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Throw in the towel

It’s over.  Not statistically, but in reality,  it’s over for these 2011 Dodgers.

It’s time to move Ned Colletti out of his office and replace him with Logan White.   His time is up!  Then, let the fire sale begin.  It’s not going to affect the dismial attendance much.

Make a list of the untouchables: 

  1. Kershaw
  2. Jansen
  3. De La Rosa
  4. Kemp
  5. Gordon
  6. Sands
  7. Webster
  8. Robinson

That’s it!  Everyone else is on the table.

My first deal would be to trade Andre Ethier who has reverted to being “Mr. Softee”.   He hit a meaningless 2-run HR Friday night and was 2-4 in last nights’ shutout.  He hits when nothing is at stake, and has to be the “softest .300 #3 hitter in baseball.  Andre Ethier is now an accomplished singles hitter.   He might do much better elsewhere.

I think Andre would do well with his buddy, Dustin Pedroia in Boston.  So, Logan’s first order of business is to trade Andre Ethier to Boston for Jacoby Ellsbury, Drake Britton and Ryan Kalish.  Hopefully, Boston will think Andre can hit .300 with 40 HR in Boston and give up those players.  Maybe throwing in a healthy  Hong-chih Kuo would get that deal done.  Well, actually I don’t think they will give up Ellsbury, so what if it was a deal like this:

Ethier and Kuo for Britton and Kalish.  Purely a salary dump for two players who have a chance to be good. 

Kalish is a lot like Ethier… but with better speed.  Britton can be a #4 or #5.  Look, Either stands to get 10-12 million in arbitration next year.  The Dodgers should lock up Kemp and Kershaw long term with that money.    On the other hand, Theo may already know Andre is soft.

There are other teams that need pitching.  Make Garland, Lilly, Broxton and Kuroda available.  Does anyone want them?  Maybe?  Maybe not!  The Dodgers should find out.

I’d also try and trade Loney, but I doubt there will be any takers.  He’ll get non-tendered next year unless he suddenly finds himself.  Blake, Uribe, Barajas, Gwynn, Thames, Carroll, Miles – all can be be had for prospects. 

Boston could use Raffy as could the Reds.  Can he get healthy?  Doubtful…  Probably no deal anywhere for him – but you have to try.  Someone may make a dope-fiend move.

If you are going to lose, lose big!  Stockpile prospects and get a higher draft pick.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s something else to think about:  What if Frank were to fire Ned and give the GM job to Kim Ng?


While they are at it, they may want to keep an eye open for a manager…  I’m just sayin’…

Right about now, the show ain’t on the field!

By the way, I expect Bud to announce his decision on the FOX contract by Wednesday!

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11 Responses to “Throw in the towel”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, maybe Ethier is in the wrong spot in the batting order. He has been basically hitting above .300 all season. But he is hitting in the three spot. Maybe he would be better in a lineup at 2nd, or 6th. .300 hitters are not that common and he is one. Yes, he could do that on another team — in another lineup, but .300 hitters do not grow on trees.

    When Manny came, as I remember, Kemp and Ethier both responded. Sometime Ethier hit second.

    If there is a new owner (soon) — the GM will have a lot to do. Finding: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, bench, more pitching. Only Kemp, Ethier, Gordon could be in the order. One with power, two with average, third with speed. Add to that . . .

    (I posted the below just second before this opened . . . so I moved it here)

    This 2011 Dodger team is in reality one of the most ineffective run producing teams not only this season, but all time. Not maybe from a stat side, but just game after game — they do not match up against their opponents.

    New team power rating came out in our local paper today. The Dodgers were like 4th from the bottom as I recall (probably because of Kemp or they would have been last), with Houston last or 30th. Yet, matching up against the Astros — these Dodgers can hardly get a single run. Even facing a pitcher there with loosing records and ERAs over 5.00.

    If the commissioner does not take this team away from McCourt soon, MLB will continue to loose millions of dollars in income . . . and the Dodgers will loose some of it fan base as continual followers. People will stop caring about these players. And — some or many of the present players will want to move on with their careers — fast.

    You know, those Washington Nationals uniforms really do look kind of nice, the white ones and the red ones.

  2. Badger says:

    It’s about time.

    “I think Andre would do well with his buddy, Dustin Pedroia in Boston”

    yep, I agree, said so a few days ago. He is a perfect fit there, and Boston needs a new RFer. Ethier could win a batting title in that lineup in that park.

