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The Naysayers Are Full of Crap!

I apologize.

A  few weeks ago, I said that the naysayers had it right.

The naysayers said that this 2011 Dodger team was not good.  That is was bad.  That they would not be able to play .500 ball.

Well, in some respects they were right.  The Dodgers sit 9 games under .500 right now, so the naysayers were right afterall.

No, the naysayers are bitter Dodger Old Men who wanted to predict the worst for this team because it is owned by Frank McCourt (let me start at the bottom and work my way up).

I said it.  It meant it, and I’m here to represent it!

I guess the naysayers KNEW that the Dodgers would have more injuries and trips to the DL than ever before.

I guess the naysayers KNEW that the Dodgers closer, then their next closer and their next closer and their next closer would all go down. 

I guess the naysayers KNEW that the Dodgers would lead all of MLB in days lost to the DL by nearly double!

B.S.   … and I am being kind.

You didn’t know squat! 

If you knew that, you should be a billionaire and start your own Psychic Hotline.  Let me know how that works out.

Don’t repeat stupid stuff!

You know I’m not politically correct.  Deal with it.

Peace  – Out!

Tomorrow, I will talk about Frank McCourt acheiving sainthood!

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17 Responses to “The Naysayers Are Full of Crap!”

  1. Badger says:

    Nice try.

    Obviously you are just trying to stir sh*t up because the dogs suck hind tit and you thought they were good enough to win it all.

    Not gonna work this time Marcos.

    The facts are, the naysayers, as you call them, said this team wasn’t going to win the West and that the McCourt divorce was going to get ugly and it would spill out on the field. They were right. You were wrong. I said the Dodgers COULD win as many as 83 IF they all stayed on the field, which most of us knew wasn’t going to happen.

    Let’s see how many responses you get to this blatant attempt to piss off the “Dodger Old Men”.


      Let’s face it, the season is over and if by some miracle they make a positive move in the standings, they are going no where. They must give Kuo a chance to shine again and let the Yankees drool over this lefthander they need so badly and maybe get into a bidding war with the Red Sox for him and maybe get a very high prospect. In addition unload Broxton, Lilly, Kuroda, Garland, Furcal, Blake, Caroll and a few more and start stockpiling prospects.Hopefully in a year or two with a new owner that has money, start fresh let some prospects develop and get a new GM who will know how to mix prospects with free agents and bring this team back to respectability. Right now this team is unwatchable unless u turn your set on every fourth day to watch Kershaw.

  2. The Glass Is Now Empty says:

    Badger….I’m with you….Being one of the Dodger Old Men I should be pissed but actually I find the post quite funny…..Mark is just trying to stir crap up…that is what he is suppose to do…get it going….

    I for one hoped for the best but it hasn’t panned out….I don’t believe the injuries would make that much difference…thus my name at the beginning of the season…Glass Half Full…But this mess with the ownership and bad signings have more to do with this teams failure than the injuries in my opinion….

    I can’t even be disappointed with the players. For the most part they are busting their a$$es every day….It is just a badly built team….Ned and Frank must go….the sooner the better…..

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    It is not that we knew all of the tragic acts that would occur this season. But looking at the other teams in the N.L. West and the rest of the League — many are just plain better. Better hitters, better pitchers, better bench, better manager, better hitting instructors, and so on.

    I said we had great-to-good-to-ok 5 starters. But matching up against other N.L. teams — they were equal and even better. That has proved to be true. Five star true. I said we needed a new Manny to help Kemp and Ethier. That is true. Five star true.

    Left field, catcher, 2B, 3B, were never filled properly. But we all knew that the divorce and ownership problems would not allow those items to be dealt with in the proper way. And there were not. I felt that Furcal would be in and out of the lineup all season with injuries. That is five star true.

    I thought the team would be .500, but I was wrong, way wrong. They are worse.

    I thought Loney would regain his stroke and be a good hitter again. Up until a couple of weeks ago, he was terrible. Only his glove has him in there.

    This team, injuries, call-ups, and all — just cannot get it together so far this season. There are only a couple of teams in worse shape, and some of them are playing better now.

    Carroll and Miles have really helped most of the season. There has been some major lack of communication between some of the pitchers and the medical staff and coaches. Why? How can this be with all of the checks and double0-checks in the game today.

    Funny, a few week ago, Elbert was walking guys in the minors like crazy, now he is placed in games with the bases loaded, no outs, tie score — and expected to produce. He should not be in that position. But at least he tries.

    Some of the deadwood has been sent out, one way or another. Gibbons, Castro, Ely, Cormier, Hoffmann, Gimenez. Some injuries did hurt like Kuo, Padilla, Broxton, Jansen, Hawskworth, Garland. But injuries.

    Bottom line Mark, from the beginning of this season, the Dodgers did not have the right horses to run this race. Then some of horses went lame, others to another track. And the owner stands in the shadow, and not many folks want him, like him, trust him — and just want this team to move on to new ownership and re-build with a new spirit.

    And Mark, please don’t you repeat some of the stupid stats you want to throw. You do that to cover your butt, and this year is not a stats year. It is an ownership problem. No second chances now. Bring on the rail.

    Kuroda was great today.

  4. Badger says:

    Yeah, well put Roger. You too Glass. We had it right from the get go.

