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Don’t Be a Tool

Baseball America named the NL Major League Players with the Best Tools.
Here’s the Dodgers’ on the list (only two are mentioned):
Most Exciting Player
1.  Reyes
2.  Kemp/Pujols (Tie)
Best Pitcher:
1.  Halliday
2.  Jurrjens
3.  Kershaw
Best Fastball:
1.  Chapman
2.  Kimbrel
3.  Kershaw
Best Curveball:
1.  Kershaw
2. Carpenter
3.  Hansen
Best Pickoff Move:
1.  Richard
2.  Capuano
3.  Kershaw
It’s a short list, but having two true superstars as young as Kemp and Kershaw is a bonus and a foundation to build upon.
  • The fact that the Dodgers signed Chris Reed for what he was slotted shows that it’s business as usual on the farm.
  • The fact that he is a Scott Borass client says something – I’m just not sure what.
  • The fact that Chris Reed is bypassing Rookie ball and going to “High-A” shows that the Dodgers evidently have great confidence in him.
  • The Dodgers now have signed 9 out of their top 10 draft picks – so much for being bankrupt!
  • Stan Conte and Ned Colletti:  Will they both be somewhere else next season?
  • Hong Chih Kuo will be non-tendered, as will James Loney.
  • I am resigned to having Frank McCourt as owner next season.  If he’s gone, then so be it.   If he’s still there, things will be better.  A lot better.   If you are a Dodger fan, you will stay.  If you are a McCourt hater – you will leave!  Peace!
  • Some people think that it’s easier to hate than to wait anymore!
  • The Dodgers are bigger than Frank McCourt… don’t be a tool!

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11 Responses to “Don’t Be a Tool”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “If you are a Dodger fan, you will stay. If you are a McCourt hater – you will leave!”

    Pure and utter nonsense. I’ve been a Dodger fan since the mid-1950′s, when they were in Brooklyn (probably longer than you’ve been alive). I stay up late in eastern time to listen to Dodgers games live. I don’t need anyone, and that includes you, questioning my loyalty to the Dodgers. But I’m also a McCourt hater, who hates what he has done to my team, and consider it an act of loyalty not to support them while they are in the hands of a morally bankrupt owner. A truly loyal Dodger fan will refuse to be a tool of a self-indulgent owner who uses their team for his own personal gain, and cares not a whit that he’s dragged one of the great franchises in sport history through the mud to further his own ends. Think what you want. I know what I know.

    If McCourt remains the owner I will not suddenly become a Met fan or a fan of any other team. I will simply spend the time I now devote to the Dodgers to more personally satisfying pursuits, none of which have anything to do with baseball in general, and the Dodgers in particular. I’ll keep up with team news, and hope that one day the team will fall into the hands of new ownership.

    • Dodger66 says:

      thanks Brooklyn, for sharing your thoughts. It helps to hear the voice of others who have the same feelings these days. They are not the best of times, I long for the Dodgers of old when you could focus on the team and not all this other B.S.

  2. Badger says:

    Well said Brooklyn.

    I am a baseball fan first. There are a lot of baseball venues available to me that do not include supporting a low life like Frank McCourt. It is my opinion that anyone who goes to Dodger Stadium for a game is the tool. That is my opinion. That is also a p.o.v. that is shared by millions of other loyal Dodger fans.

    Mark, you are entitled to your opinion. We have been polar opposites on a lot of issues over the years, not the least of which is if Frank McCourt is good for the Dodgers. I told you early and often something was wrong with this cretin. You told me over and over he would be the man who brought a World Championship to Los Angeles. I will just add that to the long list of things you have told me that were way off base.

    So go ahead and continue to state your opinion. It is your blog, your rodeo, so obviously you have the power of the pen here. But when you write things like this, stand by to called on it. “Pure and utter nonsense.” That sums it up nicely.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    If McCourt stays the owner with some new loans and the commissioner backs off what many thought he might do and take the team away in the best interests of baseball –

    Then — I think the situation is dicy.

    I think some attendance will increase, but some just might not renew for next season and go to very selected games. Like with out of town guests, and favorite teams coming in and so forth.

    I am not sure that big stars as FAs would sign here. But some medium types might, for the money. Players now, want to be in post season.

    This present roster stinks. They can all play, but not as a winning team. Too many holes to fill. Heavens, bunches of the present roster do not need to be back next season, with to non-tender, let walk, trade, cut . . .

    I do not care to see: Barajas, Navarro, Blake, Miles, Gwynn, Rivera, Velez, Loney, Ellis, Uribe (for sure).
    Pitchers: Hawksworth, Lilly, Padilla, Garland, Broxton, Ely, Guerrier.

    That is major overhaul —

    And I do not see just throwing in Sands, De Jesus and three or four other AAA AA A players to see if they can make the grade.

    I have been a Dodger fan longer than any one else on this board. We fans are out of control and power — except the power to not show up, not buy stuff, and not listen/watch as much.

    Not as many posts here and at other Dodger fans sites. Probably because of a lack of interest now. And if thing do not turn around — it will get worse.

  4. Glass Was Half Full says:

    I would rather be a “tool” than a fool!

  5. DRomo says:

    I too am resigned to the fact Frank will be the owner next year. What I am curious to see is if he tries desperatly to make a splash this offseason. With attendance down, imagine what the season ticket total will be next season. without something to be optomistic about the boycott will continue and Dodger Stadium will be a morgue yet again!

  6. Michael says:

    There will be no joy in Mudville if Frank is still in town.

    Could you imagine an opening day crowd where the empty seats far outnumber the ones with warm bodies in them? I could really see and support a total boycot on what should be a joyeus occasion of opening day.

    If we ever win it all again, the last thing I want to see is Franks on TV wetting himself and putting his greasy paws on the trophy. It’d be tainted. I really think I would rather lose without him than win with him.

  7. Bootz says:

    I usually go to about 10-15 games a year, but so far this year I have been to one and that was enough (I even left in the 6th inning). The team is a complete joke which I will not support with my hard earned money. I still watch (mostly when Kershaw pitches) and I keep updated on team news, but I will not be back until there is a major turn around (i.e. Get rid of that half wit Colletti and his trainer Conte).

  8. Lever says:

    You really should not get your panties in a bunch about things you have no control over.

    This too shall pass.

    Hate will kill you. It is a bitter pill.

    Mark is right.

    If you love the Dodgers, you will be back. If you are full of hate and vitriol for McCourt, sadly you will choose another team.

    Me and the Dodgers? Till death do us part! I meant it.

    If you hate Frank McCourt and leave, it is because you never loved the Blue.

    You have been exposed as a fraud!

    Goodnight everybody.

    • Dodger66 says:

      You should not assume that those of us who choose not to support McCourt are haters, or bitter. I have no hate or bitterness, just a long time Dodger fan who feels McCourt has taken a treasure and spent all the riches on himself. I will be back the minute McCourt is gone, until than you can enjoy them I don’t blame you.

  9. Badger says:

    “If you hate Frank McCourt and leave, it is because you never loved the Blue.”


    If you love the Dodgers, for as many years as some of us have, you are saddened and angered by where this owner has taken them. To voice your opinion by not buying tickets is making a stand. To support a jackass like McCourt by buying tickets is showing you don’t give a damn what happens to this team. A special congratulations to those sycophants that put money into that weasel’s pockets. As for the those who love the team enough to rage against the wrongs committed by McCourt, my respect and profound thank you for having the courage to make a stand for what is right.


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