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Just win, baby!

Just win, baby!

The bottom-line is that the Dodgers took 3 out of 4 games from the reigning World Champs!

Rants and Raves:

  • Raffy looks healthy and if he is all season, he’s a difference-maker.
  • Kuroda wasn’t perfect, but if he can [pitch like that all year, I’ll take it.
  • The lack of power again is troubling.
  • Casey Blake was in the dugout last night, so I would expect to see him in the lineup sometime in Colorado, probably Wednesday, which is the first day he is eligible to come back.
  • IDJ2 will be headed back to AAA, but I still think he’s gonna’ be  a player.
  • Kuo, Jansen and Guerrier may not yet have their rhythm – give it a little time.
  • Broxton worries me.  He has 3 saves, but his ERA is 6.00 and last night, he again had that “deer-in-the headlights” look.  The ESPN announcers talked about the possibility that Broxton has not been right since Matt Stairs jacked him in the 2008 Series.  What baseball people say behind the scenes is worse than that.  I wish that I could eat some crow on this one, but so far, I am afraid I’m dead-on.  J-Brox scares the heck out of me.
  • Andre Ethier is a concern.  Sure he’s hitting .333, but he’s back to being “Mr. Softee”  – the hits he has gotten have not been in the clutch.  When faced with getting a clutch hit, he has not delivered.  Other than a few dramatic walk-offs a while back, Andre’s late and close stats are not that good.   I know, I know, the season is young.  I’m just sayin’…
  • The lineup will be much better with Blake at 3B and Uribe at 2B.
  • I am convinced that Ned will acquire another hitter this season.
  • The Giants defense is really bad.  Aubrey Huff can’t play anywhere except 1B, and it doesn’t look like Belt is going anywhere.  The rest of their outfield is suspect and Tejada’s prowess at SS was over years ago.  This team is awful defensively.
  • I would bat Matt Kemp in the #3 spot. That’s just me, but I like his speed there.
  • Padilla and Garland appear to be close to being activated.  Who will go?  MacDougal and either Ellis or Giminez would be most likely to go.
  • There are rumblings that Fox and the Dodgers may agree on an extension of the TV contract.  Where did you hear that first?  Hummmmmm….

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27 Responses to “Just win, baby!”

  1. the truth hurts says:

    First and foremost, I would like to thank aubrey huff for playing a great right field and giving the dodgers some wins.

    I second the, jon broxton scares the HELL out of me. Its like walking a trapeze line with this guy. Even the commentators were making a mockery out of him. Its sad and embarrassing and eventually its gonna happen.

    The rangers hit 11 home runs in their three game series. We hit one. We might not reach eleven all year.

    Play a team huffless, tejadaless and we lose I believe all four.

    I am very worried about this teams lack of power and our lineup doesn’t scare anyone.

    But I will take 3 out of 4! Go dodgers

  2. bluetrain says:

    Fortunenately the Gmen have both Tejada and Huff. Tejeda has definately seen better days and let me be the first to introduce Aubrey Huff to Mr Right Field. This cant last, if for human reasons if no other.As for Brox, give it some more time before your doomsday scernios. YOu may be right, but so far Brox has made a couple of errors in regards to his pitches, BUT didnt fold when the results were definately not what was expected or wanted..In other words, he sucked it up and stayed in the game. i saw no deer in the headlights, we have plenty of them in iowa. Come see for yourself and what they look like just before you whack it with your vehicle, and please take one home and save a Chevrolet..

  3. Jae says:

    Broxton is too big for a deer, but he had that look right after Aaron went Matt Stairs on him. He was having flashbacks.

  4. Badger says:

    Broxton doesn’t throw 98 anymore – for whatever reason – and it is a problem. Matt Stairs has nothing to do with it. I will keep saying this until something is done about it – if you want to add a foot to a 94 mph fastball, learn to throw a straight change – better yet, learn to throw a circle change or a splitter. There is no deer in the headlight look, he looks the same every time out. But, fact of the matter is – he doesn’t throw as hard now as he did before June 27th of last year.

