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Is It Time To Tear Down Dodger Stadium?

What follows was not written by me, but is from long-time commenter The Original Gonzo:

Home, Sweet Home, or Not So Sweet?

When Walter O’Malley decided to move the Dodgers to L.A. little did he know of the immense change for the future of baseball in the west.  O’Malley was a visionary that saw “the big picture” of what the Dodgers could offer the City of L.A. and vice – versa.   1962.  That is when Dodger Stadium opened its doors for the first time and what a sight it was; a state of the art stadium in Chavez Ravine that gave fans that went to games there a notion of finding the Utopia of baseball.  This stadium has hosted many important games and has given the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows to Dodger fans.

But is it time for the Dodgers to seriously think about getting a new stadium in the downtown L.A. area?  Personally, I think so.  Not only is Dodger stadium dated in terms of new stadiums nowadays, it also sits on 300 acres of land that again, in my opinion most of it is dead space and an invitation for bad things to happen.  Case in point, the Bryan Stow beating on opening day.  Could it have happened at any other stadium? Yes, but in my experience visiting ballparks police officers are part of the landscape minimizing the risk of an attack happening or helping people.  Not so much at Dodger Stadium.  How many police officers would be needed to efficiently cover the parking lot at Dodger Stadium? You tell me.  I always hear complaints from fans about the bathrooms and concession stands which makes me reiterate that this stadium was built for 1962 and about 20 years beyond that.  Getting out of the parking lot can take as much as one to two hours if you stay nine innings.  Getting a stadium downtown, I believe parking issues disappear as there would be more options on how to get to the park.  Concession stands and facilities would be better as well.  Most importantly, there would be more constant police presence.

Sometimes nostalgia makes us hold on to things that need to be replaced like that old university sweatshirt you have had for over ten years thinking it looks good on you with the faded colors that you are so proud to wear.  As a Dodger fan since Fernandomania, I appreciate all the memories that Dodger Stadium has given me especially Gibson’s homerun in ’88.  If the House that Ruth built had to come down, why do we want to hold on to our stadium when we can upgrade?  Unfortunately the luster on Dodger Stadium is fading and we have to prepare to move onto bigger and better things.  If the Mets made a replica of Ebbets Field why can’t the Dodgers make a replica of Dodger Stadium?  Only a more modern one.  Never forget or undervalue what this stadium has done for us as fans or baseball as a whole, but ultimately Dodger Stadium needs to be replaced.  – The Original Gonzo

I might add, that the City of New York built stadiums, so did other cities.  The owner of the Dodgers could get LA to build a stadium downtown and then develop the Ravine…

Just a thought.

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32 Responses to “Is It Time To Tear Down Dodger Stadium?”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with most, I still love Dodger Stadium and getting out of the stadium has been improved over the past two years.

  2. jerry says:

    good old broxton almost blew another one.. if he only has a one run lead ..we loose every time..,, what wrong with major league manager.. the fans can see..why can,t they,cant the pitching coach teach broxton a new pitch.

  3. Badger says:

    Renovation is needed, and that would do it. It’s still Chavez Ravine and it’s holy ground. It’s perfectly located and there is enough land there to go ahead and build the new NFL facility. Take the Jaguars and call them the Los Angeles Football Dodgers! Colors would be royal blue and white, with a Dodger like LA logo on the helmets. All of L.A. would get behind it….. if McCourt has nothing to do with it.

    You want more cops, take some of that $15 parking fee and hire more cops. Oh, wait, that money is needed to pay lawyers.

  4. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Is it time to tear down Dodger Stadium?”

    I don’t know, and at this juncture I don’t care. First things first. Get a resolution to the ownership problem (hopefully a new owner) and then let the owner tackle the Dodger Stadium issue. As things stand now, it’s a non-issue to me. Maybe it become important later, but not now.

  5. Mexivin says:

    Please stop Mark. Go sell some water filters.

    To quote Guile from Street Fighter 2:

    “Go home and be a family man.”

  6. Glass Half Full says:

    Dodger Stadium is a baseball park…..unlike the “E ticket” attraction the other “LA team” has….Personally I can do without the watefalls and rock piles!!!!

  7. Bobby says:

    wow, the 2 arguments to tear the stadium down were 1) giants fan got beat up, and 2) takes long to leave the parking lot.

    while valid, i’d want 1000 more reasons to tear down this stadium before I’d actually consider it.

    very poorly written

  8. AnewBlueDay says:

    I will make a personal comment on the stadium later — but first a complaint.

    I have said this in the past — and I SAY IT AGAIN. We are getting too many threads or files each day. It is like “Extra” “Extra” “Get the extra news, or my thoughts . . .”

    On April 27 – 4 files

    April 28 – 2 files

    April 29 – 3 files

    April 30 (today) and before noon are 3 files.

    Why? Too many chiefs having great things to say?

    Why not a minor league file, and a day file for everything else. If there is a great big event — the McCourt leaves . . . then maybe a new file.

