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James Loney – Backup Firstbaseman

James Loney’s days in LA are numbered.

In 2012, James will either have left by trade (doubtful, unless someone thinks they can “fix” him THIS year), or non-tender. I know that some Dodger fans are fearful that Ned Colletti may try and make one big run for a pennant, feeling that the only way to keep his job is by finishing with a bang (which is precisely why he should be fired right now, but that is another story).

They fear he will trade the farm for some mediocre “over-the-hill” players. Why on earth would anyone think such a thing (sarcasm)?

Many Dodger fans want to see the Dodgers lose, so that fans will stay away from games and force McCourt out due to a lack of funds. They fear that if the Dodgers win, it will give McCourt more of a foothold to keep the team.  I can see that, but I am too big of a Dodgers fans to ever root for them to lose.

The 2011 version of the Dodgers are 10 games under .500, not so much because of McCourt, but because many of the players on the team have underperformed and/or due to massive injuries. After losing 4 closers (count ‘em 4), namely Broxton, Kuo, Padilla and Jansen, the Dodgers are now running out Javy Guerra as their closer. To his credit, he is doing a great job, but the point is: Javy Guerra was not even expected to make the team until next year, let alone be the closer.

Juan Uribe, Casey Blake, Rod Barajas and Rafael Furcal have all spent considerable time on the DL (and don’t bring up the fact that they are old – there are lots of OLDER players doing well). The fact is: injuries have decimated the Dodgers. Jon Garland is lost for the season as is Vicente Padilla, both of whom were counted on to play key roles. If anyone deserves blame for this, it’s the Dodgers’ training staff or maybe Ned, but I digress.

Right here, right now, the Dodgers are 10 games out with 40 more games to go within the division. It ‘s not very likely that they can make the playoffs, but I believe that this team is better than it has shown, which makes it difficult to know what to do. Ned has to know that if McCourt keeps the team, his best chance of saving his job is to make the playoffs. He also has to know that if the team is sold, his ONLY chance of keeping his job is to make the playoffs.

In other words, Ned is out of a job next year if the Dodgers don’t make the playoffs. That scenario makes it likely he will try and be a buyer as soon as THIS week. He knows he can’t allow the Dodgers to fall farther behind and he needs to make a move RIGHT NOW!

Let’s hope it’s not a dope-fiend move or let’s hope that MLB steps in if he tries to trade the farms and prohibits the deal.

Back to James Loney – Juan Rivera has shown me he can play 1B in a credible manner and the Dodgers need his power. James only should play against a RH pitcher he “owns.” Bench James, make Juan the 1B. Yes, it’s a slap in the face, but he deserves it. Let’s see how he responds. It will make him or break him, and the fact is, the Dodgers are better with Rivera at 1B.

How long can the Dodgers wait on Uribe and Furcal to come back? If healthy, they can make a big difference.  Gwynn, Jr. is starting to act like he can hit and he does rattle pitchers once he gets on. Again, I say that this is a team that is a lot better than they have played. Still, I think it’s too late. The only prudent thing to do is stand pat until the end of July. If they are still 10 games out, sell, sell, sell!

No way should they become buyers. If Ned becomes a buyer, he is only trying to save his job, but his time is already up!

Finally, has anyone considered that at the Bankruptcy Hearing on Wednesday a High-Profile Bankruptcy Trustee might be named?

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10 Responses to “James Loney – Backup Firstbaseman”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you sound like you are going over “the broken dream of 2011″ again.

    From Spring Training to now, in my opinion, the Dodgers did not have the roster on paper to win and make it to the post season.

    And as you point out above — the roster on paper then got worse with injuries.

    Right now, the Padres and the Dodgers are in a battle to see who can loose the most games.

    Today, who will score the most — the US Woman’s Soccer team or the Dodgers???

  2. Mark_Timmons says:

    I’ll take the Women’s Soccer Team to score more points for $200 please.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    So far: Dodgers 0, US women 2

  4. the truth hurts says:

    I agree rodger.

    I believe if this team was healthy, we would be right where we are right now.

    • RogerCraig says:

      So, if Furcal were hitting .300 and Uribe were hitting .250 and Blake were healthy and having his average year and Garland and Padilla were not lost for the year, and Broxton was healthy and Kuo had not missed significant time, the Dodgers would still be where they are right now?

      Is that what you are saying?

      I just want to fully understand before I say anything else.

  5. the truth hurts says:

    Actually roger. That’s exactly right.

    You mentioned a healthy broxton. I would then say we would be in a worse spot then we are right now.

    Are you one of those, “if everyone was healthy, we would be in the world series” types?

    I just want to fully understand before I say anything else.

  6. Ty says:

    I dislike Loney but Rivera is garbage vs righties. He hits lefties great so make him a platoon guy but keep trotting Loney out there vs righties. At least he brings his glove.

  7. jerry says:

    i think the dodger need to get rid of the hitting coach.he was the hittin coach for the minor ..and now he brings it to the majors ..and quess what..they are doing so bad..

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    What I mean above is this — the roster the Dodgers had after Spring Training 2011, was just not as good as the Giants — and as we have found out, the D-Backs.

    And it is not as good as many of the other teams in the other divisions.

    Right now, 11 games under .500. With those player, maybe 2 games over .500.

    But it comes down to the pitching match ups. Braves, Phillies, Giants, and other teams (don’t have the time right now to go deeper, have to go take another pill, today was Chemo day, having a bit of a hard time right now, sorry), are just better.

    But all teams have injuries, surprises both good and bad. But the Dodger depth at S.T. was just not there. I thought Uribe would be above average. I though Furcal would be injured. I thought Loney would come back. I thought Blake would fade downward. I panicked about catching (still am). Hoped that Kemp would forget last season and Lopes make him into a key player. Felt that Ethier would be a key player. Worried about pitchers 3-4-5. And so on.

    But in match ups with other teams — Ned was still short because of LF, C, one infield glove.


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