    I agree about Huff and Tejada. They can both hit, but neither of them are in the right position defensively. So far the book on the gints? hit it to Huff and run to second.

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but IDJ is so bad I am looking forward to having Blake back. I think I just choked.

    What’s the over/under on 600 plate appearances for Raffy? This could be a real problem late in the year – the Dodgers need him in the lineup to have a snowball’s chance, but if he gets 600 it will cost the Dodgers $12,000,000 – for an aging SS with 4.9 speed. I am betting against it.

    • MillaBlue says:

      I agree, Brox is hitting 98 anymore. It’s all of the difference.

      Raffy does this every year. He comes out red hot, gets our hopes up, then hits the DL. Hopefully we continue to give him rest. He is needed at 100% in October.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    On Broxton, if I am a pitching coach — I look at him pitch, I look at his video/films, and I make some minor changes.

    That round baseball and that round bat needs to have the ball strike the bat just a bit different. If his pitches break 4 inches, then they need to brake 6 to 7 inches.

    Figure out how to do that. Grip, a bit less speed, arm movement, etc.

    Heck, I assume they have tried this, but he is still young. The Dodgers have given up on other pitchers early in their career — and they came back.

    Heck 2 – even … have to go more . . . later

  6. Voldomer says:

    It is amazing that we have so many concerns after opening with a solid series win over the Giants. But the concerns are legit.

    I question the decision to open the season with IDJ2 on the roster, especially since he has hardly played (unless injuries demanded it). OK, odds are he would be called up later anyway, thus still burning an option year, but it is puzzling to me that he was proclaimed a starter (by the media, at least) due to Blake’s injury but instead has been benched.

    I like Carroll at 2B and Uribe at 3B for the everyday lineup. Will Blake need to ease back in?

    The relievers look shaky. Aside from injury, Kuo was the one guy there I had no concerns about when the season opened. I hope the guys in the pen can find the plate soon!

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Voldy, I think some relievers, this early in the season, just need work to get their game in shape.

    I think many times in Spring Training, when relievers came in, they were facing #89 and #96, and #78, etc. Now they are facing the regular lineup, and just need some work.

    I have said it before and I say it now, and will say it again — this team needs one power bat. A hitter like Dunn or Manny or someone that can hit the ball hard and far and in the key parts of a game. Kemp is not enough.

    The guys won 3 games, but they could have lost all 4. Three nice starting efforts. But face it, the Giants were terrible in the field.

    Mark is back to his Ethier being soft. Heck, this entire team is soft. Don’t just jump on him. Loney has been that way for a couple of years now.

  8. the truth hurts says:

    Anyone wanna take a guess at a power bat we might be able to acquire??????

    like rodger said. I don’t see the offense doing enough without one. I feel like ethier and loney are missing the manram more then any of us.

  9. Bobby says:

    let’s hope to god the mets suck ass and we can trade for david wright

    let’s hope to multiple gods that the rays s uck ass and we can trade for evan longoria

  10. Badger says:

    Wright costs $15M next year… make it Longoria:

    If he becomes available the bidding will be high. You prepared to offer Sands, Rubby and Gordon?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      That\’s what it would take, but Longoria won\’t be traded. Wright could be if the Mets go into full rebuilding mode. Truth be told, I think Wilpon is in deeper doo-doo than McCourt, because McCourt has Fox, and I believe Jamie will give in for her boys. Oh, she\’ll want paid, but she\’ll go on the payment plan.

      Badger is right, it would take the three players mentioned and a year from now, all three could be in the Dodgers starting lineup. You don\’t make that deal.

  11. RogerCraig says:

    Let’s give it some time. I expect Ethier to hit well. Loney averages 90 RBI and might have a decent year. I say wait and let the game come to us.

