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Frank McCourt’s Shoes

OK, this far-fetched, but put yourselves into Frank McCourt’s size 10-1/2′s for a minute. 

You are hated almost as bad as… well you know who.  You have no BIS (that’s “butts in seats”), which means that you are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a game and you haved a short time to make something happen to change that.  MLB is plotting your demise.  The fans are rejoicing in it.  The press is crucifying you on every page and even that guy at LAdodgerTalk who people said (wrongfully) supported you is now calling for your head.

If you are Frank, you know that insanity is doing the same thing and thinking you will get different results.  Frank doesn’t have much hope, but there is one crazy, way-out, wild thing that he might be able to do to turn this thing around – QUICK!

This plan would have to be bold and executed quickly.  Here’s my 5-Step Plan for Frank to turn this around:

  1. Fire Ned Colletti (that’s a given) – How would this lineup look with Carlos Santana and James McDonald right about now?
  2. Name Logan White interim GM.
  3. Trade Juan Uribe to the Giants for a prospect (hey, it’s not my idea – others are reporting it).
  4. Trade that prospect, Dee Gordon,  Trayvon Robinson and Chris Withrow to the Mets for Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes (Bud’s buddy Fred could use the salary relief and the Dodgers have prospects the Mets need). 
  5. Send James Loney to Seattle for Chone Figgins.

This would be the Dodgers’ lineup then:

  1. Reyes  SS
  2. Figgins  3B
  3. Furcal  2B
  4. Kemp  CF
  5. Ethier  RF
  6. Beltran  LF
  7. Sands  1B
  8. Barajas/Navarro/Ellis  C

Devastating speed at the top.  Raffy doesn’t have to steal.  Figgins would bloom back in LA.  Ethier would do well in front of Beltran (who can still hit) and Sands should hold his own.

Exciting baseball returns to LA.  The Dodgers start winning.  Butts are put in seats and every fan returns (except Badger who became a D-Back’s fan).

What?  Huh?   Oh!  OK… now I’m awake…. who wrote that?

Of course MLB could say “NO!”

Correction:  “Would” say NO!

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17 Responses to “Frank McCourt’s Shoes”

  1. garduno says:

    I have an idea. Seize the team and leave Frank the parking lot and the land. Move the Dodgers back to the Coliseum…. immediately. Let Frank default on all of his debt on Chavez Ravine… Purchase the land back at the foreclosure sale… you get the picture. I’m sure City Council can be persuaded not to approve any development in Chavez Ravine for McCourt given his current track record. In fact, and immediate loss of revenue could force a tax sale as I believe he is already in the hole on his property taxes. I feel much better just dreaming about it. Have a good night folks.

    • kaynla says:

      I’m with you, garduno. The only way to save the Dodgers is to move them out of Dodger Stadium, aka Chavez Ravine. Let Fwank keep that and figure out what he will do with it, minus a major league team, ticket sales and TV rights. Hah. That would be sweet, going to baseball games at the Coliseum again.

      Chavez Ravine should go back to the descendants of the people who were kicked out of there in the first place. I’m not usually so soft-headed but I can’t get that one last lady out of my mind, who refused to move. You have to admit, it’s a lovely site.

      I am dreaming too….

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    He’d still be hated after that deal. And even more so when the Reyes RENTAL leaves after the season for greener pastures elsewhere (as I’m sure you know, Reyes will be a free agent after this season). And Gordon will put on about 15 – 20 pounds and added muscle over the winter, and develop into a star with the Mets. In fact, over time he might even help them forget about Reyes. I think Beltran also might be a free agent after this season, so say goodbye to him also. And besides, why would the Dodgers want his rickety knees?

    Better idea. Wait until the free agent season, and sign Reyes without giving up any prospects. All it takes is money, the same money, by the way, that he would need to sign Reyes over the winter in both scenarios. And Chone Figgins is a good idea. I’m sure Frank could afford his added salary after getting that $60,000,000 loan, and the $90,000,000 that may follow it. Oh wait, isn’t that money supposed to be used to pay off creditors? Well, I’m sure Frank could convince the bankruptcy judge to allow him to spend some of it to sign players he can’t afford, so he can then declare bankruptcy again when he can’t pay them.

    Forget it. It’s almost 12:30 A.M. here in NY. I’m tired after a long day. Besides, you’re right, MLB would say NO. In fact, maybe they’ll have seized the team before any of this can happen.

    Also, Frank probably has as good a chance of changing minds about himself as Stalin has of being declared a saint.

  3. Badger says:

    What garduno said.

    It’s good to see Mark back doing what he does best – dreaming of Dodger Blue getting better.

    None of those things are going to happen of course. What will happen is slowly but surely this current teams gets sucked into the black hole that has become the McCourt ownership. He has proven to be exactly what his reputation says he is – unlikeable, a charlatan, a fraud, a con artist, a mountebank, an impostor, an operator that made bank on OPM, a horrible business partner that eventually will turn on all those close to him and sue the living sh*t out of everyone within subpoena distance.

    He is despicable and everyone now knows it. Just hold out people, though not soon enough, it will eventually be over.

    Yeah, I am following the dbacks and rooting for them Mark. I like the Rockies too. Any team but the hated gints.

  4. The Bunny Rabbit inside Broxton's Soul says:

    Mountebank…. haha

  5. MillaBlue says:

    First of all, McCourt has no one but himself to blame so I can’t sympathize with him. His tremendous ego is his demise. I would say he is fairly unstable mentally at this juncture. It’s like trying to hold on to a girlfriend that already has a restraining order against you.

