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The Liar & The Jackass

Frank McCourt:   Pleadingly pledged that none of the money he received from FOX would go to him or Jamie.  Reality:  Fank intended to use a substantial amount of that money for personal use.

Verdict:  He’s a Liar!  He’s “self-convicted.” 

Ned Colletti:  Signed Jason Schmidt without a physical.  How did that work out?  Signed Jon Garland the same way.  Looks like deja vu all over again.  Andrew Jones, Juan Pierre, Octavio Dotel, Ted Lilly, Juan Uribe,  Casey Blake, et al.

Verdict:  He’s a Jackass!

The house needs cleaned.  Frank and Ned – You are Fired!

My rope is longer than most, but you have proven you are not about the right thing.

Peace out!

… or maybe I should say “PEACE OFF!”

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24 Responses to “The Liar & The Jackass”

  1. Russell Grant says:

    I think fornicate off fits better! The top of the house needs to be scoured and soon!

  2. youbetterthinkagain says:

    Hello there, Sore Shoulder Blogger, welcome back!

    Sore Shouldered Blogger: Praised himself and bombastically claimed to have inside information. Only to be found out to have nothing that everyone knew.

    The Verdict: He’s a liar and was only kidding himself.

    Sore Shouldered Blogger: Proudly and boastfully proclaimed that MLB would approve Fox TV deal and McCourt was likely to remain the owner of the Dodgers while all others knew differently.

    The Verdict: He is a self=promoting Jackass.

    Sore Shouldered Blogger: Always claims to be tough and willing to stand up to anyone.

    The Verdict: Probably deletes this post because he isn’t tough and isn’t even willing to stand up to rightly deserved criticism (that he has only brought upon himself due to a massive ego).

    Now, I know some of you get pissed at me for calling this Sore Shouldered Blogger out. The truth is, if he would just be decent and not spend so much time abrasively propping himself up as some kind of genius, I would actually lay off. Sadly, some just don’t learn their lessons and make simple changes to their approach in life, so they constantly have to get the “2 x 4 between the jackass’ eyes” treatment.

    I agree it is time to clean house, if Frank goes it is time for Ned to go, or so it appears. Ned has seemed to bypass tradition methods of evaluating players, like a simple physical exam to see if a player is even fit medically speaking. And you really have to wonder about the signings of the Andrew Jones and the Jason Schmidts of this game. It is time for Ned to take his awesome toupee and head out of town with both of the McCourts. It reminds me of politics, while someone’s intent may be good, it is the actually results that should be measured. I’m sure Ned meant well and wanted to do the best he could, the problem is his results just stunk and continue to get even more stinky with each passing day (Hmmm, reminds me of the crap going on in DC). Sorry Ned but it is time to start packing up the belongings and get ready for the moving van to arrive (again reminds me of DC). And to my Sore Shoulder Blogger, your intentions may be good but it is time for you to pack up the bombastic self-promotion and see yourself as the rest of the world sees you. Peace Out.

  3. Badger says:

    Why RC? thinkagain is right.

    Maybe he shouldn’t be so nasty with his posts, but everything he just said is right on the money. Mark was as wrong as wrong could be about this whole mess. In fact, he has been wrong about McCockcroach since the bug first slithered under the door 7 years ago. It’s only now that he has figured out that those of us who tried to tell him about McDirt were right. All that “inside information” he claimed to have didn’t help him get this one figured out.

    I still say it wasn’t all that difficult to read this guy. He reminds me so much of the politicians and bankers in this nation. Just keep smiling and bullshittin. Use OPM, lie and steal from the middle class and somehow down the road use your team of high priced lawyers to twist the law and get out of the mess. Frank and Jamie McCourt are a glaring example of what went wrong with this country. Problem for them is, doesn’t appear to be a bailout there for them.

    Yes, clean house. If you read Dodger Divorce yesterday you know how complicated this thing is. If you haven’t read it, please do. The end game may be to walk away from Dodger Stadium and allow Mark Cuban to build a new complex downtown.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, my Mark Cuban t-shirt arrived in the mail yesterday. It looks great. I will wear it with pride . . . and hope.