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    Now, here\’s what could happen:

    Trade Loney and Kuroda (lots of teams need another starter. Get a couple of prospects for them and then add a couple of more prospects not named Sands, De LaRosa or Gordon to the deal and get Gordon. Give the Mets somebody like T-Rob, Withrow and the other two prospects for Wright.

  13. Bobby says:

    i’m not saying i’d trade those 3 mentioned stud kids of ours for david wright or longoria, BUTTTTT, the hardest position to fill is a stud 3b, and both guys are young. Just sayin :)

    we dodger fans know how hard it’s been for us to find a 3b since beltre left, and before him, since ron cey left.

    i would consider giving up a lot for wright and longoria (also for pujols/fielder, but that’s a different story).

    looking at our lineup, it seems that the 2nd half of our lineup is NOT imposing: loney, uribe, blake, barajas, thames/gwynn. we really do need mvp years from furcal/ethier/kemp to do well.

    our pitching is going to be really good, but can’t always ask them to hold teams to under 3 runs all the time.

  14. Badger says:

    Bobby, you are on the right track, and I agree with what you say about the lineup.

    But like mover says, Longoria leaving is a long shot – his contract is very easy. Wright could be had, but, $15 million and then free agency? Doesn’t sound like a deal the Dodgers would do.

    You want to run that trade idea by us one more time Mark?

    Obviously I haven’t been offered the Ass GM job yet, but if I were, the move is to wait until the deadline and see which way the wind is blowing. This team could easily be sellers or buyers. If we are sellers, I seriously look to re-load the farm. We have some players that would be of interest to a lot of teams, and Kuroda could lead that list. If Garland is back, he could be valuable in a play-off chase as well. Furcal could be of interest to some. Broxton maybe. I don’t know about Loney. Most of the best teams are set at 1b but three ways are always possible. If we are buyers….. depends on what team is out of it, but it is my opinion that it would take a real thumper to get me to consider letting go of Sands, Rubby or Gordon. I might do that deal for Longoria. I said “might”. Our lineup would be fearsome with Ethier, Kemp, Longoria, Loney and Uribe. But, like Mark said, Longoria won’t be for sale. He is an affordable keystone for the Rays.

    Still a long way to go until July the 31th.

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    Somebody will pop up that we haven\’t even considered…

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Yes, a power hitter is important — but if this team could hold a .295 team average — that could make up the difference. And not the .249 average that loosing team have.

  17. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Broxton’s velocity continues to top out at 94-95 like it did last night (maybe a couple at 96), he’s in for a long year. However, keep in mind that in the first two games he was topping out at 97-99. It would be fine if his fastball had some movement, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. And if his slider consistently flattens out like it did yesterday, the year will get even longer. It wasn’t a mistake to throw Rowand a slider, but it was mistake to throw him a slider that hung inside and was asking to be hit. A hard biting slider moving away was all that was needed to finish Rowand off. Either Broxton finds his slider, or develops an offspeed offering like a change or splitter, or he’s going to continue having problems.

    This has nothing to do with any deer in the headlights. It’s all about a pitcher going into battle without the weapons he used to bring with him. The problem is, when you don’t have the weapons you begin to look like the deer in the headlights.

    I still like IDJ2, but maybe his time isn’t now. I previously posted Justin Pedroia’s splits from 2007, when he hit below the Mendoza line in April, but had a manager who had faith in him. He bounced back to become the ROY of that year. I don’t know if IDJ2 will become that same player, but I’ve seen enough slow starts by rookies over the years to know that a few games cannot be the measuring stick by which we judge a player.

    I’m sure that Colletti is working the phones. But I’m also sure that’s it’s a bit early to jump to any conclusions about anybody this early in the year. From what I’ve seen of Gordon, Sands, and RDLR, I wouldn’t be too quick to trade any of them to bring in a high salaried player like Wright. Gordon has off the charts range at short, and has made serious progress with the bat. RDLR looks legit with a mid to high 90′s fastball, and a legitimately filthy change. And while I’m not 100% convinced regarding Sands, he too looks to be a promising power prospect. And one or more of those players might make a serious contribution before this year is out.

