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Finally the right moves

Juan Castro is a good dude  – maybe he can still play – and most likely he’ll get picked up by a team in need of a utility man.  He just can’t play in LA.

Jamie Pedroza and Dee Gordon warm up.

Jay Gibbons was a feel good story – maybe he can help some some team – and maybe he’ll get picked up… or not.  He just can’t play in LA.  Not now!

I think there’s a few other players who should fall into that category too.  It’s too early to throw in the towel, because this being baseball, anything can happen, but players like Blake, Loney, Broxton, Uribe, Thames, Gwynn, Lilly, Kuroda and others should be shopped.

Ned Colletti says that Dee Gordon has the tools to play in the majors.  I believe that. 

Don Mattingley says he’s going to play every day.  I believe that too. 

I also believe that you will have to be patient with him.  He will probably lead off and he will do some thrilling and maddening things.  You will be amazed at his speed and you will be stumped by his blunders (remember Matt Kemp?).  You will see him get to balls in LF NOBODY, I mean NOBODY else would get, and then uncork a throw out of the stadium.   He certainly has the range to play SS.  His arm is above average - not great, but he’ll get stronger and maybe that’s the ticket.

I just wonder if we will see this lineup this season:

  1. Gordon  SS
  2. Robinson  LF
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Kemp  CF
  5. Sands  1B
  6. Uribe 3B
  7. Ellis C
  8. DeJesus  2B
  9. De La Rosa  P

At least, we’ll probably see #1 and #9 tonight.  It should be fun!

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3 Responses to “Finally the right moves”

  1. Badger says:

    “Don Mattingley says he’s going to play every day. I believe that too.”

    Good idea. I’ll bet he can still hit better than half this roster.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, pretty much agree with most of what you said. Over the long haul I have my doubts about TRob, but I’ve been wrong before (I care not to count how many times).

    If we have an owner (be it McCourt, or anyone else) who is willing to spend money this winter, then maybe my hallucination of having Jose Reyes at short and Gordon at 2B could become a reality. Just the thought of their range in the infield and speed at the top of the order makes me drool like a baby. Of course, as you well know, I don’t think that owner can really be McCourt, but that’s another discussion.

    I don’t know what will be available over the winter with respect to outfielders (via trade or free agency), but I would consider shopping Ethier as well. He’s still a very good hitter, but his power is down, and his success rate against lefthanders is disturbing. He will also be 30 next year, so it’s not as if we’d be moving a young stud. And he’s no longer cheap. At least it’s something to think about.

  3. jersey dodger says:

    I agree about shopping those players although I find it hard to believe a team would pick up Uribe. As for the call up, I’m pretty excited to see what Dee can do and being I live about 40 min from philly I might have to drive out to the game tonight and put up with the scum bag phillies fans, but that’s another story. Bk dodgers has an interesting post pairing Dee and Reyes at 2nd and 3rd and throw in Fielder or Puljos as well. Haha yea I can dream right?


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