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It is time to sell, Ned

No, I don’t mean that Frank McCourt should sell Ned Colletti (wait, maybe that’s not such a bad idea… but I doubt there’s a buyer).

What I mean is that it is time to trade Hiroki Kuroda, Aaron Miles (yes, there are teams who want him), Jamey Carroll, Rod Barajas, Dionaro Navarro (maybe there’s one team, maybe not!), Juan Uribe (OK, maybe this is a stretch), Casey Blake (can he ever be healthy?), Hong Chih Kuo (sell while he still has an arm attached to his body) and maybe even Andre Ethier.  Donnie needs to keep rolling Raffy out there every day in hopes that he stays healthy and starts to hit.  Someone will snag him if he’s healthy (big IF).

Reason #1 – Frank could use the salary relief!  Big Time!

Reason #2- Would attendance be any worse?  How much?

Reason #3 – Stock the farm!  Stock the farm!  Stock the farm!

Reason #4 – Evaluate the youngsters at the MLB level.

All of those players aren’t tradeable, but some are and several would bring a nice cadre of prospects.  Would it hurt anyone if this was the lineup the rest of the season?

  1. Gordon  SS
  2. Gwynn, Jr.  RF
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Rivera  LF
  5. Sands  1B
  6. Mitchell 3B
  7. Ellis  C
  8. De Jesus, Jr.

Yes, the Dodgers would lose a lot of games and some youngsters would be exposed as prospects or suspects.  The Dodgers would also get a higher draft pick.  Let them lose out.  This year is done. Stick a fork in ‘emThe party’s overThe fat lady is singing and all the other bad cliches you can think of.

I would think that the Dodgers could get four to six TOP 10 prospects in a FIRE Sale, depending upon who goes.  Kuroda and Ethier could easily garner four (maybe more).

It’s time to sell Ned!  Oh, Bud won’t let you trade for “cash considerations.”  Don’t even try that.

Other Stuff:

  • Jim Callis of Baseball America rates Allen Webster’s ceiling as a #2 or #3 starter.
  • Could Webster and/or Eovaldi end up in LA”s rotation THIS year?
  • I think that  RDLR should be shut down for two to three weeks as he has never pitched this many innings – either that or end his season at the end of August.

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20 Responses to “It is time to sell, Ned”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not going to get into all the details of your post. Simply put it’s time to sell, and time to test the youngsters. You might be right about shutting down RDLR, or perhaps at some point he could go to the bullpen to limit his innings.

    And if the Dodgers do somehow get a new owner in time to participate in free agency, then having a higher draft pick not only gets the Dodgers a premium pick, but also protects them from losing their first round pick in the event they sign a Type-A free agent. The teams with picks 1-15 are exempt from losing their first rounded pick. Instead they have to surrender their second round pick.

    And you never know how desperate other teams can get at the trade deadline. Perhaps we could move a player or two that now seems inconceivable. So maybe it’s not impossible to move guys like Furcal, Uribe, Blake, Lilly, and any other warm body I’m forgetting.

    Personally, I don’t think Ned will be in sell mode immediately unless the Dodgers lose at least 2 of 3 from the Giants. It might even take losing all three games to convince Ned to sell now.

  2. Gonzo says:

    I especially like the idea of moving Ethier. You know I’ve been calling for it since spring training. The thing that irks me about Ethoer is that there is no humility on his part. He thinks he’s a very very good player while in my opinion and others he’s just good. I know he can be sold high. One problem with Kurodoa is that there are rumors that he won’t go to a team in the east.

    I also think that Furcal is attractive to some contending teams for the stretch run. Think Detroit/BoSox. Anyhow saw the Dodgers play yesterday at Chase and they sucked BIG TIME!

  3. Mark_Timmons says:

    I think Andre would do well in Boston. His buddy, Dustin is there. It\’s just a question of whether they want to pony-up for him. Boston could use Kuroda too. They would have to gut the fam to get them. Detroit could pay for Kuroda too and if Raffy is healthy, there are several teams that would be interested.

