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Does Anyone Really Know?

The answer is NO, NOT REALLY!

It seems that everyone is up in arms about Trayvon Robinson being traded.  I mean, to hear some folks talk, the tickets were practically printed for his Hall-of-Fame Speech.  Then I read on and everyone posts Scouting Reports on the players involved.   “This guy is below average and his fringes are alturistic while his futurism is elemental in electrificalional morbidity during the present penchant to play however he does.” Yeah, that’s how I feel when I read some of that stuff.  I mean, who the hell knows?

I liked T-Rob, but was he all that?  Don’t know.  Might find out.  Why be upset over something you have no idea about?  I do think Ned should go, but who knows about this trade?  I mean really….

Scouting reports?  Yeah, they are ALWAYS right – about 25% of the time.  If  a player had that kind of a batting average, they would call him a bum.  From 2004 Baseball America:

“His power curveball is among the best in the organization, and he added a cutter that has morphed into a nasty slider.  He completes the package with command, intelligence and uncanny poise.  Other than staying healthy, he has little work to do. ”

Yeah, that was right on wasn’t it?  Who was that?  Clayton Kershaw?   No (not is 2004) – it was Greg Miller, who was ranked the Dodgers #2 Prospect in 2004.  That worked out pretty good, didn’t it!

OK, I confess – I read the analysis, but I don’t worship it.  I have every Baseball America Prospect Handbook since the beginning.  Read it all, but don’t believe it all.

The Dodgers got rid of T-Rob and Raffy and they received four players back.  At the very least, I can tell you they have twice the chance they did before that one could be a star.

T-Robs stats could have been inflated at AAA, he strike’s out too much and swings too hard, but who knows?  Was Logan White on board with this deal?  I can tell you this (and it didn’t come from Logan):  Ned and Logan have some issues according to a  person close to the situation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Ned still needs to catch a plane…

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7 Responses to “Does Anyone Really Know?”

  1. Dodger66 says:

    Mark I hear you, but this move is disappointing. We just did not receive anything back to get excited over. In Tray we had a + prospect to fill a position we have a need for that most of the baseball world thinks has some big potential. Like you said who knows what will happen who will do what. In this season filled with many disappointments add this as yet another.

  2. Dodger66 says:

    I am hoping Logan White and Ned blunder dog are at odds gives me hope for Logan, and the Dodgers in the future.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, if you look back when we saw Robinson in Spring Training a year and a half ago, I said then on this site, that I had questions. I said that again this past S.T. and after the season began. He just did not hit the ball often enough, nor hard enough.

    Then I watched him on some AAA TV games this season, I did not see a HR, but a few bouncing ball singles . . . So I was waiting to see more to get on his bandwagon.

    Update: had my Chemo this morning, then we drove to Galveston down on the shore. Will be here till Fri or Sat. In my fourth month now. I have had some discomfort, so they have cut back on one of the three Chemo items I take each week.

    Just put up the computer (I-Mac) and watching the game on computer TV, clear as a bell. Hudson just hit a HR off of “Mr. Hall of Fame to be” because Mark is writing his speech.

  4. Badger says:

    I still say none of this matters. TRob will likely be just another average outfielder. The Dodgers got a couple of players back that might eventually could help. I just don’t see a fuss being needed over any of this. In fact, I need something to put me to sleep so I think I will read the details of these moves again.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Logan White probably project Robinson as a 4th outfielder on the Dodger. Like, he believe both Kemp and Ethier are resined. Giving left field to Sands with more up time than Robinson. OR, a FR outfielder over Robinson and Sands. Or Etheir gone and another AF outfield in.

    But at some point, Robinson needs his chance and the Dodgers feel — not in L.A. will it happen.

    So — both move on Robinson to the Boston chain, and the Dodgers get ready for 2010.

    Beside the Oakland owner calling out McCourt to sell the team and take profits — I too am officially calling McCourt out. Sell Frank. Take the profits and run.

    Nice win last night.

    The one nice thing about Ely pitching, even on TV you can follow most of his pitches from his hand/arm to the plate and then to the field or over the wall.


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