’s interview:  GARRETT GOULD INTERVIEW
  • Zach Lee: You can’t help but notice that the other Loons players know that Zach Lee is different.  It’s that walk – the confidence – he moves like a gifted athelete (I guess that’s because he is).  The other players revere him, speak glowingly of him and like me, know they are in the presence of greatness.  Zach Lee is different.  He has greatness written all over him.  He is remarkably down-to-earth and level-headed and seems destined for the top of the Dodger Rotation in a year or two.  Time will tell, but he’s a wonderful kid!  Now, without further ado, here’s the Zach Lee interview:

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20 Responses to “The Zach Lee Interview”

  1. Ty says:

    I don’t think many Dodger fans are expecting Robinson to be a legit power threat but he may have been a solid OF for us and that sure beats a C who sounds a lot like a back up at best.

    I’m sure you’ll respond with your “Who knows” response but it’s all about potential when dealing with prospects. We gave up a potential starting OF for a potential no stick, all glove back up C.

  2. Mark_Timmons says:


    I have no opinion of the trade, except I lean to the side that says Ned is an idiot!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Playing along with your spending spree I went over to MLB Trade Rumors to check out the 2012 free agent offensive crop and after Pujols, Prince, Berkman, Beltran and Reyes the cupboard is bare.

    Time will tell if Tray joins the list of the Billy Ashleys, Franklin Stubbs and Andy LaRoches or the list of the Konerkos and Victorinos.

  4. Joe says:

    I found this article on Federowicz

    The last line reads “Projects as a major league backup catcher, with potential as a second division starter.” So I guess we have our starter for next year. (- We need to trade for Al Alburquerque and send him to AAA,

  5. Badger says:

    I stick with my original opinion of the Robinson trade …. it doesn’t mean a whole lot either way to me. Yeah, the guys we got might in fact be pretty good some day. This isn’t the day. This isn’t even the year. And I wasn’t all that impressed with Robinson either.

    As for you continued optimism about McCourt winning this thing, well, I figure it’s time for new fans in Los Angeles anyway. The new fans have a high percentage of gang bangers in the mix. The old fans that supported the team for 50 years or so will happily turn it over to you and the younger fans who are willing to support a roach like McCourt. If he remains owner, I am finished with the Dodgers. Frankly, it wasn’t that hard to root against them this week-end.

    Being a fan is not what it used to be for me. The Rams moved to of all places St. Louis, the Lakers are in a league that has lost all touch with it’s fans and the Dodgers are owned by a Beelzebub clone. Frank McCourt is a living breathing example of what is wrong with this country. You can have him Mark. Make him your next interview, but if I were you, I would fill my pockets with garlic, carry a crucifix and take a bath in bleach afterward.

    • Dodger66 says:

      Hey Badger I’m with you all the way. I would just not try to label the new or young Dodger fans.

      • Badger says:

        I have a friend in Santa Monica, he is a man of color and a respected contractor in the area. He told me he won’t go to any more games at Chavez Ravine because of the gang element that exists there. He told me there is no security to speak of, his family does not want to get near the place and the public hangover that exists from the savage beating of Bryan Stow is real and lingers with Dodger fans. Yeah, I know, small % of the fan base. I do realize that. But, the reputation of the Dodgers, from top to bottom, has taken such a negative hit in the last decade or so, that I just don’t recognize the new Dodgers. Who are the people that run this organization? First it was Fox, a company we all know to be despicable and without conscience, and now the McCourts. It’s all falling apart.

        Maybe some day it will all come back together. For now, I’ll just watch the game I love on a different level. Local teams, college ball, the dbacks, it’s still available for me.

        When the Dodgers get their soul back, I will be there.