    The Dodgers could land a lot of prospects if Ned is not a dumbass…

  4. coloblue says:

    If Kuroda nixes any east coast team..that eliminates most of teams interested who have right talent mix..NYY..BOS…CLE..DET..and who are interested in him.
    Maybe if Boston or NYY throw a few $M his way..he can set up flights for family visits..

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, your lineup at the top of this thread looks like a AAA game with Kemp down for a rehab assignment.

    But, your lineup cannot lose any more games than the 25 major league Dodgers are doing now.

    I think the goal now is to win 1 game in each series. But they do not always obtain that goal:

    D-Backs – Dodgers win 1 – loose 2
    Padres – 3 – 0 (playing way over their heads)
    Mets – 1-3
    Angels – 1-2
    Twins – 1-2
    Angles – 1-2
    Tigers – 2-1
    Astros – 1-2
    Reds – 0-3
    Rockies – 2-1
    Phillies – 1-2

    But, if Ned did manage to sell or trade off most of those players being mentioned, then there are a lot of trades and AFs to sign over the winter.

    Why? Because I do not go into next year with that lineup above. It is a AAA lineup.

    The big mistake that the Dodgers made about 5-6 years ago, and Mark and I talked about this in Florida at Vero many times then — the Dodgers were bringing up these AA Jacksonville players (plus Ethier from the trade with Oakland) basically all at once.

    Too many over two seasons — and not enough established players on the roster.

    Remember when the Dodgers had those Rookies of the Year guys !!!! Remember, not all in one season but over 5 seasons:

    1992 Karros
    1993 Piazza
    1994 Mondesi
    1995 Nomo
    1996 Hollandsworth

  6. jerry says:

    to sell the farm is stupid..just get a couple power hitter and then thing would be different…we get hits..just not run..if we start will be yrs before we have a good team…

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The Dodgers could probably be very successful with Gordon and Sands in the lineup, if they manage to add an impact free agent bat over the winter. Younger players like Gordon and Sands would have a lot of pressure removed if they were surrounded by impact bats like Kemp, Fielder and Ethier (assuming he stays). In fact, adding Fielder to the lineup would make both Kemp and Ethier better hitters, since pitchers would be forced to pitch to them, and they would feel less pressure knowing that they had protection in the lineup.

    Of course, adding a player like Fielder requires a new, well-heeled owner, which may, but hopefully not, be a pipe dream at this stage. So for the time being, the next big move for the Dodgers may be in bankruptcy court on Wednesday (although it will likely go on beyond that).

  8. Gonzo says:

    Roger while I agree with your take, if you would have seen the team I saw yesterday vs the D-Backs, it was a AAA team with the exception of Kemp and Ethier. What I did notice is that Gibson has himself a hell of a coaching staff.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Gonzo, I saw most of the game on TV (which is not the same, I know, but I did see that).

    As good as a year as Kemp is having — I feel he needs to still move up in the mature group of hitters in baseball.

    Yes, he has won his share of games. Important hits — but he needs to do that more often. Like a hitter in a key situation, that somehow does come through in the clutch. From my eyes, he does not do that enough. That is some skill but it is something inside a hitter — that just comes out. Jeter has that over his career. Roy Campanella had that. Steve Garvey sometimes had that. Orel had that as a pitcher. Kemp needs to develop that as a hitter . . . but he is still young.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Kemp has no problems in the clutch. What he does have is no one in the lineup protecting him, thereby enabling pitchers to pitch around him. Who is going to give Matt Kemp anything good to hit in a clutch situation when he’s followed in the lineup by Loney, Uribe, and the like? Kemp knows that, and probably tries too hard at times to get the big hit since he can’t expect anyone else to deliver in that situation.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Trying too hard, and striking out and popping out, etc. — is NOT hitting in the clutch. Some of the ABs I see in Dodger games, he still has some problems here.

    But he will get better. Protection is important for the pitches one sees, but he is still making out too much now, when the team needs him to move them.


    9th inning – Kemp grounds out to ss on changeup.

    7th inning – Kemp leads off, singles to center. Good.

    4th inning – Kemp lines out to 3b on first pitch, 4-seam fastball.

    2nd inning – Kemp Ks on 5th pitch, 4-seam fastball


    8th inning – Kemp flies out to RF to 5th pitch, a cutter. He saw 4 cutters in that AB.

