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Something is broken-down

  • Is is the broken-down way that Ned picks players?

    "Give me 9 Juan Uribes."

  • Is it just broken-down players?
  • Is it a broken-down training regimen?

The Dodgers look like a M.A.S.H. unit.  What’s the problem?  Is it Ned Colletti and his proclivity for picking aging broken-down players or is it the fault of the training staff?  Oh, Ned did pick Stan Conte who is the head trainer, so I guess all fingers point to Ned.  The Dodgers HAVE to go deep into the post-season to save Ned’s job whether or not Frank McCourt continues to own the team.  If they continue down this path, Ned could be gone much sooner that people think.

I was all for giving Ned time to prove what his deals would look like.   I did not rush to judgement.  But the election returns are starting to come in and the incumbent isn’t looking so good.

Yeah, Ned “swindled” Billy Beane out of Andre Eithier (who by the way is looking more and more like a #2 hitter than anything), and Jamey Carroll has been a nice signing, but most of the others have been a train-wreck.   I’m not just just talking abo0ut trades, but also free agent signings.  Juan Uribe is looking more and more like a gigantic (I mean that in every way) mistake.

As I write this, Carlos Santana is hitting .216 and James McDonald has a 5.51 ERA – both have shown flashes of being very good and if they are, the indictment on Ned will balloon.

Maybe it’s the training staffs ineptitude.  Maybe it’s the coaches who have failed to teach these guys how to hit.  Maybe it’s the manager who is too green to be effective.  However, Ned hand-picked them all so everything points back to the G.M.

Ned has to win – THIS YEAR!  That doesn’t seem likely considering the ensemble of Punch-and-Judy Hitters he has assembled.

On the current roster, which players do you want going forward?  I can only count a few:

  1. Kershaw
  2. Kemp
  3. Jansen
  4. Billingsley
  5. Sands (and that’s only based upon promise)

Ned, this is no way to build a team.

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26 Responses to “Something is broken-down”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Didn’t Ned sign a long term contract, the details of which were never publicly released or leaked? If so, I doubt if Ned is in trouble with the current ownership. New ownership is a different story.

  2. Badger says:

    I thought you were a Ned fan Mark?

    Colletti was hired as the anti-DePodesta. Ned is a gints trained GM, and when he was up there the goal was to surround Barroidal Bonzabol with adequate, but cheap veteran players who knew how to play subordinate but complimentary ball. That is what he did when he came here….Saito, Blake, Hudson, Jones, Schmidt, Pierre – having Ramirez fall out of the sky and land in Mannywood.

    The Dodgers have no Hulk in the middle of their lineup, but they do have Ethier Loney and Kemp, guys we talked about all winter, and they have adequate if not great pitching. We all knew and talked about how things had to go the Dodgers way for this collection of talent to win. Things have not gone their way.

    Brooklyn of course is right when he says new ownership is a different story. I will say for fortyleventh time, as long as McCourt is owner, we will have on the field exactly what you see going on now.

    So, we wait. The McCourt drama will drag out as long as fans, and MLB, allow it to. In the mean time, what you see is what you get – .500 baseball. Enjoy.

  3. Glass Was Half Full says:

    Badger at this point .500 baseball would be a welcome surprise….This is getting uglier by the day from the top of the organization to the bottom….

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Just like I was on McCourt, I was neutral on Ned, but I think his time has came and went. I think that he bis out either way – If Frank keeps the team, he\’ll need a scapegoat – Ned it the one.

  5. Badger says:

    “but I think his time has came and went”

    Well said my man. I agree. Even though Jed ain’t really the main problem, he is going to have to be went when the time comes.

  6. Mark_Timmons says:

    … and if Frank stays (which means he has a new TV deal and money to spend.. maybe), he will ax Ned. He’s gotta’ go a new direction.

    I have never talked to Logan White about this, nor would I, but I have talked to others very close to the organization and I believe there is a rift between Logan and Ned. I predict that one of them will be gone by year’s end and I hope it’s Ned. Logan is a Dodger – he bleeds Blue. Ned is a mercenary!

  7. DRomo says:

    I think Ned gets a bad rap. And I would have expected a little more thought on this site. It is easy to say this roster is his fault and throw him out with the bath water.