    Secondly, this wouldn’t put anyone in the seats. It would take weeks for the team to gel. Would be too little too late in terms of the playoff picture. And you are saddled with Reyes bolting and a declining Beltran? No thanks.

    The best thing to do is trade Uribe and Kuroda if possible and look to the future. Poor Mattingly. He deserves better than this bs.

  6. Badger says:

    Nothing new, but a timeline of the McCheesey ownership.

    Note the initial mention of $390M debt – Feb. 2010. Wonder what it is up to now?

    “It’s like trying to hold on to a girlfriend that already has a restraining order against you.”

    Well put.

    Why isn’t Frank selling? There must be a strategy that will allow him to get more from MLB, and more for the team, by doing all this posturing. Who would have ever believed that in a negotiation Bud Selig would look like the good guy?

  7. Bobbie17 says:

    The team should stand pat, develop its young players and devise a system where
    its young pitching prospects are taught how to PITCH NOT THROW, and, most
    of all stay healthy. This crisis will pass, and when it is over, the team will still be
    The Dodgers and will still be in LA. We need to figure out how to develop successful major league pitchers out of the draft. Billingsley doesn’t count because
    in my opinion, he is not “successful.” Kershaw would we #3 on the Giants and
    #4 on the Phillies. The minor league pitching system needs to be revamped with
    better coaches, better conditioning systems. I think Double A has a respected
    pitching coach, and he should be elevated to the big team. Take our lumps this
    season, get a new owner , and play ball!

  8. Gonzo says:

    In my opinion, the Dodgers need to SELL SELL SELL (no pun intended Frank)

    Neddy needs to make a list of all contending teams and offer Raffy, Uribe, Kuroda, Carrol, Barrajas, Loney, Ethier and if the price is right Billingsly.

    Ethier is not going to stay in LA folks and I wish that the Dodgers don’t wait to long and won’t be able to cash in while his value is high (The Dodgers waited too long with Kuo and Broxton) and while having Bills doesn’t suck, I wouldn’t mind moving him if the Dodgers are overwhelmed.

    Free the kids

    • kaynla says:

      Ethier definitely is not going to stay. His eyes are on greener pastures and, like you, I don’t blame any player who bails and wish them the best in their careers.

      Having said that, I truly wish we could hang on to Kemp and Kershaw. The way things look now, I don’t put all my hope in that, though.

      We could see mass exodus, depending on how things go, and if Logan White is not promoted to GM, pronto.

  9. Badger says:

    The lumps will be took Bobbie. No way around that. In addition to the obvious choices in mid season moves, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dodgers move the guys that they can’t afford to keep. That list could include Kemp. We could get several young, affordable for years, exciting young players for both Ethier and Kemp. They are likely gone anyway. If I were their agents, I would be looking around. The problem in my mind is, who does the negotiating on the deals? Ned? Oh crap, I just can’t trust his judgment. And considering the legal stay that is currently on the Dodgers, what kind of moves will be they be able to make?

    Teams will be jockeying starting now. Tomorrow is July. Nothin’ much gonna happen with the Dogs until the 20th – right? How do we know what they are thinking? McCourt and Jed might as well be gagged cuz they ain’t talking.

    This sucks.

  10. Gonzo says:

    I think that Kemp will stay in LA. He is to Hollywood to go somewhere els and this place is a fit for him. I think if the Dodgers show him the money as soon as this owner debacle is done he will stay. 12-15 mil a year for 5-7 years would do it I’d think.

  11. Badger says:

    Kemp would be huge in New York. In that Yankee lineup, in that park, he could hit 40 steal 40, be the toast of the town and make $20 mil a year for the next decade. That won’t happen here unless we get our own tv network and Cubanesque owner.

    The players have no allegiance to Los Angeles or the Dodgers. Most of them are from somewhere else. Ethier is from Arizona, Kemp is from Oklahoma, Kershaw is from Texas. They don’t give a rusty red rat’s ass about Hollywood. They want the money. If it isn’t here, they will go where it is.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    What they said……

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “The players have no allegiance to Los Angeles or the Dodgers. Most of them are from somewhere else. Ethier is from Arizona, Kemp is from Oklahoma, Kershaw is from Texas. They don’t give a rusty red rat’s ass about Hollywood. They want the money. If it isn’t here, they will go where it is.”

    Which is why McCourt must go. With him around the Dodgers would spend money like they did this past winter, but would likely not make competitive offers to Kemp, Kershaw, or any other premier free agents, Dodgers or otherwise. And besides, with McCourt still around, and money available elsewhere, why would any sane player with value to other teams choose to sign with a team run by the most disreputable owner in the game. Maybe there would be some exceptions, but in general the Dodgers would not be a desirable destination for most players with options to choose from.

  14. Thank god for Bud Selig and MLB finally waking up to McCourt’s many financial and personal problems. McCourt is actively de-valuing the team, and even when the fans are leaving in droves he insists on taking the team with him.

    I think Mark just doesn’t want to be wrong about supporting McCourt he’s had his ass up McCourt’s ass for years

  15. Badger says:

    “I think Mark just doesn’t want to be wrong about supporting McCourt he’s had his ass up McCourt’s ass for years”

    Did you mean he had his head up McCourt’s ass for years? That would make more sense.

    Yeah Brooklyn, you ask a good question – why would the good players come here? Not with McCourt as owner. I wouldn’t under these circumstances, but then, I am not a good player so, what I think doesn’t mean a whole lot.

    McCourt must go. Everyone but him realizes that.


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