    6th inning – Kemp flies out to RF on 1st pitch, 4-seam fastball, first out of the inning.

    4th inning – Kemp Ks on 6th pitch, a changeup, swinging.

    2nd inning – Kemp homers on 4 pitch, 4-seam fastball.

    BACK to a loss, Mets 5-3,

    9th inning – Kemp Ks on 5 pitches, 4-seas fastball.

    6th inning – Kemp ground into a force out, to SS, on 3rd pitch a curveball.

    4th inning – Kemp singles to right field on first pitch, curveball.

    1st inning – Kemp ground out to pitcher for 3rd out on 2nd pitch, cutter.


    In the last 10 games he is 9 for 37 with 2 HRs, 8 RBIs (4 of those in 1 game), 4 BB, and 9 Ks, with 5 SBs, hitting .243. This dropped his average in this time (10 games) from .324 to .314 or 10 points. Noticed, he had no hits at all in the S.D. series going 0 for 10.

    Now, Matt just needs to pull his skills together, and tonight, go with the pitch, hit it hard, with a sense of a mature hitter.

    Just my take. I want him better . . .

    • RogerCraig says:

      All you need to do is consider this to put it all in perspective:

      Kemp is 2nd in RBI in the NL, 1 RBI behind Fielder and Howard, both of whom have at least 4 other hitters on their teams with more home runs than Andre Ethier, who is second on the Dodgers in Home Runs.

      Kemp has no protection and yet has a higher slugging percentage, plays better defense and has stolen 27 out of 30 bases.

      You want him to do bettter? Other than being on a last place team, he’s the NL MVP.

      I do agree that he can do better but he is still pretty damn good!

  12. RogerCraig says:

    … and he is hitting .500 with the bases loaded. .600 with runners on 1st and 3rd and .305 with RISP.

    Give him some protection and he would be amazing.

  13. The devil made me do it says:

    My post a couple days ago got lost in cyberspace, but YES trade D’re. He doesn’t want to be here and yes a couple top 50 prospects would be a good bounty.
    Of utmost of my concerns though is getting rid of “Home Run Derby” AKA Theodore Lilly. I was totally against the deal and with the Yankee/Red Sox lack of pitching I think we could get a bite.

    JULY 20th, tick, tick, tick

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    Let’s give Boston the World Series:

    Andre Ethier, Hiroki Kuroda and Rafael Furcal


    Ryan Lavarnway, Josh Reddick, Felix Doubront, Will Middlebrooks, Ryan Kalish and Anthong Ranaudo – All Top 16 Prospects.

    Six Top Prospects for some salary relief and 2 are Free Agents anyway.

    It’s a lot for Boston to pay.

  15. Bobby says:

    this lineup is great except for rivera. why on earth would we play a bunch of kids, and then throw rivera in LF?

    throw trob in LF. hell, maybe our futures star Silverio can be in LF. either way, juan rivera doesn’t belong on this team now, let alone a month from now

  16. Badger says:

    I have been saying all year teams don’t need to pitch to Kemp. Now, it would appear any strikes he gets are on the margins.

    Yep, Ethier to Boston. Said it over a month ago. Good fit for everybody.

    If Kuroda agrees, he could get us a couple of good prospects, Carroll and Miles could get us something, the rest of those guys aren’t worth much.

    It is going to be interesting to see what happens next.

    Anybody see me in my Frankrupt shirt on Sunday? A lot of Dodger fans sitting where I was – behind the Dodger dugout. Nobody commented on my shirt.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Dodgers are not that important any longer. Other stadium like in S.F, Ariz. and S.D. chant all game long to “Beat L.A.” But, that would happen if they changed or not. They just love the words.

  18. Badger says:

    Everybody chants beat L.A. because they are so damned tired of being beat BY L.A.. But, that is on hold for a while thanks to Frankie.

  19. jerry says:

    since no one can hit home run..i dont believe that we need a normal 3 and forth hitters..we need a hit with the best ave ..hitting after kemp ..he doestn need power ..he just need a high ave..that way when kemp get on and steel s 2nd ..then them man with the best ave can hit him in..i know this is different ..but i do believe it would help


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