    What is a shame about the McCourts — when they arrived in L.A. — if they would have just smiled, gotten an advisor to advise them how to win and keep the team, fans, media, and all in the palm of their hands — smile more — they could have been the wonderful couple of Southern California and proud Dodger owners for decades.

    But they screwed it all up. Greed, self-promotion, and my pay grade will not allow me to go to other words.


  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Looking at N.L. pitching stats to see about Kershaw and how he compares with others in the league for the All-Star Team —

    I noticed that Sherrill is pitching for Atlanta with an ERA of only 2.33. 28 games, 19.1 innings, 17 hits, only 5 runs, 1 HR, 5 walks, and 22 Ks. Now, why did he not do that here at the end?

    On All-Star selections — Kemp yes, Kershaw and Ethier — Maybe!! But for several years now, bunches of players selected with try to get out of going. Thus, opening more slots.

    If both of these guys get hot for the next week or two — their chances are up.

  6. Badger says:

    I can’t help but wonder how difficult it is for these players to concentrate with the circus that is going on around them. I am sure Martin and Sherrill, and the others that escaped are all breathing a bit easier now. The air that surrounds the Dodgers in L.A. is thick and foul.

    The McCourts are who they are Roger. They were who they were when they slithered into town. Shame on Bud for not seeing this one coming. At first I thought (still do actually) he did this to the Dodgers on purpose because of his connections to other teams in the NL. He did not want the Dodgers to become the West Coast Yankees, which easily could have happened with the right owner. Instead we get this grease ball.

    I didn’t order that shirt yet Roger but I am glad you did. Take a picture and post it here for us.

    I don’t see Ethier as an All Star. Too many good hitting outfielders in the league. We will get Kemp and Kershaw and that will be it.

    Buyers or sellers? Or neither?

  7. Anonymous says:

    YBTA…good post, with the last paragraph. But, sadly, yes “some of us” including me are sick of you railing at Mark with the same I’m always right mentality that you claim he displays.
    The sooner we can be rid of McCourt, regardless of the land and stadium mess, the better. I agree, it’s Kemp and Kershaw as the only all-stars and I don’t think Ethier, or anyone else on the team is playing All-Star caliber ball.
    Have to be sellers at the break. Deal Kuroda, either Lilly or Garland if he can come back and there’s any kind of market for him. And I think you look at moving Ethier as well if you can get big time prospects for him. With Furcal and Blake as possible movers as well…..The whole team should be available, except for Kemp, Kershaw and our youngsters. At the break you find possible contenders to overpay for mediocre players, or maybe that’s just Ned! There’s no way we finish more than 5 games over .500, which is probably a pipe dream as well!

  8. Corey says:

    Sorry, the post above is mine…wasn’t signed in I guess

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Has it not been years or even ever that the Dodgers have been sellers????

    It means pretty much a total re-build the next season.

    If Kuroda, Lilly, Garland go, add Ethier, Furcal, Blake, etc.

    Then, who ever is GM has to find like 3 starters, unless Rubby, Clayton, Chad are three for next season. But that means 2 to 3 more arms.

    Ethier goes, fine, then two more outfielders that are not prospects for next season. Two outfielders that can play now.

    Fixing 3b and 2b and catcher.

    Or, is this with prospects and a re-building over several seasons? That will not work, folks want a contender next season.

  10. Badger says:

    There is no 3b in the system – right? Outfielders we got, though not sure how well TRob and Sands will be, they have earned a shot at it. SS looks covered, Uribe we are stuck with unless we find a buyer, and with a deferred Jed contract hanging around his neck I doubt there will be many takers. If they do, they don’t give much in return. Same situation with Barajas and Lilly. Ethier will get more than $10 mil in arbitration so he is a candidate. Loney? Who knows.

    Nobody knows what is going to happen with this team as it all depends how stubborn McCheesedip is. He could drag a rebuild out for years. And he would do it just for spite, he is that lacking in conscience.

    It’s my hope that once McAsswipe is gone, and the rebuild is in process, the fans of L.A. will start showing up again, sending the new owner, whoever it is (Cuban) the message that we are still here.

