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Let the Fire Sale Begin

It’s July 5th  and the Dodgers are 11 games out of first place in the NL West.  It’s unlikely they can mount any sort of run.  They aredemoralized, bankrupt, discombobulated and bereft of leadership.  It’s time for the Fire Sale to Begin.

The Dodgers have some players who can help other teams, namely Kuroda, Furcal, Miles, Carroll and maybe Loney, Kuo, Guerrier, Lilly, Barajas, Navarro and others.  Let the bidding begin!  I just don’t know if Ned is the guy to do it…

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17 Responses to “Let the Fire Sale Begin”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree, it’s time for the Dodgers to be sellers. And I, along with others believed that long before the Dodgers were 11 games out, and two games behind Padres in last place. But I doubt if that’s enough for Ned, nor do I trust him to do it the way it should be done. I’m guessing he doesn’t do it unless the Dodgers are 15 games out at or near the trade deadline.

    I always find myself rooting for the Dodgers during the games (old habits die hard), but being thankful they lost after the games. Time to unload some of the dead wood that may have value elsewhere, and look to rebuilding for next year and beyond. And if we somehow get new ownership, that will simply be icing on the cake that will allow this team to fill some gaping holes via free agency. And even if the Dodgers were to get a new owner too late to participate in free agency, they would at least be taking a step in the right direction upon which a new owner could build.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:,0,4614957.story

    I certainly hope that Mattingly and Colletti follow up on what they said about Gordon. I’ve noted on a number of occasions that just hearing Gordon talk has left me with the impression that he’s a mature young man with his head screwed on straight. And just watching him has led me to believe that he’s thinking all the time, and that he’s a player with his head in the game.

    In the meantime we’ll just have to live with Eugenio Velez. Just the type of player that should help the Dodgers solidify their hold on last place.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from Eric Stephen at TBLA.

    “Thanks to discount tickets and the promise of a spectacular fireworks show after the game, the Dodgers had their second sellout of the season tonight.”

    So don’t anyone get the idea that this will be a regular thing. Probably back to sparse crowds tomorrow, unless a lot of transplanted New Yorkers buy tickets for this series. And if the Dodgers continue losing, the crowd numbers should shrink to next to nothing as the season progresses.

    So Badger, I think you can relax (SMILE).

  4. Ty says:

    Ned will still think they’re in it and trade for Dotel again.

  5. Joe says:

    I agree we should be sellers however I don’t want to go the way of the Royals who basically give away players like their old GM. If we are sellers I am just not confident Colletti to make the right deal. I usually don’t comment on ownership issues but obviously this fiasco is getting out of hand. McCourt is just a slimy business man who will try anything to keep the Dodgers regardless what anyone thinks. I am not a legal expert but as a fan I wish the Dodgers could be sold to someone who can pay for players to win.

  6. Badger says:

    The problem I see with being sellers is simply this – who on this team is really going to help in clutch situations for a pennant drive? Kuroda? Yes. He will draw serious interest. Carroll? Maybe. But Carroll is a utility guy. He is a back up on every good team out there. Miles? Same thing. Everybody knows about Miles. He is a utility guy having a decent year. Navarro? No. Loney? Doubt it. He is hot now, but every team in it already has a first baseman. Furcal? Can he be trusted to be standing in a grueling late summer grind? Not to mention how much money he makes every night. Lilly? Maybe. But he is tender. We’ll see how he does his next two starts.

    Most of our guys are back-ups on contenders. That is why we are in last place.

    Other than Kuroda, the guys that will have real value are Ethier and Kemp. And the fact of the matter is, do we know we are going to be able to keep them in Los Angeles. They both are set up for multi-year mega buck contracts and this team cannot keep both of them. To be honest, I have doubts they will keep either one of them. Remember how this thing started? We lost out on a 27 year old Vladimir Guerrero with some story about “timing” or such crap. The Angels got him. Well, it could happen again. As long as we have the Frank and Jed Follies running the show in L.A., the Dodgers are not in the drivers seat on any trade deals. I think it was Al Einstein who first said doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the very definition of insanity.

    Do we really expect different results out of this Dodger leadership team? Every organization out there knows we will bargaining from a position of weakness.

    It is my opinion that as long as Frank and Ned are sitting upstairs, we won’t get any better by being sellers. Not with the chips we will likely put on the table. However, let teams know Ethier and Kemp are available and maybe, just maybe, some team out there will overbid for them.

