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Judge Denies McCourt Loan

It was just announced that the Bankruptcy Judge in the Dodgers case has denied Frank McCourts’ financing which would seem to force Frank to accept MLB’s offer.  I don’t really see it as a win or a loss.  Actually, it saves McCourt money, so in some respects it’s a win.  He’s just a little closer to the Devil… or maybe Bud is closer to the Devil, but I digress.  This simply means that the next round will decide whether Frank can get a major TV deal right now or if MLB can block that.

This is where I would look for a real curveball out of leftfield.  This is where you might see an investor offer to put McCourt in the TV business… or not!

One has to consider that possibility.  Don’t think it can’t happen.  There’s lots of crazies with more money than sense out there.

Don’t get all giddly about today.  It’s really nothing.

The only thing it shows is that Frank can’t just do what he wants.  He now has one more foe!

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10 Responses to “Judge Denies McCourt Loan”

  1. Michael says:

    Will this put the end of month payroll in jeopardy? the next drop dead date?
    Just “Do the right Thing” Frank.


  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Is that a picture of the judge, or is it McScrooge getting ready to whack Bud?

    I’m not getting giddy. I realize it’s only a skirmish, and that the larger battle is to come.

    MLB is keeping close scrutiny on our dirtbag owner. So if he tries to throw a curve (especially from way out in left field) it will likely be a hanger. So it could just be “goodbye baseball”. Didn’t the late Harry Kalas use that line?

    Here’s some interesting reading:,0,5798280.story

    Selig’s letter to McCourt mentions that he learned about an IRS investigation of his tax returns. If true, then Frankie boy may have more problems looming. He’s already has the bankruptcy case, and is being sued by his wife, former law firm and Brian Stow’s family. And who knows what the State of California may be looking at?

    Yes, it’s not over, and I’m not counting any chickens until they hatch. But as things stand now, McCourt would seem to have very little to cheer about. And there’s probably more we’re not being told about yet.

    Nothing would make me happier than to hear that McDirt has been indicted by the IRS.

  3. Corey says:

    The sooner with the next court hearing, the one where MLB says no to Frank’s newest gimmicky funding and states it’s intention of taking the team over to force the sale, the better. Too bad the next hearing and decision isn’t next week. Instead we get to deal with Mcdouche’s continued PR spins and BS, while our team continues to suck….by the way Ned, start working the phones and get rid of a couple of these veterans, since we don’t have anything to play for this year, and next year is looking pretty dismal as well, unless the sale goest through before next years free agent signing period.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    What gets me is just what Frank’s goals are. If he tried to stay with smoke and mirrors to keep the team. He will never be a popular owner. He is no-pereons-land.

    But if he sells — pays his debts — and moves on . . . he can take his profits and invest or purchase something else — and get on with his life.

    One way or another, it needs to be over.

  5. Badger says:

    I think I read somewhere that Frank is used to winning these kind skirmishes because he outlawyers his opposition, which has often been his own partners. The guy is a real greaseball and has been for some time. I don’t think he can win this, but, we have rich greaseballs winning everywhere you look these days. Nothing surprises me anymore. The classy thing to do would be to admit defeat, sell the team and regroup somewhere else. Classy being the operative word there – it won’t happen.

  6. RogerCraig says:



    Can you use those words in the same paragraph?

  7. Badger says:

    I’ll try.

    “There were two men in the room. One was classy, a gentlemen respected by all who knew him. The other was Frank McCourt.”

    How’s that?

  8. kaynla says:

    Looks like the McCourts might be tax cheats. Such a trendy thing among a certain set. In addition, isn’t Fwank also being sued by a law firm he formerly used back in Boston? Then there is the civil suit filed by the Stow family….

    I would like to see Selig hit the road with Fwank when the time comes, and it can’t come soon enough.


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