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I’ve Seen Enough of Jerry Sands…

to know that I’d like to see him at 3B next year! Look, you all know he has the arm, and while he doesn’t have great speed, he has “good footwork” which has gotten better every year.

Photo compliments of Roger Dodger

He has a quick glove and great baseball instincts.

Jerry Sands can play 3B.  If the Dodgers are smart, they will teach him to play the position.

LF, RF and 1B are places he can also play, and probably play well, but he can be a very solid 3B.  Maybe he’s not an All-Star Third-Baseman, but maybe (just maybe) he can make us forget Adrian Beltre!

Jerry Sands could be a fixture at third-base for the next dozen years.  Twelve years from now, he might look back and say “remember the year Frank “almost” lost the team?  That was the year I became a third-baseman.”

P.S.  That was a Grand Slam Swing in the photo!

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17 Responses to “I’ve Seen Enough of Jerry Sands…”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Mark I thought Logan already laughed at this idea. The problem I see is when will he get playing time at 3rd? On the job training ususually doesn’t happen in the Major leagues. Maybe if the off season doesn’t go well for the Dodgers finding Casey Blakes replacement or Uribe isn’t pushed into the role, he can play there next spring. Sending him down to the minors to learn the position wouldn’t advance his offense in the Bigs. Rumors are swirling around above the Dodgers letting Loney walk this off season. I bet Sands is on the chalk board for 2012 but they haven’t moved him into a permanent position yet.

  2. Badger says:

    I think Mark is counting on his boy Frankie getting the Fox money and if that happens, Sands could go to first when David Wright and Jose Reyes show up. Then package up all the left fielders we have in the organization and get a guy like Brett Gardner from the Yankees and the team is set.

    Easy peasy.

  3. Mark_Timmons says:


    The Dodgers won\’t non-tender Loney. Heyman is an idiot!

    Logan didn\’t like the idea of Sands at 3B, but he also thought Lindblom was a starter, which I repeatedly told him wasn\’t true. Nobody is always right, but Logan is wrong on this one. |

    Jerry Sands can play 3B!

    And, Logan White is damn smart!

  4. Bobby says:

    the hardest position to play/learn, WHILE IN THE BIG LEAGUES, is catcher and 3b.

    there is no way on earth we should mess with a young kid trying to learn how to hit mlb pitching by throwing him at the toughest position to play and saying “hey, learn this!”, and “oh by the way, hit home runs too”

    better idea is to move ethan martin, who cant pitch worth a damn in single A, back to 3b where he was a stud and groom him to be our 3b and forget beltre.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “remember the year Frank “almost” lost the team?”

    “Almost”. So you already know how it’s going to end.

    Can Jerry Sands learn to play 3B? Maybe. And perhaps he could be really good. And maybe not. You don’t know, I don’t know, and maybe even the Dodgers don’t know.

    If that’s something the Dodgers are thinking about, we’ll probably find out about the time the Dodgers open instructional camp in the Fall. In the meantime, the important thing is to have Sands play everyday in the outfield now (maybe some first base), and get comfortable hitting in the big leagues. And what happens over the winter is probably directly related to the ownership issue.

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    Sands may not have Gwynn type speed but he is way faster than Thames or Gibbons and provides solid defense and a strong arm in left.

    Uribe will be our third sacker for the next 2 years. Although he is a streak hitter, his defense at third is very good.

    So Jerry will either be in left field or first base, depending on what happens with Loney.

  7. Badger says:

    I think I agree with Bobby and Bob. Uribe is signed and is a decent fielder. If he can stay on the field, why not let him play 3rd and leave Sands alone to work on hitting.

    But you know, we could go on and on about what to do to improve this team but like Brooklyn has said, it don’t mean nothin’ until the ownership problems is resolved.

    I still think we should bring IDJ up and let him play second the rest of the year. We only need one back-up infielder so Miles could go.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I also agree with Bobby and Bob. If Sands does have a future at 3B, then the offseason is the time to address that issue. Between the instructional league, the AFL and winter ball there are numerous means of getting Sands familiar with 3B before spring training, if that’s the direction the Dodgers choose to go. I remember one year that Mark Grudzeilanek (yes, I had to look up the spelling) spent the winter at the Bucky Dent school learning to play 2B. So something like that is also possible in the offseason.

    Whatever the case, Sands needs to be focusing now on making adjustments to big league pitching. For now his bat is his number one asset, and the one which needs to be nurtured. No sense in complicating things for the kid.

    As for Uribe at 3B, he’s definitely solid defensively. However, he’s still a player that I would try to move, because there’s probably a team out there willing to pick up a decent portion of the remaining time on his contract. If he can’t be moved now, maybe during the offseason.

    But as I said before, it’s the ownership situation that needs to be addressed first. Only then will the Dodgers have a real budget going into next year. And only then will they be able to make decisions regarding free agents, trades for established players, etc., etc., etc. For now it’s all too muddled.

  9. Ty says:

    If he can then that’d be nice. We don’t have a 3B prospect that’s close to being ready down in the minors. Moving an OF to a spot like 3B is a very difficult move.

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Yep, I agree with what I said in the beginning……………… OUT

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    Let me clarify a few things:

    1. I am not so stupid that I would advocate Sands learn 3B during the season. That would be an off-season project,and we have Casey Blake this year.

    2. If the the Dodgers were to get David Wright, then Sands could play outfield or 1B. I would love to have Wright!

    3. If you had a productive Kemp, Ethier and Sands in the lineup, then James Loney would look pretty good at 1B with his Good Glove (not Gold) and .300 BA and 90 RBI from the 6 or 7 hole (and he will get back to that level of hitting).

    4. Juan Uribe is a utilityman in my opinion, not a starter!

    5. I don\’t \”count on\” Frank getting the money to get bailed out – I just think it will happen. AND – I HOPE I\’M WRONG!

  12. Badger says:

    The only way McCourt wins this is if Selig and MLB don’t have the cajones to tell him to take a hike. The fans have spoken on this issue. The Los Angeles Dodgers are too important to all of baseball to allow this to continue.

    Juan Uribe IS a utility man, and that is because he can, and does, play all the infield positions defensively. As long as he is healthy, he is our best option somewhere. We overpaid him, but he is here, so what do we do with him? I guess as long as Blake is on the field, which I don’t think will last all year, Uribe goes back to second base, which puts one of our best players, Jamey Carroll on the bench. This is one weird team. I know Mark says he thinks there is a lot of talent on this team, but by Major League standards, I just don’t think that’s true. We have a couple of players, Kemp and Kershaw that will make the All Star team. Ethier might, but right field is a position that has a number of great players. After that, we have mediocre talent at all positions. We were 25th in the Power Rankings on the 30th and deserve to be ranked that low. That could change quickly of course, but, will it?

  13. Badger says:

    Best interest of baseball clause.


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