    And Corey, all Mark has to do is come in here and admit he was wrong and apologize for personally attacking a few regular posters and I think all will be forgiven. I could be wrong about that, but, to quote Bugsy Siegel “everyone deserves a fresh start once in a while”.
    Even Frankie McObloquy, just take it somewhere else Paco.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, using TRob and Sands only makes this team .500 again.

    Dee at SS, fine, but must add something in the infield.

    Talk about Loney, keep or sell?? If sell, not Sands at first, but a real major league player like Fielder.

    Boy, is this whole thing a mess. If the Commissioner does take the club away from McCourt, it really could take months and months to find and transfer legal power to a new buyer. Well past Spring Training. The roster will be a mess.

    Lets say that Kuroda and either Garland or Lilly are traded for prospects. That is 2 new pitches to find in later trades or free agents.

    Lets say Blake, Furcal, and either Carroll or Miles can be moved for prospects. Being stuck with Uribe, he is either 2nd or 3b. So a new one will be needed. Don’t even say De Jesus at 2b — a real player is needed.

    Catcher. I want a real catcher.

    There is just too many positions the Dodgers need to fill in a fire sale.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Reading between my lines above — I do not want to go into next season with:

    Sands, TRob, De Jesus, and the present catching situation as starters. Add Dee to that — and it is no better than this season. Other teams will just be plain better.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not even going to try to figure out what the Dodgers will look like next year. Too many variables, especially as long as the ownership situation remains in limbo. But if the Dodgers were able to add a big bat like Fielder (or similar player), then I have no problem having a combination of Gordon, Sands, TRob, or DeJesus in the lineup. I’ll assume for the time being that Gordon is a lock. If that’s the case, I have no problem also playing Sands and/or TRob in the outfield, keeping in mind that having Kemp and Fields in the order (and for now I should probably include Ethier) takes a lot of pressure off the younger players. Throw in a good catcher and third baseman, and the younger players would have some room to grow. But again, the number of potential variables, makes it impossible to come up with anything concrete at this time.

    For me it’s simply a matter of getting rid of McShame, and then figuring out what combination of vets and youngsters is best. And when it comes to judging a player like Sands, people shouldn’t rush to judgment. He may turn out to be a bust, but also remember that Mike Schmidt (that’s Hall of Famer Michael Jack Schmidt) only hit .196 in his rookie season, and that’s with several hundred ABs. Who on this site would have wanted him back the following season?

    I’m not worried about replacing Kuroda, or anyone for that matter. Keep in mind that the Dodgers are going to lop off some significant payroll after this season (e.g., Furcal, Blake, Kuroda, etc., etc., etc.). Maybe they’ll even lose some of their deferred payments. And besides, under new ownership money probably wouldn’t be a huge issue. In fact, any well heeled new owner is likely to spend, if only to attract the fans back. An attendance boost to 4 million isn’t out of the question.

    I’m not worried about the Stadium being held by McCourt. That would only drop the price for the team. What worries me is the issue of McVomit having rights to game revenues if he doesn’t sell everything. My best guess is that MLB would not allow team assets to be separated, doing so in the best interests of baseball, and in conformance with their constitution/bylaws.

    Finally, I don’t think we have seen all the S_ _ _ that’s going to hit the fan. I still believe that the report that will come out of the investigation of the Dodgers, will cover more than just their financial condition. I suspect that it was a very thorough investigation, and that it might well be loaded with some bombshells (maybe even some stuff that can be used by the IRS). It goes back to what I’ve been saying about MLB dotting it’s “i’s” and crossing it’s “t’s”. I even saw a piece this morning regarding the handling of the Dodger charities, and how funds were diverted to Jamie McCourt, and exorbitant administrative salaries. Apparently McCourt paid back some money in the face of an investigation by the California AG. And rest assured, he wouldn’t have paid back a dime unless they had the goods on him.

    McLiar may have a few things up his slimy sleeves, but something tells me that MLB has more than a few incriminating nuggets that they will be laying on the table. It shouldn’t be too much longer before this all begins to play out.

