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Sunday Rants & Raves

I have been extremely busy the past week, but generally manage to check in here daily.  Here’s my two cents on the State of the Dodgers and other stuff:

  • Down deep, Bin Laden is a good guy!
  • The Dodgers seem very distracted as a team and Don Mattingly does not seem to be a soothing voice – maybe it’s just me.
  • I read that JeffPentland is the Dodgers hitting coach.  Really?  When does he start?
  • James McDonald has been doing a pretty good impression of a starting pitcher – I never thought he’d be a good starter – Good Reliever, Yes!
  • Andre Ethier had a 30 game hitting streak during which he was seldom a game-changer.  Today, he was a game-changer.
  • Jamey Carroll is all that and more.  The dude is just a baller.
  • Who stole the Lakers uniforms and played the Mavs?  Unbelievable!   What a fall!  Time to “blow it up?”
  • Why does Ivan DeJesus, Jr. rot on the bench – What’s in Donnies’ head?
  • Russ Mitchell?  Please!
  • Last week, I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about when I posted an article from Gonzo where at the end I suggested the Dodgers might be better served building downtown.  This week, Yahoo Sports suggested the same thing.  Someone said that since I wasn’t from LA, I didn’t know anything.  I do think it is worth considering, at the very least.   Now, who’s the moron?
  • I still maintain that unless MLB finds wrongdoing, Frank McCourt will be hard to oust.  In fact, watch for a “game changer” in this saga sometime in the next ten days.  Be prepared for a shock!
  • In the same vein – could Frank try and keep the Ravine if forced to sell the Dodgers?   Sometimes I think that Bud is going to be shocked by this character.
  • Raffy might be back by the 15th to the 20th!
  • If Jon Broxton isn’t hurt, he’s a dud.  If he is hurt, he’s just a stupid moron for not telling the staff sooner.  Either way, he’s a mental midget!
  • Matt Kemp looks tired.
  • James Loney looks disinterested, unmotivated and lethargic.  I’m not saying he is – just the way it appears.
  • Russ Martin is quietly having a nice season after re-discovering the work-ethic he lost for a couple of years.
  • Zach Lee would seem to be headed to AA soon.
  • Josh Lindblom has righted his ship.  He got his 5th save today.  He could be in LA this year.
  • Could Shawn Tolleson be in AAA by year-end?
  • T-Rob deserves a shot at the Show.
  • Andre’s Defense is much improved this year.
  • Peace-out!

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2 Responses to “Sunday Rants & Raves”

  1. ray guilfoyle says:

    I hope to see McCourt ousted soon….so we can have a new owner by the fall.
    Re: Tolleson and Lindblom….I think we are developing the bullpen of the future in the minors.
    Let;s not forget about Garret Gould who threw 6 shutout innings today giving up just two hits and K’ing 7. Great story.
    The LAD farm system appears to be improving in a big way this season…Lee, Gordon, Tray, Sands, Gould, Webster, Tolleson, and others in the low minors.

  2. Badger says:

    I am not surprised by Martin’s revival. I said going to a team like the Yankees would be good for him.

    bin Laden is just misunderstood.

    “I still maintain that unless MLB finds wrongdoing” – so… you still don’t see any wrong doing? You aren’t looking hard enough.

    I have a friend who just suggested McCourt should be buried at sea. I hope you are wrong about McCourt Mark. All of L.A., all of baseball, and most of the free world would benefit by his disappearance.

    James McDonald by himself is worth more than two Dotels and a couple of Anthony Jacksons. Throw in a Lambo and the Dogs got royally screwed – again.

    Raffy remains made of glass. So he comes back? How long will he last?


    Loney should be drugged tested. I think somebody is slipping Oxycontin into his morning coffee. Was it Rushbo? He has plenty of the stuff.

    At least we have an answer to the Broxton question. Was it because he was Torre’d? Don’t know the answer to that, but we do know he is damaged goods.

    The Lakers embarrassed themselves and all of L.A.. Not a good time for Los Angeles. And, many psychics are predicting the big one this month. It’s just not a good year for L.A..

    Note to everyone not from L.A. – Dodger Stadium IS in Los Angeles. If you look out the back door, that is the L.A. skyline right there. The Civic Center is about a par 5 distance from the Chavez Ravine parking lot. No need to move the stadium. How about you invest a few million in upgrades? Oh yeah, the lawyers and ex-wives come first.

    Though there does seem to be some improvement in the farm system (though one might argue, how do improve on “Organization of the Year”?) there does not appear to be anyone who can help any time soon. Sands was the BMOC hero at AAA and he has not fared well at the varsity level. “Jerry Jerry he’s the man, if he can’t do it… nobody can.” Get ready children, the adults in the room aren’t getting the job done.


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