    Why? If is hard just to know where to place a remark or comment. In yesterday’s game file about the game, or in today’s file about Dodger Stadium. Or, about McCourt and Jamie in the minor league file . . . .

    Some here have even posted one day, then cut and paste that the next day in a new file, making sure folks could see it.

    I tend not to go back to older files.

    Folks, can we make it simpler? Thanks.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Good point Anew. I posted a comment by Broxton in the third 4/29 thread, and before I knew it, there was a new thread following the game on 4/30. I have on occasion re-posted in a newer thread, but for the most part I go back to see if there has been any response in the older thread. But like you, I’d prefer not to be going back. Maybe the number of threads could be reduced by updating the ones already posted.

    Just to be annoying I decided to put up a little Carlos Santana news that I saw a few minutes ago.

    Despite his low batting average, Santana has managed 4 HR in 82 AB, and 15 BB in those same 82 AB. And when he hit the walk of slam last night, he did so after working the count to 3-1. It’s a long season. Too early to be making judgments on whether or not Santana will be a long term success.

  10. AnewBlueDay says:

    Brooklyn, I would take Santana and give the Indians their beloved Casey back, a bag of batting practice balls, Jamie McCourt, 1 dozen Dodger Dogs, Ethan Martin, Kyle Russell, A.J. Ellis, Josh Lindblom.

    But what do we know. The Cleveland Indians are in 1st place in their division, 4 1/2 games out. Tied with the best recored in all of MLB.

  11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Dilbeck makes some good points in the following:

    And I add the following:

    When Shaiken asks McCourt “Are you willing to authorize MLB to publicly release the results of its investigation?”, he answers, “I don’t think that would be appropriate at all.” And I ask, WHY NOT?

    Why is it that Frank is apologizing for the last 18 months, and not the entire 7 years that he’s owned the team? Was it only over those 18 months that he personally took $108 million out of the franchise for his own personal use? Spin it anyway you like Frank, but if the $108 million hadn’t been taken out, there would have been no need to take on a $30 million loan to meet payroll, Fox deal or not. And the team would be in a better position to establish its own regional network, with no need of Fox, or for that matter, anyone else, as a partner. And maybe Frank got around MLB’s objection to the Dodgers taking on additional debt by taking a personal loan from Fox, but ultimately the money he will need to pay it back will come out of the Dodgers. Could it be that Frank is planning to take part of the so-called $300 million advance to enable him to re-pay Fox?

    I don’t have all the details, but I believe I’ve read that Frank has a piece of the Fox deal personally. Is that part going to go back into the Dodgers, or will it go directly into Frank’s pocket?

    Sorry, but I don’t trust Frank as far as I can throw him (which believe me, isn’t very far). We need new ownership that doesn’t need a Fox deal to prop them up, and with the wherewithal to establish their own regional network on their own terms. Dilbeck makes a point that I’ve made before. $3 billion, or more, may sound like a lot of money. But over the next 17 years it may well turn out that the overall package is below market value. I suspect that’s why MLB is not being too quick to approve it. And it may well be why Fox was so anxious to negotiate it.

  12. Badger says:

    Frank is trying to put lipstick on his pig. It ain’t working for me. Everyone is sorry after they get caught, but do we really expect him to change if he is allowed to stay?

    Looking at a map, I think it should be relatively easy to get out of Dodger Stadium. Give people choices – give ‘em the 5, the 110, the 101 and build a lite rail straight to East L.A. and a tunnel to El Monte.

    Yes, the money sounds big, but most of the up front money will disappear quickly, with little or no changes made on the field or to the stadium.

    The fans control this. Stop going to the park and this is over quickly.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Try as he may, it appears that Frank isn’t convincing anyone. Lipstick just doesn’t look good on a pig.

    Here’s Eric Stephen of TBLA.

  14. Michael says:

    It’s on the wish list Mark but first things first.

    1. Competitive team, think we’re missing a couple things.

    2. An Owner that the fans will support, they’re so done with old Snake-eyes

    P.S. Your Dodger roots only go back to Fernandomania? If so, did you root for someone else before then? I was a Yankee fan until 62 when my Parents love of the Dodgers made me see the light.

  15. Jonathan says:

    You should listen to the out of town broadcasts of a few Dodger home games. Dodger Stadium is still one of the best in either league, and visiting broadcasters almost always say so. Still, it would be nice to see some new development either on the grounds or nearby.

  16. Voldomer says:

    Dodger Stadium definitely needs a lot of work in the upper deck and parking lot, but I don’t see a need to tear it down. (That said, I get to games there about every five or six years, so I’m not fighting the traffic anywhere near as often as others do.)

    I toured the stadium last summer, and I must admit that McCourt has the lower bowl in nice shape. I went to a game and sat in the upper deck behind the plate, though, and it was a dump up there. Given the way the stadium is built and the mild LA winter, I could imagine that a pretty substantial rebuild could be done in the higher levels of the stadium, maybe including a revamping to allow fans to move from one level to another easily. That way some of the amenities many think the stadium lacks could be built in the upper renovations with easy access from elsewhere.