  14. Kevin says:

    Mark, are you just making stuff up now? WOW!!! You can’t finalize any contract without having a player take a physical. Garland took one, and the Dodgers knew his arm was a concern which is why we got him on a 1 year contract. It’s hard to take you serious when you write garbag like that!!

    Please read the article below regarding Schmidt.

    Pay close attention to the part that says “Before we sign anybody, they’re run through a pretty strong physical”

    Now this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a DUMB signing but your just not speaking the truth brother.

  15. youbetterthinkagain says:

    Well said Badger, I think you appreciate what I am actually saying regarding Mr. Timmons, in fact it is worthy of a repeat, so I will quote you, “And Corey, all Mark has to do is come in here and admit he was wrong and apologize for personally attacking a few regular posters and I think all will be forgiven. I could be wrong about that, but, to quote Bugsy Siegel “everyone deserves a fresh start once in a while”.

    I like to hear what others say and actually enjoy the conversation. I’m actually a nice guy, but I have to admit I call bullshit when I see bullshit. I guess I am just too old to let non-sense get a pass as truth. Everyone can make mistakes and mis-call or mis-interpret things, but it should be done with some humility and class, not just be rammed down everyone’s throat with such over the top pride and nastiness. Tone it down and show some class Mr. Timmons and I’m cool with what you have to say, heat it up and act like a jackass and I will bring out the 2 x 4, it’s pretty simple really.

    It really is a crying shame what has happened to this franchise since the O’Malleys left, not one owner or ownership group has seemed to even give a real damn about Dodgers or the Dodger fans. I actually think that a guy like Mark Cuban does give a damn once he gets involved in an organization. Yes, he likes to make money, who doesn’t, but he is passionate and involved and actually bleeds for his team. If Cuban becomes the owner, I really think you will see a guy that will have to wipe Dodger Blue blood off his face if he cuts himself shaving. I think he would be wonderful for the city. Also, he has gone through his learning curve of being an owner of a major sports franchise and now is a respected owner in the NBA. He comes to LA and we gain a mature owner committed to building championships, you see, he realizes that winners put butts in the seats, butts in the seats make money, making money makes it fun, Mark Cuban likes to have fun.

  16. The Glass Is Now Empty says:

    OK..OK…..everyone has had their say…Please do not let this go where it went a few months ago…..A lot of well thought out posts in here…please let’s not let it get personal again…..PLEASE

  17. youbetterthinkagain says:

    And I was hoping that Whitey Bulger would be part of the new ownership group, it couldn’t be worse than what we have been getting for the last 20 years.

    I know I am shocked to hear that the McCourts are scumbags in their “charitable causes”. The only charity they are concerned with are the McCourts.

  18. Badger says:

    Notta to worry Glass. It would appear that the personal attacks on posters has stopped. Mark still gets punched now and then, 1. he has it coming and B. he can take it. This whole McCreep saga has been hard on Dodger fans, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon, so, we have a lot to go through yet. As fans, we should try our best to stick together during these hard times. That’s my opinion anyway.

    Interesting story on Bulger wasn’t it? Hiding in plain sight.

    I think there will be a lot more Brooklyn. This will go on for months. If only Frank could see, and be able to do, the right thing. He just isn’t built for it.

    dbacks win again. First place. Good for them.

  19. chucky says:


    Fielder – 1B
    Uribe – 2B
    Dee – SS
    A. Ramirez ? – 3B
    TRob – LF/CF
    Kemp – CF/RF
    Either – RF/LF
    Mark Timmons – C (he would probably do as well as any free agent on the market

    Carroll (resign him)
    Miles (resign him)
    Gwynn (defensive)
    Jaret Massey ??? – backup catcher
    anyone with a bat ??? – backup outfielder/Left pitch hitter

    Kuroka (one more year)
    De la Rosa
    Lilly ???

    Kuo (he will be back)

  20. Badger says:

    Why would Fielder choose L.A.?

  21. jerry says:

    bills only a 5 inning pitcher..i have chartered him..he start to struggle in the 5 th..and then usually get hit like hell in the 6th..but pitching coach hunny .does see it..he can t even teach broxton a new pitch.


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