    Ned has done a fantastic job since he has got here with a shoestring budget. Those of you who complain about the Uribe signings, the Garciaparra, Bill Mueller, Ramon Ortiz, etc. signings forget what Ned had to deal with. ZERO BUDGET!! He had to go shopping at the bargain bin because he was given no money to spend by McCourt. Yet with all that he has been successful more times than not.

    Hell, if you were a free agent would you sign with the Dodgers? I wouldn’t (and I love the Dodgers!) With the ownership situation, the lasck of a supporting cast and an uncertain future, you would likely get stuck here and be miserable. So if you are Ned how do you sell LA? Someone explain that? All you smart guys here, explain what Ned could have done to draw talent here without money or assurances that the team had a bright future.

    A new owner will probably clean house. But I will think we should wonder what Ned could have done with money to spend and the ability to be a GM without handcuffs.

    All this sounds like the chatter and critiques I heard about Jim Tracy. With a bone head GM he screwed Tracy at every turn. Yet Tracy kept the club in contention. He was labeled a bad manager and fired. Look at him now. 1 manager of the year award later and a team that finds a way to win much the way he managed here looks like we let another one slip away.

    But hey, what do I know.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Well, I have spent a lot of thought on this and unless you spend like the Yanks and the Red Sox, (maybe the Phillies of late, but only of late), there is no correlation between Championships and payroll, so quit beating that horse – It’s way dead!

      Ned’s biggest problem is that he has no plan. He just tries and patch things. He takes what’s available. That never works. NEVER! I try and not second guess, but how much better would the Dodgers be right now if they hadn’t signed Manny, traded for Blake, traded Santana, signed Pierre and Jones, signed Kuroda, signed Lilly, signed Uribe, not traded for Dotel, etc., etc.,

      I’m not going to waste the time to look it up, but how many teams during Ned’s tenure have better records with less payroll? The Giants won the World Series with less payroll!

      The payroll equation is total BS. Look at two of the best teams in the NFL – The Colt and Patriots. They don’t spend the most money. Look at the Redskins – They do!

      Ned has no plan. You don’t sign the “best player available” – you sign players who fit your plan. Ned has no plan.

      Youngsters? Oldesters? Speed in CF (Pierre), no I need power (Jones)! I’ll sign a guy who we all know has no character (Manny) and he’ll change. Yeah, that worked out well. HE HAS NO PLAN!

      His budget is sufficient. His plan is suspect.

      Plan? What plan?


      • Badger says:

        “The Giants won the World Series with less payroll!”

        Less payroll than who? Not the Dodgers and not the team they beat in the World Series.

        “Ned has no plan.”

        Sure he does. Sign the cheapest most experienced player available and hope like hell the Dodger yountsters come through.

        “there is no correlation between Championships and payroll,”

        One could argue that, especially those fans in cities that have no shot at it – and there are a number of those teams around both leagues. And there is no doubt a correlation between payroll and being able to fill the seats and compete. The teams with the best players will win more than the others, and the best players cost money.

      • CEEEZ/LA says:

        Please dont even compare the NFl to MLB. That’s totally different. In World Soccer, the clubs who win the most are the ones with the highest payroll as well. Barcelona vs Man Utd FInal is a perfect example.

  8. Glass Was Half Full says:

    Uribe to the DL…Furcal activated….

  9. Glass Was Half Full says:

    I agree Romo….Ned has had an anchor or two around his neck since day one…the McCourts!..We may never know what he could do with a strong check book behind him….well a check book that would be spent on the players and not Malibu homes and salaries to family for work not performed!

    I have been a fan since the late 50′s and I am saddened by what has transpired since the McCourts came on board…Even though these are dark days for the Dodgers I am with Badger and will continue to cheer them on in spite of the current conditions. .500 this season would be a surprise to me..

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t blame everything on Ned, because there is no telling what he might have done if given the resources he needed. I wasn’t blogging at the time, but I was definitely opposed to the dismissal of Tracy, and for that matter, Dan Evans. In fact, much of the success of this team can be traced back to Dan Evans, who brought in Logan White to resurrect the farm system.

    And why would McCourt fire Ned? Didn’t he recently say that this was a championship caliber team?