  7. SpokaneBob says:

    It is time for us to transition from the Furcal/Blake addition to the Gordon/Sands version.

    Were not going to be able to trade many (if any) of these guys but we have some good pieces to build around.

    Lets use the rest of the year to PLAY THE KIDS! Give Sands, Robinson, De Jesus and Gordon a chance to establish themselves.

    Without knowing about new ownership it is not posible to know if we will be able to keep Kemp or Ethier long term. But until we find out, I would NOT trade either one of them. Good middle of the order hitters are hard to come by, so why not build this new team around Kemp and Ethier.

  8. Badger says:

    “It is time for us to transition from the Furcal/Blake addition to the Gordon/Sands version.”

    Amen to that Bob.

    “so why not build this new team around Kemp and Ethier.”

    The simple answer is $.

    How much money do you think Matt Kemp is going to earn in arbitration? $10 million? I have no idea, that is why I am asking. Same with Ethier. He already makes $9.25M, so he too will get a raise. After 2012, they are both free agents. Maybe we can get enough to keep them around for a very uncertain 2012, but, if we don’t get a new owner by the trade deadline of next year – they will walk. And who can blame them.

    Can the team keep them both, AND keep Kershaw happy? Again, I have no idea. All I know is that with the financial uncertainty that surrounds this team keeping all of them is doubtful. If McButthead would just back out now, and the team can be sold quickly, all of this could be done. But, we know Frankie the Melonhead will not do the right thing.

  9. Ray says:

    Kuroda will help any team he is traded to. Same with Lilly.

    If we are to keep one of Kemp or Ethier…that is an easy decision for me…Kemp hands down.

  10. jerry says:

    the problem with the dodger is that they only have 6 inning pitchers..after that they are done..but management doesnt see it.i dont think donny boy is playing the best players he has..some one different every night..

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Kuroda no doubt could help a contender, and probably could fetch us something of value. Lilly’s recent poor performances coupled with his tender elbow makes me think it’s doubtful that he could bring anything of real value in return, especially considering his inflated contract. Maybe for a team like the Yankees (for whom he previously pitched) the contract–or at least a hefty portion of it–would be less of an issue.

    Ethier I would definitely consider for a trade. Kemp on the other hand would have to bring back of king’s ransom for me to even consider trading him. No one is untouchable, but in some cases the the return has to be exorbitant to even consider a deal.

    Quite frankly (no pun intended), I’m not concerned over the ability of the Dodgers to sign Kemp or Ethier after next year. If they can’t, it means that Frankenstein still owns the team, so we won’t be able to sign anyone else either. What good would it be to have Ethier and Kemp surrounded by a bunch of second rate players. If this ownership remains in place, the Dodgers are likely doomed to mediocrity. If he’s gone, then the Dodgers will likely be able to sign Kemp and Ethier, and a supporting cast around them. We can only wait to see how this all unfolds.

  12. Badger says:

    Brooklyn… uh… yep.

    Why pay Kemp $10mil+ and surround him with more of what we see this year? Doesn’t really make sense to me. We might be able to arbitrate one more year for both Kemp and Ethier. I don’t really know. But we all know this – their agents will be demanding long term top tier contracts and that just won’t happen here. Neither of them are going to want to wait, they want it all and they want it all NOW. That’s just how it works in MLB. The Dodgers have to defer moderate contracts like Uribe’s and Lilly’s. Like you mentioned, those contracts inflate after this year.

    We could conceivably get as many as 5-6 top level prospects for Ethier and Kemp. One or more of them might eventually become as good as Ethier and Kemp. One thing is for sure, they would affordable for the time being, allowing the organization to get past this present nightmare and be ready to come out the other side with some money, and some talent. If the Dodgers let this go too long, those two guys walk and the organization is left holding nothing but their….

    I say if the offers come in that include multiple big time prospects, the Dodgers would be wise to consider moving both players.

  13. Michael says:

    On the bright side, we didn’t sign Adam Dunn because Adam Don’t.

    I believe Matt has 2 more Arbitration years and Andres facing his last.

    Kemps going to get an eight to ten year deal for $250 Geez and we have to lock up Sandy

    Shazam, the next owner better be loaded

  14. Badger says:

    Kemp, Ethier and Loney are all free agents after 2012.

    I think we can afford to keep Loney.

  15. dtwdodger says:

    That Loney comment is hilarious Badger!


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