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The Dodger Way

The Dodger Way

Jon Paul Morosi of wrote a column today about the 2011 version of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  It’s a good read and he’s a bright young guy.  I’ve met him and can tell you he’s all about the details.  Anyway, if you are a Negative Nellie, you will hate what he says.  If you are true Dodger fan, you should appreciate what can happen this year.  Read the article.  He ends it with this:

“Yes, the ownership soap opera is an embarrassment. But the Dodgers have three of the most talented players in the National League, and Colletti has demonstrated that he’s an expert at in-season roster tinkering.  Once you have a few elite players, it’s the little changes that get you to October.

The Giant Way of 2010 can be The Dodger Way of 2011.

Ladies and Gents, This guy is a national writer – he has no agenda, unlike T.J. Simers who makes his money from bashing the Dodgers.

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2 Responses to “The Dodger Way”

  1. Centerfield says:

    Hey, the Gods are shining on us. That must be about 10 bloop fly singles this year already.

    It’s our time

    Matt was totally disencombulated in his swing and miss on strike three. Better call Chad, no not Bills, Chad M [True Blue]

  2. Bluefan says:

    Good article, mostly. The only issue I had with it was this statement near the end …..

    “Colletti has demonstrated that he’s an expert at in-season roster tinkering.”

    I would say that Colletti has demonstrated the ability to make in-season roster adjustments, but to use the term “expert” is way off base IMO.

    Take last years deadline for a prime example. He trades McDonald and Lambo to the Pirates for Dotel, keeps him until mid-September, and then trades him to the Rockies. The Rockies got another arm for the stretch run, plus because they offered arbitration will pick up a pick in the 1st Supplemental Round after he signed with the BlueJays. Did we get a prospect that was comparable to a Top 50 draft pick, or the equivalent of the McDonald/Lambo whom we sent to the Pirates, NO! We ended up with 26 year old, non-prospect Anthony Jackson, an outfielder with a career OPS of .670, to save about $250,000.


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