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The Silver(io) Lining to the Robinson Trade

I know that a lot of Dodger fans were just plain outraged when Ned Colletti traded Trayvon Robinson for two pitchers nobody had ever heard of and Tim Federowicz who we had barely heard of, and while I have been open in calling for a new Dodgers’ GM, there may be another reason that that Ned traded T-Rob  (Robinson has 16 K’s in his first 40 Major League At Bat’s – Ouch).

The Silver(io) Lining (Ross D. Franklin/AP)

That reason could very well be Alfredo Silverio who is leading the pitcher-friendly Southern League in extra base hits. I thought that it might be interesting to compare Trayvon Robinson’s 210 season at Chattanooga with Alfredo Silverio’s 2011 season at the same facility:

In every category, except stolen bases and bases on balls, Alfredio Silverio is dramatically better than Robinson, and if you think he’s older, you would be right – Alfredo is 3 months older than Trayvon!  Big Deal!  It is not lost on me that Robinson walks a lot more than Fredo which evidently subscribes to the theory that you can’t walk off the island (the DR).  I also know that T-Rob is  plus defender and Fredo is merely average.  I know that T-Rob can play CF and Silverio can’t.   However, in looking at his power numbers, including slugging % and OPS, I would have to conclude that I would pick the Silver Bullet for my team.  I know that T-Rob hit 26 HR at AAA, but if you look at Fredo’s numbers you might conclude he could hit 40 in the same locale.  I really never thought the Dodgers gave up much when they traded T-Rob (maybe they didn’t get much either), but maybe Alfredo Silverio is the reason.

Dodger Notes

  • Scott Van Slyke  is having his breakout year at AA Chattanooga, but I have always felt that he was not a favorite of Dodger insiders.  This year he has to be back on the Dodgers radar.  All you need to know is that he is OPS’ing 1.000 in a pitchers’ league.  He has to be in the mix at 1B next year and I would expect a September callup for both Silverio and Van Slyke.
  • Rob Barajas had a good night last night and raised his average to .227 while Russ Martin also had a good night for the Yankees and raised his batting aveage to .232.  Hey, didn’t you used to be Russell Martin?   Both catchers really suck!
  • Carlos Santana is faring better than both (but not by a lot).  He has 18 HR and 60 RBI and is  hitting .239.  He has caught 80 games and played 42 games at 1B.  The Indians are finding out that he’s not a great catcher.
  • I love Justin Sellers - I have totally changed my opinion on him!  He’s a guy you’d go to war with (hold on – I’m not anointing him a starter).
  • I won’t burden you with all the details, but the ruling against McCourt old law firm could end up being big.  Bill Shaikin of the LA Times reported it.  I could see a settlement of a couple hundred million coming (Jamie just might settle for that). 
  • Tell me that Clayton Kershaw is not the front-runner for the Cy Young Award!

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12 Responses to “The Silver(io) Lining to the Robinson Trade”

  1. Badger says:

    “I could see a settlement of a couple hundred million coming (Jamie just might settle for that).”

    I hope that happens because it would mean Frankie lost the Dodgers.

    Silverio? He has been in the minors 6 years and is hitting .300 in AA and has been CS 12 times. As good as TRob? I doubt it, but, I suppose it’s possible. Another late bloomer?

    “Tell me that Clayton Kershaw is not the front-runner for the Cy Young Award!”

    OK… Clayton Kershaw is not the front runner for the Cy Young. Roy Halladay is.

  2. Ty says:

    I like how you avoid obp when talking about Barajas Martin and Santana.

    Silverio may be better than Robinson when all is said and done but that doesn’t mean you just give away robinson. That’s like the Reds just giving Alonso on the cheap because votto is around.

    Kershaw is awesome.

    • Mark_Timmons says:


      Santana is clearly better as a hitter, but not so good behind the plate. Martin plays in a hitters park. Barajas plays in a pitchers park. My point is that there is not a great deal of difference between Martin and Barajas.

  3. Mark_Timmons says:


    I showed the OB% difference, which is mainly due to the fact that Fredo doesn\’t walk much. There is a big disparity in OB% AND Slugging %. I don\’t like Ned, but I don\’t think he gave him away. I think it\’s unlikely T-Rob is any more than a 4th OF and with Silverio, who appears to have more power, I think Ned thought he could get a player who fills more of a need than T-Rob. Ned has not been very good at this most of the time, so we shall see.