  18. Michael says:

    Kemp is on pace for a 40/40, Clayton to win 40 and Brox to save 120 games despite giving up 90 homers.

    It is too early to jump to conclusions but Aubrey Huff was hilarious.

    Snowball tomorrow in the Rockies.


  19. Joe says:

    It seems a lot of closers are struggling early on this year – John Axford, Fernado Rodney, Brandon Lyon, Ryan Franklyn, Carlos Marmol, Francisco Rodriguez all have blown saves, all though I wouldn’t consider most of them to be top of the line closers. Joe Nathon struggled but he is coming off arm surgery. I wonder if Broxton is more of a thrower than a pitcher at this point in his career. He still is relatively young. It would be nice if he could learn to cut the fastball a little to get some movement on it. It is hard to make a living in the bigs with a 95 mph fastball that is straight unless he learns to spot it better.

  20. Badger says:

    He could try a two seamer, that would add some movement.

    I was pulling for Butler too Michael. They just couldn’t find the bucket. Had to be one of the worst team shooting % ever in a final.

  21. ThE OrIgInAl GoNzO says:

    The trade I would like for the Dodgers to explore would be Ethier for Colby Rasmus straight up. Neither wants to be with their respective teams and from my buddies that played with ethier at ASU, one was actually his roomy says he’s not surprised by his comments or his sense of entitlement.

    The Rays would never EVER give up Longoria. Wright would be interesting but he doesn’t seem like the player he was before he was beaned. still, he’d be an upgrade over Blake at 3rd.

  22. jWerthFan says:

    I think the way to go trade-wise, is to find a young bat who’s path to the majors – or to starting in the majors is blocked. I’d suggest Chris Davis of the Rangers, who was left off the ML roster in favor of Moreland and Young. Davis led the Rangers in RBIs (18) this spring and hit five homers while posting a solid .362 batting average. Davis is primarily a 1B, but can play 3rd also – he’d be an upgrade offensively for the Dodgers at either position.

    The Rangers hardly need more offense, but are in need of rotation pitching. I’d see if they’d bite on Ely with some lower level prospects thrown in. I’d love to have them take Lilly, but who’s gonna do that?

  23. Badger says:

    Well said JWFan.

    I always prefer getting stars on the way up, which is why I said punt this year. I think it’s a good time to start over with better field position.

    I agree with Gonzo and Mark about Longoria. He ain’t movin’. Wright would indeed be an improvement, but there is that contract and the fact it’s only for one year. Maybe as a deadline deal, if the Mets are desperate enough to either eat salary or take less. And extension of Wright would cost plenty. Do we have it?

    I don’t know if any of you are up to date on the McCourt/Fox deal, but, it could be a good news bad news situation. Good news – McCourt gets a lot of money for a T.V. deal that is a decade deep. Bad news – well, McCourt is still here, the debts are mounting and no Dodger cable. I don’t like it, but you all know where I stand on McCourt. I don’t want him to survive this with the Dodgers still in his portfolio. AND I want the Dodgers to have their own cable network.

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I like Colby Rasmus. He’s far superior to Ethier in the field and, if memory serves, has a cannon for an arm. He’s also got power and speed, and the potential to be a 30-30 guy. And he’s younger. But with Rasmus still having a lot to prove, the deal would have to be more than straight-up. Throw in the right player to go along with Rasmus and I (not necessarily Colletti) might think about it. And things being as they are now, he would currently be a lot cheaper than Ethier.

    I have no opinion on Chris Davis since I haven’t seen enough of him. And spring training numbers are for the most part meaningless.

  25. jWerthFan says:

    “And spring training numbers are for the most part meaningless.”

    Not always. See: Jones, Andruw… and Sherrill, George


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