    Roger, you were one of the posters who predicted this. The fact that this offense suck is really no surprise. The negative nellies were on the money. It’s worse than we thought, but that is because of injuries, which are not that big a surprise either really. The starting pitching looked good on paper, but who knows, maybe they are damned tired of having to be perfect every time out. Broxton was indeed hurt, Furcal did indeed go down again, Loney didn’t rebound, Blake is Blake, Uribe is not going to repeat last year’s career year (duh), and the LF situation worked out just as most of us predicted it would.

    First things first, Selig has to make a decision on the ownership issue. If McCourt is allowed to stay, who knows where this is will end. Disaster is easy to predict, and in fact was predicted, but what is the end game? Losses mount up, players get pissed, every veteran on the team will be screaming at their agents to find a way out of this mess.

    This is something that MLB must take care of. McCourt has made the Dodgers a national joke. They were even referring to this fact on the Sports Reporters this morning. It’s time.

    Bud, you’re up.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I definitely agree that the Dodgers should be sellers, and that Ethier should be included in the sale. For me it’s not a matter of his being soft, but simply that he has been unable to hit lefthanders for the past several years. He’s also not the greatest of outfielders, and, of course, lacks speed. Boston would be a good place for him, because, if anything, he would get protection in the lineup, both in front and behind him. Off the top of my head I know nothing about the prospects being mentioned.

    Not having seen him much, I really can’t comment on TRob intelligently. However, I’m not sure I include him on a list of untouchables. If he can be part of a package that brings back something substantial, I think he has to be considered touchable.

    Garland may be untradeable. I believe I read something the other day which indicates that he may have a torn labrum.

    I agree mostly with your untouchable list, although there may be players I would include that I’m not thinking of now. Of course, in theory, no one should really be untouchable if the right deal comes along. But it would have to be a very right deal.

    Meanwhile, I agree most wholeheartedly with Dilbeck.

  4. Glass Was Half Full says:

    Badger I caught the comments on Sports Reporters this am also….Sad, sad situation…You are right…this organization has becoame a national joke. It is a hard pill to swallow when you are surrounded by Angel fans everywhere you go.I’ve been a fan since 1959 when I saw my first game in the Coliseum….Although there may have been some over the years, this is the most difficult season I can remember stumbling thru….


    • The Glass Is Now Empty says:

      Oh……and “The Glass Is Now Empty”….

      • The Glass Is Now Empty says:

        Dang…that’s Frank not Franks!…Second thought just to be safe send them all packing!

        • Badger says:

          I too saw my first game at the Coliseum in ’59 Glass. It was early May in fact. We had just moved to Van Nuys from Raytown Missouri (Roger Maris lived there) and my grandpa got tickets for the night they honored Roy Campanella. I was 11 and didn’t really know a lot about Campanella. In Kansas City I was an A’s fan, but, very quickly the Dodgers became my team. I was blown away that night as over 93,000 were in the Coliseum. As I remember, they turned out the lights and everyone lit matches and cigarette lighters. It was surreal for an 11 year old. From then on, I was listening to Vin and Jerry every night. My grandpa was the head bartender at Hotel Bel-Air and got tickets handed to him regularly. Good times being a Dodger fan growing up. Not so good times now.

          • The Glass Is Now Empty says:

            Badger… first game was in August Dodgers vs. the Braves…Milwaukee that is!…..My favorite Dodger pitcher of all time pitched that game…..Don Drysdale…I’m sure that puts me in the minority since most would pick Koufax but Don was the man….loved his “nasty” attitude when he pitched….

            Mark……I really can’t disagree with your post here except I don’t feel Donnie has been given much to work with and the turmoil with the ownership issue is none of his doing…..we need to give him time…

          • The Glass Is Now Empty says:

            Badger…the 50′s were indeed good times…..much simplier and better times….

  5. Badger says:

    Loved the 50′s Glass. Lived next to a lake in Raytown. I went crawdaddin’, bass fishing, snake hunting, water skiing in the Ozarks. Mom and Dad were happy then, so the family dynamic was great. You know what, it was actually like that until up to ’66 when I joined the Marine Corps. That damn war changed everything in the U.S.. It hasn’t been the same since.

  6. Bluefan says:


    I like Kalish a lot, but as he is on the DL with a left shoulder issue since April, I would prefer to him get some playing time to see if he is alright before I acquire him.

    Britton looked good last year, after coming back from TJ. His #’s are very bad this year. I would have to make sure his “stuff” hasn’t taken a down turn this year. If his “stuff” is still there, then he would have to be included in the package for Ethier.

    Some other prospects that interest me in the Sox system are ….

    Ryan Lavarnway – CA
    Anthony Ranaudo – RHP
    Garin Cecchini – 3B
    Kolbrin Vitek – 2B/3B/OF

    …. and of course I would love to pluck Lowrie away from them if possible.


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