    I said it depended on a few things going right – namely ELK going nuts, Broxton being ok and Furcal being in the lineup everyday. Add Uribe doing with us what he did with S.F. and this team could have been a contender. But, Broxton isn’t ok, Furcal went down, Loney did not come out of it, Uribe isn’t repeating his career year, and the LF situation was predictably bad from the beginning. Would it be any different if all the guys on DL were still here? Yeah, it probably would. The team might be at .500 instead of 9 games below it. The experts had this team at 82 wins, with the full compliment. This current team will be lucky to win 75. With the cloud hanging over the entire franchise, playing in front of sparse crowds, who can blame this team if they want out or start playing to pad their stats? They are all mercenaries and the L.A. Dodgers brand ain’t exactly the shining light it used to be.

    I can’t wait to hear Mark’s next post on McCourt and sainthood. Should be a hoot.

  5. the truth hurts says:

    Forget the mccourt fiasco, I said this team would win 82 games with the team that was put on the field opening day……a couple things we know day 1…

    Furcal would go to the DL
    Broxton would contine to suck
    No run support for our starters
    Loney will continue slow rollers to first
    Blake is way past his prime
    I didn’t believe in the gibbons, thames platoon or gwynn for that matter…..

    Call me psychic. I knew these things in march.

  6. Badger says:

    Then according to Mark you should be a billionaire psychic truth.

    Or, maybe you, like many of us, could just read the handwriting on the wall. It wasn’t that difficult was it.

    So, now what? We wait. One payroll deadline after another. Could be a long two weeks.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    The Marlins are making some big changes. Bad play brought that about.

    The Dodgers are in the same boat. Yet, the McCourt saga is covering that bad play up.

    How? Well, if the commissioner takes the team away from Frank, and new owners come in — THEY will save the day. And the Dodgers will start playing winning baseball . . . kind of talk.

    Donnie as manager, it seems, has a big protection ring around him. Because it is Donnie. One does not fire a guy like that.

    Yes, the new coaches have helped some of the players like Kemp to bring up their game — but this team with Kershaw, Billingsley, Kemp, Ethier in the lineup — cannot get it done.

    Ned is still here. He has build a terrible team. I agree with someone saying, get rid of more of the old over the hill guys — and play the kids. If the team is going to loose more games — they them learn in the process.

    The commissioner has to act soon. Other teams and their fans are laughing at the situation the Dodgers are in. I wonder where the next power play will come from in this ownership problem. Jamie, Frank, silent partners, payoffs, teams members not giving their all, Donnie clueless, etc.

  8. Lever says:

    Mark says Frank is a Saint.

  9. Gonzo says:

    I don’t think one has to be phsycic to have predicted the season the Dodgers would have. It’s called forecasting, a term only associated with weather but all it is is seeing the numbers from the previous year or years and there you have it, you make an educated prediction. All businesses do it and many of us knew here that Blake although a solid player his entire career is reaching the end of the line. It was a no brainer that Raffy would be on the DL and he’s a little old to be at SS. I think the biggest disapointment so far this year has been Loney. Now I have been waiting for him to break out since his 15 HR year but I think that that will happen somewhere else where he has to be what he is, a complimentary player.

    Ethier should have been traded during the offseason when his value was sky high. Have I mentioned my man crush for Colby Rasmus?

    I don’t think that the ownership fiasco has a lot of culpability for the teams performance, I just think that we don’t have many above average to good/great players. I think the Indian team from the Major League movie could beat the Dodgers right now. After Frank loses the team which he will, here is the rest of the house cleaning that needs to be done IMO:

    1. Fire Ned

    2. Fire Conte and his staff

    3. Trade players to contenders (starting with Ethier and Loney)

    4. Assess the current Dodger coaches and manager

    5. Find out what type of team the Dodgers are going to be Homegrown kids with a few solid FAs here and there or spend money on bigtime FAs and lose picks which will regress our farm system.

  10. the truth hurts says:

    Amen badger.

  11. Badger says:

    DFA Frankie McNoclue and get an owner in here that can manage money.

    It wasn’t that difficult to see from the very beginning something was very wrong with Frank McSaint. He didn’t have the money to buy the team, so Bud let him in on borrowed money. Not good. The man made his fortune, such that is is, in real estate. Hows that market doing these days? More borrowed money, more deferred contracts and now throw in a divorce. I said early and often this was going to end badly, and it would appear there is no other way it can end. Even if this numb-nuts gets the Fox contract he is begging for most of the money is going right out the door. The Dodgers are destined for mediocrity and it just frosts my toasties that more people, especially my good friend Mark, could not see this coming.

  12. Dusto says:

    (Again, not winning any fans.)

    There are things we did know about this team. The left field platoon was a joke. First base was likely to be a black hole in offensive production. The starting pitching would be strong, and the bull-penn would be strong. I guess I was wrong on the bull-penn part.

    The Juan Uribe and Matt Gurrier signings were overrated, Casey Blake was over the hill and the catching situation would not look pretty.

    The few surprises has been the success of the youth, Jamey Carroll, and the injuries! We knew this team would be bad, but not this bad and not this unhealthy.

    We did know this offense would struggle to score runs and that alone would keep them from being contenders. We are still short two bats (1B, LF) at least and a competent GM. A J Ellis should be the regular backup, and Barajas and Dioner aren’t worth half of what they are getting paid.

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Broxton’s Bunny Soul — great and interesting article above.


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