  6. The Glass Is Now Empty says:

    Awesome interview Mark……Thanks for doing that for us…

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Dodgers didn’t only get a catcher in the Robinson deal. They also got a couple of pitchers, one who hits 99 on the gun, and has been averaging over 13 K’s per 9 this year. He’s a guy that appears to need to work on command and his secondary stuff, but the arm is there. I’ll take that potential over Robinson, who looks to be at best an average big league outfielder with some power, but nothing special. Maybe the Dodgers get nothing out of the deal, but they also probably don’t lose much. But in Robinson’s defense, I wouldn’t use his small sample size of big league at bats to judge him now.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the $150 million loan from MLB satisfies the bankruptcy court with respect to protecting the creditors. So as far as I can see, the court has little or no interest in whether or not the Dodgers get a TV contract now, or later. The judge may well decide that that’s an issue between the Dodgers and MLB, and decide not to interfere.

    Any agreement for a TV deal that uses any of those funds to finance a divorce deal fly directly in the face of MLB’s desire that ALL funds from a TV deal go directly into team operations.

    The deal that gets Jamie here money is the one which requires the sale of the Dodgers.

    Also, another factor which may mitigate against the judge ordering an auction of TV rights is the opposition of Fox to such an auction based on an agreement they have with the Dodgers that does not allow for open bidding until, I believe, the Fall of 2012. If the $150 million MLB loan takes care of the creditors, then the bankruptcy judge may have no inerest in overturning that agreement.

    We’ll just have to wait for it all to play out. Nothing we say here means anything.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Maybe the biggest struggles in next season’s Spring Training will be for backup catcher. Bunches of guys including the two on the team now, and the new guy and the other guys in AAA and AA.

    But that is only if Ned signs or trades for a good catcher.

  9. RogerCraig says:

    …assuming Ned is still here.

  10. MillaBlue says:

    Thanks for doing this Mark. I’ve never heard the kid speak. He is something to be excited about in an otherwise dreadful situation.

    My friends find it very easy to point out the Dodgers are a complete disaster. The typical question, “Why are you still rotting for them?”

  11. kaynla says:

    Here are my thoughts on Mark’s first thoughts and Badger’s comments.

    The bankruptcy and team ownership are all now about the LAWYERS making as much $$$$$$$$ as they can. Their fees now stand at 8 figures. Fwank is not very smart and, I think the whole fiasco was a lawyerly scheme from the start, the team be damned.

    Badger, I think the best solution at this point is to move the Dodgers out of L.A. The question is … where to? Las Vegas wouldn’t be a whole lot better. Are there any big cities craving a major league team?

    • Badger says:

      Where else could this team play and draw 3.5 million every year? And, in Los Angeles they should have their own cable network. The reason they don’t do either now has everything to do with the owner.

      Maybe getting out of Chavez Ravine is a good idea. Get a new owner to build a downtown park, like the new ones that are springing up around baseball, sell the Ravine to a football franchise – or a developer and start a whole new era in Los Angeles Dodgers baseball.

      The Dodgers are in bankruptcy and they borrow another $150 million. How can that be a good thing? People are not going to support this clown any longer. He stays, we become the Padres and stay that way for as long as he is here.

  12. kaynla says:

    Nice interview, Mark!

    Zach Lee is very smart as well as a superb athlete. I like the way he thinks on his feet.

    I tell you, Texas has been good to baseball.

    And Mark, between you and me, him being from Texas… he knows about beer already. Hahahaha.

  13. Bill Russell says:

    There is no gang element at Dodger Stadium. Badger, you’re guy of color is crazy. I’ve been three times this year and cops are all over the place, in the parking lot and throughout the stadium. I wouldn’t go back again this year, but lets at least have the reasoning correct. McDick not gangs.

    Cool interview Mark.

  14. Badger says:

    “There is no gang element at Dodger Stadium. Badger, you’re guy of color is crazy.”

    That would of course be “your guy” not “you are guy”, but, I get the point. Good thing this isn’t an English class, hey Bill?

    I haven’t been so I am only going on what he told me. I have seen them in San Francisco though. And of course, my black friend is not the only guy who is saying this.

    Cops all over the place? The very first time I have heard that. Tell Bryan Stow’s family, I am sure they will be glad to hear it.

  15. Badger says:

    Oh, and glad to see you are out there supporting McDick Bill. Somebody has to do it, might as well be you.


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