    Meanwhile, I just read that Uribe was feeling discomfort some days before the catch that supposedly caused his injury. Does anyone on this team ever tell the trainer/manager/coaches when they’re not feeling right? Or are they all a bunch of empty headed morons who feel the need to tough out injuries? Something is wrong somewhere.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    To add to what I just said, in 2006 to 2008 the Dodgers outspent the Angels by an average of six million a year and averaged 10 less wins a year. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Badger says:

      “Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

      OK… just did.

      And maybe I am too stoned to get it but all I can come up with is – so what? Neither team won the World Series, they both drew well, Angel fans are happy, they have a good owner and a solid manager and Dodger fans are grumpy as hell and throwing out both inaccurate and meaningless stats on places like this….. 10 less wins a year? How does that relate to championships and BIS revenue?

      OK, I got the munchies, strawberries and Ak-mak crackers sound good right now.

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    This explains it more:

    You can choose not to blame it on Ned, but the figures say otherwise.

  13. Glass Was Half Full says:

    Badger pass that pipe over here……it’s been a long time!

  14. Roger Dodger / AnewBlueDay says:

    Back from the Texas hill country weekend.

    Badger and Brooklyn. Gee, I give you two guy a task over the last three days . . . and you did not deliver. I see one win with lightening in a bottle, one loss, and another one facing them loosing 6 to zip. What is up with this . . .

    So the next Dodger starting lineup is:
    Furcal, Carroll, Loney, Kemp, Barajas, Gibbons, Sands, Mitchell, pitcher slot

    Well, that places fear in the other team’s mind.

    In the 5th inning only Loney and Sands have hits. Ethier is on the bench and Gibbons is the DH — What is up with that?

  15. Badger says:

    Ah Glass Half as it turns out Mark was just tryin’ to peddle ditch weed on us. Been a long time for me too by the way.

    Sorry Roger, I did my best but, nobody on that team can hear me from my recliner here in Sedona. I had some really good ideas too. Don’t recall what they were now, but, I am quite sure they were brilliant.

    Mitchell now below .100. I don’t believe he is going to help much, but good for him being in the bigs. Sands with a couple of doinkers, Loney with a few hits and both Barajas and Ethier appear to be dinged up. It ain’t over yet, I feel a big comeback is on the way.

    I have been on record for a while now that I like Juan Pierre. Yeah, I admit he was overpaid for what he brings, but, an everyday guy that puts the ball in play and can steal bases and score near 100 is something we could use now. Especially considering we are paying the guy over $3 million this year. Who was it we got in return? Oh yeah, the Missing Link and Ely’s Going.

  16. jerry says:

    i agree with mark…there is no plan..we need to get player on the way up , and not over the hill..all our player on the D L are over the hill.., and have you ever looked at the player we let go..they are now star,s on other team.. i think mangement dont know a good player if they saw one.

  17. RogerCraig says:

    Plan. Ned? No connection!

  18. 24fan says:

    Ned keep an eye on your Minor League Team, you have some good players especially High A!!!!!Go Quakes!!!!

  19. bluetrain says:

    I blame Ned for everything.

  20. CEEEZ/LA says:

    Higher Payroll will not guarantee you a World Series but it will give you a better CHANCE to make the playoffs. How many times have the Yankees missed the playoffs? Red Sox? They play in the same division so its harder. The Giants? Cmon guys! Thats bullcrap talk that people use and run with once they win. The Giants were never the favorites to win. They had not won jack shit in a thousand years. I think you need a combination of both. Top 10 Payroll but you have to buy wisely. YOu need good dedicated players that have the hunger to win. Pitching is the key and it would be wiser to spend on that. You need to have balance.

  21. andre says:

    Ned has had his successes: Jamey Carrol, Ethier for Bradley deal, Saito, Guerrier, and Kuroda.

    But these successes, compared to: Uribe signing, Andruw Jones, re-signing Manny for 25$ million a year, Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre (44 million! really), Barajas of the .298 career OBP gets 3 million, trading Carlos Santana for months of Blake, and under Colleti’s watch the dodgers farm system is now bare.

    Colletti is a great GM to sign “seasoned” veterans who are Ned’s kind of guy. But he does not understand OBP (3 mil to Barajas, 7 mill/3y to Uribe). The Dodgers have one of the biggest budgets in all of baseball, and McCourt and Colletti are squandering it.

    McCourt should replace colleti, but he is so unpopular he can’t do anything about it.

    Someone should tell Ned things like OPS, FIP, and WAR.


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