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Who Is #5 and More Questions?

Who Is #5 and More Questions?
  • With Padilla and Garland, who will be the Dodgers #5 starter?  Redding?  Ely?   Rubby?  Cast your vote and state your case.

    AJ Ellis - 2009

  • Josh Lindblom is working himself back into the mix as a reliever.  AAA bound I would say.
  • R-Tron continues to pitch a shutout for the Spring.
  • Jay Gibbons .071 puts him in danger of not making the team.  I know it’s still early, but it’s a trend.  Who will seize the day?
  • Ditto with Navarro, but Barajas could have his career year.  I think he has one good year in him and he’s never had it yet…  Just a hunch!

Who has the answers?  You should start to see the rotation thinned, as guys like Huber De La Rosa who gave up 7 runs yesterday would not even be playing.

So is losing the Number 5 and Number 6 starter a problem, or an opportunity in drag?


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13 Responses to “Who Is #5 and More Questions?”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    With Garland and Padilla on the sidelines, it weakens the starting staff and removes the edge we had with a strong back end of the rotation.

    Redding or Ely seems to be the logical choose for now. As I believe someone stated on the last thread, Redding could be having early success this spring and could fall apart when the bell rings at the start of the season. Honeycup as my daughter calls him, will have his work cut out solving this latest issue. We can only hope that no one else goes down to injury this spring.

    My wife works for an insurance company that handles workers comp claims for the major league players. She told me that a claim came through for Broxton yesterday. She didn’t have the details on if it was a current claim or a claim from last year. Stay Tuned

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I believe that RDLR is out of the mix (if he ever was in the mix) of pitchers who will replace Garland. I recall reading yesterday that he had shoulder irritation. Although said to be minor, I’m guessing he’s too valuable to take any chances with.

    Redding was a disaster with the Mets. So unless he learned something new in Japan last year, I wouldn’t count on him. Ely intrigues me, because his regression last year seemed to be directly correlated to his control. He’s been throwing strikes this spring, and having success. He’s the type of pitcher that requires pinpoint control, and doesn’t have the stuff to allow him to work effectively unless he’s consistently ahead in the count. From what I read, I believe they’ve isolated his control problems to his positioning on the rubber.

    Something tells me that Navarro is playing himself off the team. I also recently read a piece in which Mattingly had good things to say about Hector Gimenez. And I believe he also likes A.J. Ellis. If I recall correctly, Gimenez is out of options, so perhaps he surprises and opens the season in LA.

    I have never been a huge Gibbons fan. I could see him being an effective bat off the bench, but do not love the idea of him playing regularly or in a platoon. Despite the problems Paul has had in the field, he’s still better than Gibbons (especially his rocket arm), and he brings speed to the table. And although he’s likely to begin the season in the minors, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen of Sands, and believe he could become a viable alternative as the season progresses. And it also appears that Marcus Thames is a legitimate bat. For me, Gibbons is expendable. Maybe he can even bring something back in a trade.

  3. MillaBlue says:

    This is a very ugly and concerning trend. Hopefully it isn’t a sign of things to come. You just have to stay healthy to compete.

  4. Michael says:

    My own personal choice would be Ely. I’m sure we could make do with him until Padilla or Garland returns. If it’s still the good old boys club then Redding has the most gray whiskers. I don’t know about options on either but we could have a continuously open spot in the rotation nearly all season. Garlands injury could easily be reaggravated, Padilla seems to hit the DL a couple times a season and Hiroki ain’t no spring chicken. Hey Bill was that a claim for mental infortitude?
    Talk about blowing up. It’s time to cut bait. We might need to eat a good portion of his salary but I’ve seen enough.

  5. chucky says:

    I am getting a sinking feeling. I just saw that Broxton just blew up, so he is meat. They have Kuo on an every other day routine. and you have lost two of your 6 starting pitchers (both for another month I would say). No one has approached a steady bat (other than Sands – who will not make the team this go around) and Either can’t read the batting lineup. On the positive I am impressed with the new manager Mr. Baseball knows what to do.

    I don’t know I think 84 wins is too optomist.

    Maybe it is time to bit the bullet, keep Sands, keep lindboom and bring in the young Rubby and start the rebuilding. Of course keep Kemp. Kershaw, Bills and Either but get rid of Loney (let Sands learn on the job) and get rid of Blake, Navarro, Gynn Jr. and let X man give it his best.

  6. coloblue says:

    early in ST…
    things we know..Garland is out til May and we can work around #5SP til about May..
    Padilla injury probably makes him more RP than SP.
    Brox meltdown today and no K in 12 batters faced so far is very disturbing….
    Glad to see Lindblom who had great stuff yesterday..
    Ely is on 40 man…he probably is first one up if we need SP til garland comes back..
    RDLRosa will get Kershaw treatment..low number of innings pitched this yr in case we need him late…aug/sept.
    Gibbons…if he fails in ST… then Xpaul,Gwynn and Thames in LF and then Sands in June if he does well.
    Barajas..solid..Navarro?? if he stinks in ST.. just bring up Ellis who will hit just as much and good D Catcher.

  7. the truth hurts says:

    the truth is loose

  8. ray guilfoyle says:

    I can guess what Mark will write about tomorrow? Broxton got roughed up today, giving up 4 runs and didn’t get anyone out. Also gave up 3 SBs, and hit a batter. Well, he did get someone out. one of the many runners he gave up was thrown out trying to score.
    And he hasn’t struck out anyone yet.

  9. the truth hurts says:

    i hope he does write about broxton, this guy is never going to amount to anything……..

    so sad, but the truth hurts……

    broxton needs to get out of the dodger blue, what an embarrassment…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care if it is March 10th, July 10th or a beer softball league game.
    That showing was absolutely embarrasing. I hope he has direct deposit because there is no way he could sign his check in good faith.
    Go home and kick your football before you do any real damage.


  11. Michael says:

    That was me. I didn’t want to lose my train of thought and forgot to fill in my ID.
    Honestly by a raise of hands, who thinks he will ever get it back?
    I really don’t. Mark spotted it.
    Perhaps and most probably Jon wishes he could return to the zone but just like the old adage says…
    Fat, Rich and Happy

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Well Mark, Broxton is a subject that I was hoping we would both be wrong about. The Dodgers would have been a better team with the once called OX. He is a mental midget or the proper way of saying it is mental dwarf. And the sad thing is there is probably no trade value either. I guess this was Joe Torres fault…..

  13. David Barr says:

    Mark, I’m a first timmer. I am not real happy with the 5th starter situation, but I am much more concerned about left field. I’m not real optomistic about how well Jay Gibbions is going to work out. I like Marcus Thames off the bench. I really hope they don’t let Xpaul move on I think he has some real potential.


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