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Who Knew What When?

What the hell did I do with that Visa? Why won't they take Master Card?

At the start of Spring Training the Dodgers bullpen looked like this:

  1. Guerrier
  2. MacDougal
  3. Hawksworth
  4. Belisario
  5. Kuo
  6. Jansen
  7. Padilla
  8. Broxton

One-by-one, all but Guerrier and MacDougal ended up on the Physically or Mentally (R-Bel) Disabled List, and then Jon Garland, the fifth started ened up there as well. 

Now, the bullpen looks like this:

  1. Guerrier
  2. MacDougal
  3. Elbert
  4. Guerra
  5. Lindblom
  6. Troncoso
  7. De La Rosa
  8. Ely

Now, I wonder what would happen to ANY team when 7 of their 12 pitchers end up on the DL?  It’s a big deal to any team, but then add in the fact that three-fourths of the infield have been on the DL, as well as the hitter who has the highest number of homeruns per at bat on the team and you’ve got a recipe for a trainwreck. 

And that is precisely what the Dodgers have been – a trainwreck!

Or, have they? 

The reality of the situation is that they sit four games below .500 and 5.5 games back of the leaders in Third Place!  The reality of the situation is that Marcus Thames, Blake Hawksworth, Juan Uribe, Jon Broxton, Hong chih Kuo and Vincente Padilla should be back soon.  Kenley Jansen won’t be far behind, leading to a log-jam in the bullpen.  Good problems to have.

Yesterday, the Dodgers ace dominated the first 2/3 of the game and then blew it.  He looked like Sanford Koufax in the beginning, but ended up looking like Fred Sanford in the end.  The Dodgers could have easily given up, but didn’t.  Matt Kemp’s Grand Slam in the ninth may prove to be a turning point for the Dodgers who have remained a perfect 5-0 in extra innings, and ultimately won with four runs in the eleventh inning.

Today, the Dodgers again brought out their whipping sticks and beat the Reds even though Chad Billingley has an ERA of nearly 6.00 on the road!  They “manned up.”  If Jamey Carroll and Aaron Miles can keep it up, I’d hit them #1, #2 the rest of the year.   


  • At the risk of getting ridiculed, I have to say that Andre Ethier is hitting a very “soft”  .325.  I mean he’s getting on base and all, but he’s not driving the ball like a #3 hitter.  He says that he has corrected some mechanical issues.  Let’s hope so.  The Dodgers need him to step up.
  • I read that Kemp is The Bison, but I don’t see him as a big bulky powerful beast.  I see him as a Jaguar or Puma.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  At any rate, when you mention MVP, he has to be included in the discussion.
  • The next seven days have seven games against to Phillies and Rockies, including Rubby’s first MLB start.  This is a critical stretch which could MAKE or BREAK the 2011 version of the Dodgers.
  • Andrew Lambo is hitting .204 at AAA Indianapolis and has lost his starting job.
  • It probably doesn’t mean much, but Carlos Santana is hitting .229 (below the Loney Line) with a slugging percentage of .375.   The jury is still out.
  • Stormin’ Gorman Erickson of Rancho Cucamonga reminds me of a former LA Dodgers catcher: about the same size, ex-football player, who didn’t have much power either.  Stormin’ Gorman may be a better hitter.   However, if I remember correctly, it turned out pretty good for that other guy. 
  • If the Dodgers get ANY production from Raffy, it will be a miracle. Don’t count on it.
  • Garvey – Hershiser?  Don’t hold your breath, although it would be cool.
  • Oakland DFA’ed Andy LaRoche – bring him home, Ned.  If you brought Mattingley’s son back, Andy should get another chance too (although there is no rational reason to do so).

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9 Responses to “Who Knew What When?”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    I would not want the job as the person in the clubhouse having to make all of those changes in uniform names and numbers.

    The Dodgers stats show 39 names so far this year. That means they have moved 14 players in and out of the lineup . . .

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I won’t ridicule you for your remarks about Ethier’s “soft” .325. It’s true. It’s June and he has 5 HR and 28 RBI. Soft numbers indeed. He was hitting for power last year before the pinky injury. That’s healed. So what is it this year? Maybe it’s mechanical, maybe it’s his elbow, maybe he’s gotten weak, maybe, maybe, maybe.

    Injuries no doubt have hurt this team, but they’ve also given players like Guerra, Elbert, and RDLR an opportunity to shine. Maybe Jerry Sands gets sent down when Thames comes back, and maybe he comes back again sometime in July, and takes advantage of the experience he’s gained. I’m still guessing that Thames will be gone by July, probably in a deal to an AL club. And I also don’t think that Gibbons is long for this team.

    And it doesn’t matter what Carlos Santana and Andrew Lambo are hitting now, or will hit in the future. At the time they were traded they could have brought us more than Casey Blake and Octavio Dotel, respectively. That has always been the point, and that never change.

    And what do we do with Andy LaRoche?

    Gorman Erickson entered this year with a .245 lifetime minor league average, which included 9 HR in 605 AB since he started in 2007. Are you comparing him to Mike Scioscia, who I believe was similar size? Or is it someone else I can’t think of. If it’s Scioscia, I’ll be kind and say I don’t see the comparison. But I’ll also be fair, and admit that I’ve never seen Gorman Erickson play even an inning.

    Like I said about Garvey/Hershiser in a previous thread – ho hum.

    Agree about Raffy.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Hershiser cannot be a owner — Mark wants him as the pitching coach.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s possible Sands could be sent down when Thames comes back. It’s also possible that the Dodgers could let Gibbons go, or even the light hitting Gwynn, who I totally forgot about. And there’s always the possibility of a trade. Sands seems most likely if the Dodgers intend to play Thames, and don’t want to cut ties with players just yet. Sands, of course, has options and can be freely moved between LA and ALBQ.

  5. youbetterthinkagain says:

    I think I can sum up what everyone is posting, “our prospects for a decent ending to this season are pretty pathetic”.

  6. Badger says:

    I would like to believe when this season ends, a new Dodger era begins.

    We have some decent young players, mostly pitchers, to build on. Clear some of that dead payroll next year, hopefully sign Kemp to a long extension and begin the rebuild process. We may not be that far away, especially with new ownership and 3.5 million coming back to the stadium.

    The new era begins when McFog takes a hike.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Some of the dead payroll (hopefully all of it) will definitely be cleared. Furcal won’t be back, the deferred payment to Kuroda next year will be about half of what he’s getting this year, Padilla is probably gone, hopefully Barajas will will be replaced with something better, goodbye Casey Blake, Broxton’s $7 million will be gone (and maybe Broxton too), Jamey Caroll’s $2 million plus might be gone (or maybe the 38 year old–next year–will be re-signed to continue in a utility role). Add Thames, Gibbons, Gwynn and assorted others, and this team is likely to look a lot different (hopefully so).

    Yes, we will have to pay Kemp and Ethier (if he isn’t traded), and more assorted others. However, if “McFog takes a hike”, that shouldn’t be a problem. And adding through free agency, trades, etc. will also probably not be a problem. And at least some of those “decent young players” will likely step up.

    Exit McFog, and it will indeed be a “new era”. Hopefully it will be so.


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