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A Train Wreck Is What It Is

A Train Wreck Is What It Is

No other word comes to mind when trying to describe the current state of the Dodgers.  The only good thing is that Frank McCourt got his loan so that he could meet payroll.  Maybe that will make the boys in blue more relaxed.  It was a “back-door loan” in that Bud would not approve  a loan to the Dodgers, so FOX gave it to McCourt personally.  Bud is evidently sitting on a request for FOX to renew the Dodgers agreement with a rich new one which will enable Frank to pay Jamie and keep the Dodgers competitive.

This teams fortunes could change overnight, but right now, here’s what I see:

  • Uribe and Loney are hitting .300 – COMBINED!  That won’t work!
  • There is a lot of good stuff happening in the minor league system and I still see mid-season call-ups for Sands and RDLR.
  • The pitching is a shambles.
  • I am not high on Dee Gordon – he can go either way in my opinion…  If I could include him in a deal for Reyes, I would!
  • Ramon Troncoso may have looked good at AAA, but he looks the same at Dodger Stadium – like an arsonist!
  • Raffy did what we all feared.  I have no expectations.
  • Casey Blake and Jamey Carroll have been what I thought they were.
  • No one has stepped up in LF (could Jay Gibbons be next?)
  • Rod Barajas – he is what he is and has been and will be – he needs more hitters in a lineup he is part of.
  • I like Aaron Miles – I really do, but he can’t be on this team.  We have too many guys like him (i.e., non-hitters).

Conclusion:  The Dodgers have hit rock-bottom.  I look for a reversal of fortunes… SOON!  It’s always the darkest right before the dawn.

This is C-Bill’s time for redemption.  Get on that white horse and rescue your teammates, Chad!

Former Dodgers Updates

  • Carlos Santana is doing a James Loney imitation and  hitting .191.  I always told you not to drink the Kool-Aid.  He may be fine… or not.
  • James McDonald has a 7.47 ERA for the Pirates
  • Andrew Lambo has established his reputation as a hard-head and is hitting .206 with 12 K’s in 34 AB’s in Indy (Pirates AAA affiliate).
  • Andy LaRoche is hitting .259 for Oakland and has played 6 games at SS.
  • Josh Bell is hitting .235 with 13 K’s in 34 AB’s for Norfolk (AAA).

P.S.  Look for Big News about the Dodgers financial condition later this week, and that’s my daily garbage!

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9 Responses to “A Train Wreck Is What It Is”

  1. Badger says:

    Good thing? To borrow money from Fox to make payroll is a good thing?

    I can tell by the silence around here people are in shock. Well, at the risk of taking some heat on the subject, I am not the least bit surprised. This is a junior varsity Major League squad run by owner that is financially stressed and if this crap continues the wheels will fly off. I can see Ethier demanding to be traded. I can see Kemp going off too. I can see attendance dropping even further. As is mentioned over there ——-> in MLB rumors, the tipping point is moving ever closer. Bud is not happy, but there is nothing he can do about this “personal” loan. The owners are grumbling, everyone (except Mark) wants McCourt gone. I can’t help but wonder if MLB is worried about litigation from McCourt if they make a move to force him out. It IS what he does.

    The drama continues……

  2. RogerCraig says:

    I don’t think Mark wants McCourt. He just doesn’t think he will get the boot and if you can’t change it, why beat a dead horse?

  3. the truth hurts says:

    I don’t expect a turn around.

    This team is awful.

  4. DRomo says:

    I have said all spring thhis team will be great or awful. Nothing in between. I agree with Mark here that something will change. It is Ned’s M.O. to make moves when needed even if it is desperate attempts to make something happen (remember Jim Thome?)

    With news that Kuo is going on the DL and consistantly running a lineup out there with the likes of Paul,Thames, Miles, Carroll (although I love the way this guy plays) It’s not gonna happen.

    I would say leave Tony Gwynn in LF, leave Carroll at 2B, send IDJ2 down to keep his value if he has any, Leave Uribe at 3B. And hope for the best. Either way I don’t know if it makes a difference.

    It’s getting ugly early!

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Could not disagree with you more about Gordon. And while I consider Reyes to be a very good player, I worry about his health, specifically all the leg injuries he’s had. That’s not good for a player whose game is mostly dependent on his legs. I would love to have a healthy Reyes, but if I were to go after him I would try to do so w/o including Gordon. A healthy Reyes at short and Gordon at 2B would give the Dodgers awesome speed at the top of the order (more so, if Kemp was moved into the 3-hole), and ridiculous range in the middle infield. Gordon is hitting at ALBQ., hit well at Chattanooga last year after making the jump from low-A, and hit even better in the PR Winter League, where he tied for the batting title. His range is off the charts at short, and like with most young, inexperienced shortstops, his defense will come around, and may eventually reach gold glove caliber. At 2B his defense might just come along a little quicker.

    To get Reyes I would try to package several pitching prospects not named RDLR, Ivan De Jesus and maybe somebody like Loney. And I’m sure that the Dodgers could get creative and expand the deal further w/o giving up Gordon, Sands, or RDLR. And actually, even more than Reyes the Dodgers could use Wright. The Dodgers have a high caliber shortstop prospect in Gordon, but absolutely nothing at 3B that I know of. And yes, I know the Mets don’t need Loney with Ike Davis at 1B. But if he was included, I’m sure they could spin him off to a third team for something else they need.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Oh, and one other thing. From the few interviews I’ve seen with Gordon, he appears to be a level-headed young man with a willingness to work as hard as necessary to improve his game. Maybe he’s best described as the anti-Lambo. That’s the kind of player I want to hold onto, especially if paired with unlimited talent. For me, he’s a keeper.

  7. Jaydavis says:

    The line just needs to change. How long will it take for the coach to realize.
    I don’t understand batting Furcal leadoff—when playing. It’s 2011 not 2001.
    After that who cares

  8. wrisp says:

    I disagree about shifting Raffy to the 2 hole. Historically he does not respond well to that move. If you have him in the line-up batting him at the top appears to be the way to get the best out of him.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Hitting 1st or 2nd, who cares? The thing is to actually get Raffy in the lineup. And that won’t be happening for a while. As for Uribe, if I continue to see what I’m seeing for much longer I don’t want him anywhere near the lineup. If someone will take him off our hands I’d do it, as long as the other team was willing to pick up a reasonable amount of his contract. Maybe another team would be willing to pay him $4-5 million per year, figuring that he’ll return to hitting about .250 with 15-20 HR per year. Besides, even if the Dodgers eat half his contract, IDJ2 would still be cheaper than Uribe over the next 3 years.


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