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More Hated Than Marge Schott?

More Hated Than Marge Schott?

I’m sure that Frank McCourt must feel like he’s playing dodge ball and it’s everyone against him in a game of “smear the q…”   Oh wait, I can’t say queer – it’s not politically correct, and I always strive to be politically correct.  Anyway, Frank is being given a colonoscopy by Bud Selig, Jamie McCourts’ lawyers, maybe the IRS, maybe the FBI and maybe the California Department of Taxation.  The fans are revolting – he is more hated than Marge Schott was when she owned the Cincinnati Reds, if only by virtue of the fact that that there are a lot more Dodger fans.  To be mentioned in the same breath as Marge Schott shows how fast and far Frank has fallen.  Dodger fans now consider Jamie McCourt somewhat of a Savior  – which is a lot like comparing Hitler to Stalin.

Now, Bill Shaikin of The LA Times reports that “Jamie McCourt is expected to urge Judge Gordon to order the Dodgers be sold before Bud Selig can seize the Dodgers so that the couple, not the league, would control the sale process.“  Another ball being thrown at Frank!  How long can he survive?  Of course, even if the Judge rules the Dodgers be sold, Frank can appeal.  It can drag on much longer, but Frank could be getting weary.  Does he see the light at the end of the tunnel, or is it simply a train?  It gets more interesting (sickening may be a better term) by the minute.

Many Dodger fans have said “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

You’ve got to “know when to holdem, know when to foldem, know when to walk away and know when to run…”

Is it time for Frank to walk away?

No!  It’s time to run!

Run, Frank, Run!

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7 Responses to “More Hated Than Marge Schott?”

  1. Badger says:

    Atta boy Mark. Welcome aboard!

    Would Gordon do that? Is that the next, most logical step?

    It would appear on the surface of this thing that the end game is near. What is best for all is to get this in the rear view mirror. Frank will never win over the fans, and obviously MLB wants him gone.

    In the mean time, we are lifting our ace in the 5th inning and pinch hitting Juan Castro for him. We are dropping like rocks in the Power Rankings. Let’s get this done.

  2. Bobby says:

    wow. i can’t even say anything else!!!

    The Days of our Dodgers just keeps getting better

  3. Bill Russell says:

    “we are lifting our ace in the 5th inning and pinch hitting Juan Castro for him. We are dropping like rocks in the Power Rankings”.
    That’s classic

    I would pinch hit Kershaw for Castro any day, something is A$$backwards here.

    Lance the rally killer. I knew the game was over when I heard Vin say “there is no one warming up in the pen”.

    As much as I dislike Jamie, I hope that she wins out here and Frank is forced to sell.
    Another day another loss. Peace

  4. Roger Dodger / AnewBlueDay says:

    A real question that Frank and Jamie McCourt have to ask themselves, and tell the public at large — is

    Do they realize, that on their own, they came west to California, and have managed to screw up one of the best baseball clubs in the history of the game. Just how did they do that? How did they finally get to the day, when they cannot pay the salaries of players and I assume staff, up and down the system?

    They need to pick themselves up, get this team sold to new ownership, and leave the state. Just go. Don’t hang around. No victory laps needed.

    When this does happen, I would assume that Ned would be next to go. He guess wrong on many of his trades and signings. Now, this team is an embarrassment.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Even Frank McCourt may have a breaking point. Question is, has he reached it? Just sell, and the legacy to his and Jamie’s children can be a lot of money (at least the part of the net that the lawyers, IRS, etc. don’t skim off), instead of a team that would be very difficult to run by anyone named McCourt.

    I didn’t have a problem with Kershaw being lifted. It’s probably best for his overall health to have a game once in a while where he throws under a 100 pitches. It was using Castro’s little league bat that I found mystifying, especially since Mattingly had a full bench of players to choose from at the time. But that’s no different than his decision the other day to pinch hit Navarro when he had better choices on the bench.

    Although his velocity was OK, it appeared that all, except maybe one of the hits off of Kershaw came on fastballs. Maybe his fastball last night lacked that little extra hop it usually has. It happens, and it was probably better just to get him out of game so he’s better rested for his next start. No one could predict that the anemic Dodger offense would come back.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    So June 22 now becomes another date for us to watch.,0,6060421.story

    That date does have some significance, being the date on which Germany invaded Russia in 1941. Think there might be some scorched earth?

  7. Badger says:

    In his response Thursday, Frank blamed his ex-wife for doing “everything literally possible to prevent … the Dodgers from obtaining financial stability.”

    Welcome to the big leagues of divorce California style Paco. Anyone who has ever been divorced in this state knows exactly what kind of financial hell ex-wives can perpetrate on the poor schmuck that married them. You can kiss “finincail stability” goodbye buddy. That ship sailed the day the divorce papers were filed.

    “There is no evidence of any financial mismanagement,”

    Really? What f’n planet do you practice law on pal?

    Somebody with the authority to do so needs to step into the ring with these two and settle this. The team must be sold, the sooner the better. You know it, I know, the American people know it, MLB knows it, and the sooner Frank gets the message the better for everyone.


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