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Bug Selig

Bug Selig

I am going to be the first to tell you not to believe much of what you read in the newspapers. The media has an agenda.

Bug Selig

If you don’t think that, you have an agenda.  While the media has been plotting Frank McCourt’s demise for over a year, I have told you otherwise.  Oh, most of you didn’t like it, but I don’t write it for you to like.  It wrote it because I thought it would be true.  So far, it is true.  The Dodgers are spending more money than last year.  The organization is prospering and another wave of prospects are about to hit.

But, what about “THE DIVORCE?” By design, I don’t discuss it much because this is a baseball blog, not a soap opera, but you just can’t ignore it and hope it will go away.   This I think I know:

  • It appears that Jamie and Frank have reached an agreement in the divorce settlement (I’m guessing that it is a typical Frank Deal – $25 mil a year for 20 years – maybe some upfront money – just a guess);
  • It also appears that FOX and McCourt have reached an agreement (the media says $3 Billion/20 years – which sounds just about right); and
  • All that needs to happen is for Bug Selig to approve it or nix it.

Sounds simple.  It’s not! Some say Bug should nix the deal and boot McCourt.  It’s just not that easy.  It was easy to turn down a loan request from McCourt under the grounds that it would pile too much debt on the team.  I get that – that’s a no-brainer.  But, if FOX tears up the old deal and they agree on a new deal, how can Bug reject it?

  1. If it is $150 million per year, that is certainly very generous;
  2. If it is for 20 years, Bug has already set the precedent in allowing a similar contract with term with the Texas Rangers;
  3. If it is for $3 Billion the stakes are high; and
  4. The doctrine of Stare decisis will probably apply.

Stare decisis is a legal principle by which judges are obliged to respect the precedents established by prior decisions. The words originate from the phrasing of the principle in the Latin maxim Stare decisis et non quieta movere: “to stand by decisions and not disturb the undisturbed.” In a legal context, this is understood to mean that courts should generally abide by precedents and not disturb settled matters.   This doctrine requires a Court to follow rules established by a superior court.  Now, Bud is not a judge – he’s more like a stupid dictator – but if he rules against Frank, the doctorine of Stare decisis will most certainly be asserted by Frank’s legal team.

Bug has set the precedent. If he rules against Frank, World War III will break out.  Every owner’s books will be fair game.  Every facet of the commissioners’ office and MLB will be scrutinized.  Congress, who is none too happy with MLB for their mishandling of the Steriod Fiasco under Bug Selig might just be very willing to intervene.  It could get really ugly.  I’m betting that Bug will not let that happen.  He will approve the deal (although I think he’s stupid enough to disapprove it, he probably has some smarter lawyers who will talk him out of it).

The end result?  If it gets approved soon, the Dodgers will be players for a big bat or two, as soon as June or July.  I can see some big deals on the horizon, because love or hate Frank McCourt, he will put butts in seats and to do that, he has to improve the team.

Today’s game?  It’s still early…  Don’t panic!





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15 Responses to “Bug Selig”

  1. Bobby says:

    i agree with this mark. bud can’t say no because of the bigger picture. the other owners will probably tell bud that he better approve it as well.

    the laker deal is the deal that saved the dodgers. the laker channel will be worth about 3billion over 20 yrs as well (things could change if the sacramento kings move to anaheim, but that’s for another topic). once the lakers left fox, the dodgers became fox’ #1 target and property, and they in a sense have to pay big to keep their only true asset left.

    if this all happens, then we all of the sudden will be players for players. (thank you very much!)

    anyone have a clue how quickly this could happen? i also am pretty sure that ned will be told “ok, this deal will happen, so we will have a much bigger payroll next season, so go get prince fielder, albert pujols, david wright, etc”.

    on a different, but very serious topic, this giant fan’s beating by 2 pieces of trash on opening day has me utterly disgusted.

    i myself don’t choose to go very often to dodger games because of the idiot element that i see at dodger stadium. even if there isn’t violence, the cussing that i have to listen to for 9 innings has gotten old.

    frank HAS to do something about this. the raider fan element has invaded dodger stadium, and nobody is stopping it. mark, perhaps you want to make this a separate topic?

