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Musings From The Fort

  • Raffy is gone to the Cardinals for Alex Castellanos, who despite good numbers in AA, is not considered by most to be a major league caliber

    Parkview Field

    player.  He’s not yet twenty-five, but has a long swing to go with good speed, good power and a good arm.  He was not among the Cardinals Top 3o Prospects, so at first blush, it appears that Ned got fleeced again, but who knows?

  • I’m in Fort Wayne, Indiana at Parkview Field, which if it not the nicest minor league park I have ever seen, has to be right there with which one is the best.
  • I brought my cameraman (my son-in-law) and got three nice interviews before the game.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if you could interview three people (maybe not all are players) on the Great Lakes Loons, who would that be?  If you guessed Garret Gould, Zach Lee and John Shoemaker, you might be correct.


Another view of Parkview Field


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10 Responses to “Musings From The Fort”

  1. The Glass Is Now Empty says:

    TRob gone…WTF?

  2. Jose says:

    Ned Colletti need to be strip of gm duties, promote logan white already. His deals are always bad. James and Andrew last year for what a week of dotel. Now furcal for an outfielder we will never use. does he know his system, does he know he has sand, baldwin, peterson, angelo, and oh yeah robinson out there. OH wait, robinson might be on his way to the Mariners.. Would of been great of having a hometown kid given a chance to man at either left or right for the dodgers. Trade Carroll to i doubt that it going to make a big difference in the standing give dejesus a chance to prove himself instead wasting him and later trading him away next year for tim wakefield. Ned must go

  3. kaynla says:

    Hi Mark. Where have all the blog commenters gone, especially since there is so much to comment on?

    Do they not want to admit I was right about Hiroki? I was so happy to hear that he is staying.

    I’m happy for Hiroki and happy for Raffy, but…… Castellanos??? Uggh, the Dodger situation has yet to brighten. They should have been dealing Billingsley.

  4. Mark_Timmons says:


    I think everyone is ready for this season to be over already.

    They are tired!

  5. Bootz says:

    Sucks to see trob go for 3 pieces of horse fertilizer. I always thought guys that come through the system together play better and look to have more fun. Poor trob, I was looking forward to seeing him hit 30 bombs in blue.

  6. Jose says:

    Colletti is a toilet

  7. The Glass Is Now Empty says:

    This Dodger organization is bad…real bad…..they do not have a clue…

  8. Michael says:

    I am in total disbelief in how freaking stupid Ned freaking is
    What a freaking DUMMY!

  9. Michael says:

    So mad I couldn’t even get my address correct


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