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Rant & Rave Saturday

  • In a year when there has been very little to be excited about (except Kershaw and Kemp), the Dodgers minor league teams are a combined 40 games over .500 and every team at every level currently has a winning record.  There’s hope on the farm.
  • Javy Guerra has looked like a closer this year, but I don’t think he’s any more than a middle guy.  It’s just my opinion that he’s been very lucky – I hope I’m wrong.
  • Hopefully, Kenley Jansen has the heart to close.
  • Remember this name:  Raydel Sanchez!  Logan White signed this Cuban defector.  He’s at Ogden, and while his stats aren’t eye-popping, he has good control and his stuff is being compared with RDLR, albeit not near 100 MPH.
  • Does Ned actually have any knowledge of how to make a trade to get value in return?
  • Imagine how good Matt Kemp would be if he had ANY protection behind him.
  • Andre Ethier is a pretender.
  • James Loney is a flat-out dud!
  • Carlos Monasterios had TJ surgery – I wonder why they waited 2/3 of the season when he hasn’t been able to pitch?
  • The Giants got better with Beltran, but the Phils remain the front-runner with the aqusition of Hunter Pence.    They are the Yankees NL.
  • Casey Blake will be back for how many games?
  • Has Raffy shown he is healthy enough for any team to want to trade for him?
  • Dee Gordon was exposed at the MLB level, went down and got better.  The same can’t be said for Jerry Sands or IDJ2.  T-Rob needs another year.
  • I have come to the conclusion that Jamie McCourt was 80% of the McCourt Family’s problems, but the horse is too far out of the barn to save Frank, barring a miracle!
  • I plan to go to see the Great Lakes Loons play tomorrow in Ft. Wayne.  I’ll have a report and some pix after that.

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3 Responses to “Rant & Rave Saturday”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Just where are we (or the Dodgers really) with McCourt?

    That is, a calendar date for a judge to do something? Or, Bud to come with the white flag? Or, Lefty Louie to come in and take Frank out?

    What are we waiting for other than a terrible season???

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree about Guerra. However, you never really know. Maybe he suddenly comes up with a great change, or some such pitch. Right now I see him as a 6th – 7th inning guy, and perhaps also being able to handle the 8th inning. But like I said above, you never really know a pitcher might develop.

    Kenley definitely has closer written all over him. Hopefully, the doctors get to the bottom of his arrhythmia problem, or it just disappears.

    I read the same stuff about Raydel Sanchez. We’ll just have to wait and see. Even if good, more than likely 2-3 years away.

    We’ll get some idea about Ned in the next couple of days.

    I don’t know if Ethier is a pretender, but he certainly has a problem with lefties. I find that to be a bit of mystery, since he hit lefthanders better than righthanders his first couple of years with the Dodgers. I’d trade him if the opportunity presented itself to get back significant talent in return.

    Agree about Loney. Maybe change in scenery will help, but he’s doing noting here.

    I wondered the same thing about Monasterios when I heard about the TJ surgery. Is this another example of ineptitude by the Dodgers medical staff?

    I don’t care how many games Casey Blake is back for. It’s just comforting to know that he won’t be back next year.

    It would be nice if another team was willing to give us something in return for Raffy. He’s played better recently. Stranger things have happened.

    I just hope that Gordon puts on some weight and gains some strength over the winter. He’s an enormous talent. I was a big supporter of Sands, but I admit that he has disappointed since his return to ALBQ. Too many strikeouts. We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s always stuff that they don’t tell us. Last I looked, IDJ2 was doing OK, but certainly nothing spectacular. Besides, if Gordon takes over at short next year, I doubt if the Dodgers are going to want to pair him with another rookie. As for T-Rob, he also strikes out too much. Only time will tell.

    Jamie? Frank? I don’t have a clue whose the greater culprit. I don’t like either of them, and just want a new owner to put all that dysfunction behind us.

    Enjoy the Loons. Come to think of it, the Dodgers have been a loony bin all year.

  3. kaynla says:

    It turns out that Jansen has atrial fibrillation, is now on medication and placed on the DL for at least 3 weeks. I believe that is what I heard on radio this a.m. Somewhat worrisome for such a young man to have heart trouble. I feel invested as I was at the game last year when he made his debut, vs. the Mets, and impressed as promised.

    Maybe Ethier has a vision problem.

    It is good to hear there is hope for the future, via the farm. I think we are waiting until August 8 for some sort of decision re Dodger ownership. Whether or not the problem originated mainly with Jamie, she has turned out to be a heroine in the latest chapters of the D-I-V-O-R-C-E, holding out for her half of the team and preventing Fwank from doing even worse damage than he seems hell-bent on.. Just my opinion, of course.


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