  2. Mark_Timmons says:


    Unfortunately, the is a Societal Issue. I have been to Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York and seen the same type of behavior. Go to some of the other ballparks and you will see the same type of conduct. I don\’t like it, but it\’s a reality. Frank has hired a former TOP COP to review the situation and make recommendations.

    The last time I was there (July 2010) I certainly felt the presence of Hispanic Gangs more than ever. That may not be the politically correct thing to say, but no one has ever accused me of being politically correct. It\’s a big issue. How do you handle it? Stay tuned!

  3. Badger says:

    This deal, if it actually goes through, favors Jamie and Fox. There may be enough money left over to service current debt, but probably not to buy a serious bat.

    I hope Bud blocks it. But, “Bug” has no balls, and his decision making is questionable. He may be remembered for two things – turning his back on steroids and allowing two flagship organizations to hit bottom.

    We read it before, but it’s worth reading again – due out in a few days:

  4. Jaydavis says:

    Bla bla bla bla

  5. Badger says:

    Nice contribution to the debate Jaydavis.

    Here, this is for you:

    Other than blabla there is no shortage of opinion on this debate. As it was from the beginning, we have to wait and see how the dust settles. But I think it is painfully clear that this is a problem for MLB.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Willie, I was not comparing Clayton and Chad — I said they were the #1 and #2 starters on the Dodgers, and they both lost in a row. Usually, I of the two, is a stopper.

    Brooklyn, yes, I agree, Clayton “could easily have won the other day if the Dodgers put up some runs. And it was Coors Field.”

    But my point the other day was this — in the N.L. West — most games all season will be facing very solid pitchers. Some of the best in baseball. Most of the games all season will be facing a tough pitcher.

  7. Badger says:

    The Rockies pitchers have to pitch in that park too. So when teams go there, the idea is – you have to hit as well as they do. We didn’t so, we lose. And judging by the Rockies home record, it happens to a lot of visiting teams. Win at home, split on the road and the chances are – you will be in the play-offs.

  8. Jae says:

    I think they switch the balls. That’s what I think.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Huh? Buster Olneys take…Baseball’s biggest concern with the deal that Frank McCourt’s representatives are proposing is that it really doesn’t benefit the Dodgers franchise. The money that McCourt would receive wouldn’t be thrown into the baseball operations; it would be used to deal with McCourt’s debts.
    Unless I don’t understand something here, WTF?
    If it isn’t going into baseball operations, why would anybody {Mark}support this?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Did I say that I supported this? Nowhere do I say that. Give me an owner with deep pockets and I\’m all in. However, I do know that Frank will spend to put \”butts in seats\” and there is no way he uses all that money to repay debt or buy out Jamie. Just because Buster Olney writes it, doesn\’t make it so. Go back and look at his predictions – he as bad, probably worse, than me! ;)

      • Michael says:

        I was only saying that Buster Olney reported what Franks reps told the commish. Must be something lost in transalation because that sounds idiotic to me.

        Sorry if I mistakingly implied that you were in support of this.

  10. Gilmore Field says:

    McCourt has wasted all of his goodwill capital. He’s reviled by Dodger fans for good reason. He’s shown in the past that he can’t be trusted. What makes you think a great TV deal with Fox will change anything? Why would he invest any of that money to improve the team and the Stadium this time around, when it was shown in court how both he and Jamie used the bulk of their profits to enrich themselves? C’mon, get real. The man is a crook, pure and simple. Sure, he’s not the only crooked owner in sports, but he’s ours, and we don’t like him. It’s enough to have suffered through Peter O’Malley and Fox. Who need more of the same?

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      It\’s good to see that we agree about O\’Malley. Give me a better choice and I\’m in, but we could do worse!

  11. Michael says:

    That was me. More concerned with figuring out copying and pasting with this new browser I downloaded and forget to log in to get my very cool logo.

    We lead the league in triples

    And best of all, the Red Sox are winless!

  12. Dodger Tony says:

    Winning takes care of everything.


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