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Game Thread – July 16, 2011

The middle game of the series has the following lineup:


  1. Gwynn  LF
  2. Furcal  SS
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Kemp  CF
  5. Rivera  1B
  6. Miles 2B
  7. Uribe  3B
  8. Navarro  C
  9. Kuroda  P


  1. Johnson  2B
  2. Drew  SS
  3. Upton  RF
  4. Young  CF
  5. Montero  C
  6. Blum  3B
  7. Allen 1B
  8. Parra  LF
  9. Kennedy  P

Kennedy is tough – the Dodgers better be ready!

  • There are rumors that the Pirates want Casey Blake.  One has to wonder if his neck will allow him to play anymore this year.
  • It’s a crying shame AJ Ellis is in AAA and Dionaro Navarro is on the roster.
  • Who is the next pitcher from AA to come to LA?  Choose one:  Eovaldi, Lindblom, Tolleson, Webster?


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9 Responses to “Game Thread – July 16, 2011”

  1. Michael says:

    Blacked out here but I am totally outraged “Sweet Baby James” is sitting, so far. So it’s TCM and the “Misfits”, Marilyn, BOING !!!!

    You know you’re having a bad day if you give up 2 three run BOMBS in the first 3 innings. GO PODS

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Saw some of the game. Furcal is no help to this team right now.

    Uribe — if he were a 23 year old . . . they would send him down to learn hand to eye coordination. In other words — how to swing where the ball is . . .

    But they keep playing him because he makes so much money. Shame . . .

    See that Charlie Haeger has been released. Sign him up.

  3. Dodger66 says:

    For the first time in all my years of following the Dodgers I actually look forward to the Dodgers losing. I want my favorite team to lose and lose alot. This for some sick reason helps ease my anger towards the McCourts. I still root for individuals on the team, but not the team. Here is to hoping the Dodgers finish 30 games out Ned does nothing before the trade deadline, and to a new owner so I can root for my team again.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Dodger66, I feel your pain. But I don’t want Ned to do nothing at the trade deadline, I want him to sell. And hopefully he can figure out how to do that without screwing the team.

    And here’s another reason to want McCourt gone. He’s still taking money out the Dodgers, just not directly. He’s taking it from one of his myriad entities in the form of rent. So he can say all he wants that he’s not receiving a salary from the Dodgers, when he knows, in fact, that he’s taking Dodger money (i.e., rent from the Dodgers) and using it for his own personal gain. He’s even still keeping his kids on the payroll. No wonder they support him.

    “Frank McCourt said he receives “no salary from the Los Angeles Dodgers” but is paid through Blue Land Co., the McCourt entity to which the Dodgers pay $14 million per year in rent. According to the filing, McCourt gets $5 million from that rent payment, with almost $4 million toward mortgage payments and about $5 million toward various McCourt entities. The last figure includes a total of $2.2 million for annual salaries to 12 employees of the McCourt Group, including vice presidents — and sons — Drew and Travis McCourt.”

    And it’s been reported that McCourt would personally benefit from the Highbridge bankruptcy loan that he arranged for.

    And we also learn that the U.S. trustee in the bankruptcy case that McCourt has withheld information regarding the terms of his bankruptcy loan.,0,6231785.story

    “In addition, the U.S. trustee in the bankruptcy case asked Friday that the court reject the loan McCourt would like to use to run the Dodgers during the bankruptcy proceedings. The trustee said the Dodgers had not “fully and expressly disclosed” the terms of the proposed loan.”

    The man is not only a scoundrel, but also has the audacity (better described as “arrogance”) to blatantly continue to pull money out of the Dodgers even in the midst of his bankruptcy filing. This leopard will never change his spots. And if he somehow manages to hold onto the Dodgers we’re in for a long bumpy ride.

    Earlier on McCourt said that he had learned from his mistakes, and would do things differently going forward. As far as I can see, if he manages to get through this still owning the Dodgers, the lesson learned will be that he can get away with murder. After all, this is the same man who said that he would use ALL of the Fox money for the benefit of the Dodgers, and then agreed in a settlement to use that same money to finance his divorce. He simply cannot be trusted. Hopefully the courts recognize this, and rule against him.

    It’s late, and I’m tired, so the above is not organized exactly as I would have liked. However, anyone reading it will get the point.

  5. jerry says:

    just wish donny would play the best player..just because you could hit dont make you a good manager

  6. Dodger66 says:

    Yeah Brookly Dodger I am fine with Ned selling with the exception of a few names I think we would all agree on. Let’s hope McCourts time with the Dodgers is over soon look forward to showing him the door.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Jerry, you just mentioned a phrase that strikes me as the way to go from here.

    You said: ” . . . play the best player . . .’

    Building on that — Donnie might do this –

    . . . Offer a lineup for the game today. If a player gets a hit or more — they play tomorrow. If they do not get a hit — they sit on the bench and someone else plays. If that player gets a hit — they play the next game. If they do not get a hit — they sit.

    No more, lefty, righty, think. Or who is pitching match ups. THAT HAS NOT WORKED. REPEAT — THAT HAS NOT WORKED AS THE DODGERS ARE 10 GAMES BELOW .500.

    So, guys, if you get a hit, you continue to play. If you do not, you go to the corner of the bench and THINK ABOUT YOUR APPROACH TO THE PLATE AND HOW HUNGRY YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

  8. jerry says:

    yes roger ,, i agree.. loney get on a hot streak and donny sets him down..that dont make since.. cho comes in get two batter in a row..then donny pulls him..for a righty ..that dont make since..a good pitcher can get out no matter if he is lefty or righty.let go back to baseball as it use to be..


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