    • The Penguin says:

      Mark, why do you continue to make these asinine comments about McCourt? This means nothing in the bigger scheme of things for Frankie. I don’t know what your agenda is….the annoying contrarian who tries to inflame the posters, or you maybe you have some inherent fondness for Frank. Whatever it is, you’re way off base when you continue to imply that Frank is gonna come out of this smelling like a rose….ain’t gonna happen!

      • Mark_Timmons says:


        Why do you have such asinine thinking?

        Do you actually read English?

        Where did I say McCourt would come out smelling like a rose?

        You aren’t even in the stadium when you say that.

        Where did I express a fondness for McCourt?

        I have said it’s time for him to go. Past time.

        But the fact is: He is still here and it would not surprise me if he is still here 5 years from now.

        I am not a lemming. I don’t sit with many fans in a big circle jerk and say what you want to hear.

        So far, I have been right – he’s not going away. I wish he would, but I face reality. I am a Dodger fan, not a Frank McCourt fan.

        Get your facts straight before you try and attack me – I don’t respond well to jibberish!

  4. I just did a post on Silverio myself. I’m coming around on him after not even considering him a legit prospect (i.e. not in my Top 30). The extra-base hits are something to be really excited about. The plate discipline, though, needs to improve.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      I never had him as a top prospect before this year, but he has to get your attention. He has a ways to go, but he’s got that “pop” in his bat that you can’t teach. Quick wrists! I think he’s in my Top 10 this year.

  5. Badger says:

    Nobody had him as a top prospect. He wasn’t even listed on the Top 20 list at the beginning of the year, but that list changes every couple of weeks so, maybe he is there now.

    Yeah, he has a ways to go. But, maybe by next year he can do at AAA what TRob did this year. He will be 25 so, next year would be a good time to show he is ready. Most scouting reports I have read on him say he could be good enough to be a serviceable left fielder, starter on some teams, 4th outfielder on most. We already have a few of them, don’t we? Well, none that will be as cheap as this guy. Cheap is important to the Dodgers.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Looking at the schedule for Kershaw starts — I see:

    Aug 23 – Cardinals

    Aug 29 – Padres

    Sept 3 – Braves

    Sept 8 – Nationals

    Sept 13 D-backs

    Sept 18 – Pirates

    Sept 24 – Padres

    and with 4 days rest – Sept 28 D-backs

    Now, the above is on the usual 5 starters, starting in order, one after another including days off. And not the factor of rain.

    There is only 1 scheduled off day in Sept, the 19. And one day the rest of August, the 25.

    Donnie could keep Clayton on every fifth day — balancing the number of pitches and all — and move in every five days.

    All of this, with 8 possible starts, he will be gunning for 5 wins to being home 20 for the season.

    Dodger bats will be another factor as will the opposing pitcher in each game.

    But if he and Roy H. have similar outcomes the rest of the season — the Phillies and Roy might have the edge with more media – important games to view.

    Yet, if one of them pitches more shutouts, really really really low hit games, that will bring the edge to that pitcher. Just as a few of the other pitchers can jump forward.

    What we know here, is that Kershaw now, can do it. But his teammates have to come through.

  7. Badger says:

    Hold on Roger. My first reaction to this is – Kershaw is 23. He has already pitched 183.2 innings this year. If he only goes 6 in all those games you have him scheduled he will have over 230 innings this year. Are you sure you want to that to your young ace? For what? To win an award over a proven stud who pitches for a superior team?

    I wouldn’t do it. Not for that reason. If we were in the pennant race, maybe. He pitched 204 innings last year as a 22 year old. He is a horse, for sure, but, why risk it? Just to keep this team out of the cellar? Hell, this team may deserve last place. Embrace it. But don’t blow out your young ace trying to make a point.

  8. Idaho al says:

    I have been watching the Mariners play as much as the Dodgers. Both teams stink. Trayvon is doing very well for the Mariners. He has made two outstanding catches. He is a very good defensive outfielder. He looks like he could be a very good hitter. The Mariner announcers have been very high on Trayvon. I still think the trade was a terrible trade. By the way, Ellis, in my opinion is still the best catcher. I know he does not hit very much, but neither do the two who are now starting for the Dodgers. Navarro cannot hit or block a ball in the dirt. He needs to go.


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