    As for the parking lot, perhaps the new owner could develop much of it and compensate with a parking deck. I know the latter sounds crazy, and I would have said the same thing until I saw how well the Yankees pulled that off. If designed well in LA, perhaps the decks could more efficiently deposit traffic toward the various exits. I suspect the stadium’s neighbors would not be very keen on commercial development, though.

    • Larry Diaz says:

      Dodger Stadium sits atop 2 earthquake faults (Elysian Park and Puente Hills) discovered in 1998. And dig this, they run closest to the surface at Dodger Stadium and Bunker Hill. Get ready to rumble and crumble. Think of a top deck flattening fans like pancakes. I will not go back to Dodger Stadium.

  17. AnewBlueDay says:

    Finally back home. Said I would mention Dodger Stadium.

    Years ago, back in the early 1960s when there was only a hole in the ground, as the ground was being formed to begin building the Stadium — my uncle Roy drove us up to the top. We got out of his car and just walked around there for awhile. I took several small rocks and threw them down to the bottom — which was along way down. One was a curve rock throw, another was a slider rock throw, and the final was a fast rock throw.

    I then attend a game there sometime later, when the Angles used it as their home park. But I did not see a Dodger game there till the late 1990s. Just was not in the area all those years in between. Oh, it was the game where Bulldog came back to the Dodgers and tried to pitch. I think it was the Mets in town, and they scored a bunch of runs off of him early — and I believe he retired shortly later.

    Sitting there that game, I felt the outfield sections looked kind of cheap. Not solid.

  18. Badger says:

    I went to a few games in ’62, both Angels and Dodgers. I do remember watching a 19 year old rookie named Sam McDowell pitch, and my grandpa, a former AA pitcher from the 30′s told me at the time “that kid is something special”. From that game, I also remember Leon Wagner, Steve Bilko, Ryne Duran, Buck Rogers, Eddie Yost and Dean Chance.

    I have not been to Dodger Stadium in years, so I can’t speak to the condition it is currently in, but, I say again, evaluate then renovate. The new owners can take care of all that business.

    • Larry Diaz says:

      Dude, the upper level men’s restrooms still have the open troughs for urinal use. Yuk! The smell and the aerosols, Oh Yea!

  19. Jim D says:

    First Vero Beach is done away with; now Dodger Stadium??
    Why not go all the way & move them to downtown LA & call them the Los Angeles Mexicans, or Los Angeles Earthquakes?
    On the east coast here, tne NY newspapers talk about the formed group in Brooklyn to bring the Dodgers back to Brooklyn, and the Mets move to LA; the SWAP as they call it, because the Wilpons (owners of the Mets) are frustrated Dodger fans anyway. The way both teams play, and the dysfunctional ownerships of both teams, there is not alot of difference.

  20. Badger says:

    Brooklyn will never let go of the Dodgers. But the Dodgers aren’t going back there. It was past time for the Dodgers to join the Cactus League and Dodger Stadium just needs a facelift.

    This will be taken care of. McCourt is half way out the door. There is local ownership available, Selig just has to vet a whole lot better than he did last time.

    • Larry Diaz says:

      Seismic retrofit was stopped by McCourt. Take your chances on getting killed by a falling deck.

  21. Jaydavis says:

    I don’t understand this move them downtown thing. It’s fucking 10 blocks from downtown. Where are you going to the stadium fig and 9th
    Mark wake up dude. Maybe spend some time in Los Angeles. Parking downtown on game nights parking north of $20 and parking on the streets is a risk. Since I’ve lived in Echo Park and work downtown I believe the stadium has a prim location
    You being where your from not having a clue you should have no opinion

    • Larry Diaz says:

      Prime location for earthquake faults; 2 of them run under Dodger Stadium and the seismic retrofit was stopped by McCourt. Good Luck.

  22. Willie Mays says:

    Hey Jay (Dumbass) Davis,

    You are living proof that Dodger fans are stupid.

    Mark did not write that.

    When you graduate from third grade, come back and try to comprehend what is written.

    Maybe Mark should issue you a coloring book.

  23. Larry Diaz says:

    Dodger Stadium is a death trap. Seismic retrofit was cancelled for the upper decks. The City of Los Angeles has lost the Dodgers to a ctiy to be named later.

    • DodgerDude says:


      I have heard of the Lunatic Fringe, but you give it a whole new meaning!

      • Larry Diaz says:

        Thank You for your response. And for sure call me a lunatic for trying to save lives. Have you ever experienced an earthquake? A number of years ago, there were some playoffs in San Francisco. Shortly before game time, there was an earthquake that killed many people. Luckily, the game had not started. Most of the people were killed by a falling freeway deck. The same thing will happen at Dodger Stadium. Giant Stadium was far newer and sustained little damage. Dodger Stadium is ready to fall down. It’s almost 50 years old; built without the knowledge of what could happen to it. The two earthquake faults were discovered in 1998.

  24. Willie Mays says:



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