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Third-Baseman Jerry Sands?

Third-Baseman Jerry Sands?

When Jerry Sands gets sent to AAA this year (and he will), he will become the everyday 3B there and will surface later this season as the Dodgers new third baseman.  He has the arm, he has the bat, he has the athleticism to be a third-baseman.  He just needs the experience.  That’s my opinion.

I’m just saying this on a whim – I’m saying it because I know that there are Dodger front-office personnel who think he would be a fine 3B and lest we forget, the Dodgers have little in the pipeline at 3B.  We shall see…

Dodger News

  • Yankee Eric Chavez is hitting .370 with a .414 OB% in 27 AB’s for the Yanks, but is playing 1B almost exclusively.
  • Josh Bell is hitting .222 with no HR and 3 RBI this Spring.  So far, he has been about what I figured.
  • Andy LaRoche is still hitting at a .314 clip with an over .400 OB%.  That’s what I expected from him, but so far, I’ve been dead wrong.
  • Carlos Santana is up to .286, but hasn’t exhibited any power yet.
  • I think it would be a mistake to leave Xavier Paul off the team.  I have a feeling this guy is going to be a solid player.  So, I would carry these additional outfielders: Gwynn, Thames and Paul.  That would mean only two infield utility-men – Carroll and Miles.

Roster So Far:

  1. Loney
  2. Uribe
  3. Furcal
  4. Carroll
  5. Miles
  6. Kemp
  7. Ethier
  8. Gwynn
  9. Thames
  10. Paul
  11. Barajas
  12. Navarro
  13. Kershaw
  14. Billingsley
  15. Kuroda
  16. Lilly
  17. Broxton
  18. Jansen
  19. Kuo
  20. Hawksworth
  21. MacDougal
  22. Guerrier

That leaves three spots undecided.  If Blake is healthy, he takes one and only two spots are left.  If Casey starts on the DL, then that opens the door for Castro or maybe DeJesus (if he could get hot the last week).  I don’t see Sellers making it.

That leaves two spots: One pitcher – Mahay, Elbert, Ely or Redding and that will be determined the last week.  If I had to predict, I would say it is ELY. One position player – Could it be Trent Oeltjen or Gabe Kapler?

I will arrive in Phoenix Friday Evening.  I may have a treat or two in store for you.  I have a new hi-res video camera (they filmed an episode of HOUSE with this one).  Jared will come back to life then too.

I really shouldn’t be going as my business has been growing 15-20% a month (we increased 106% last year alone) and to complicate things, I recently had to fire two customer service reps and a third just left on maternity leave.  I have a new Customer Service Manager moving from Phoenix on April 18th, but we are really short-handed.  However, it’s the Dodgers – I must go and the show must go on!


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22 Responses to “Third-Baseman Jerry Sands?”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    I still wonder if Sands can take over at 1st base next season? I really don’t see Loney coming back next year unless he has that breakout year, but there’s still the F.A. market if Frank can find/borrow some money. Depending on the cash flow and the players available on the market in 2012, might also directly effect the future of Jerry and what position he ends up playing. I think it’s too early to predict if Sands goes to LF, 1st or 3rd but the hardest of the three positions to learn has to be 3rd base. Jerry will need to stay healthly, avoid injury and continue to produce at AAA to earn his ticket. I think there’s a bunch of us waiting for his arrival, and we need the Sandman in the bigs as some are already calling him.

  2. I had the honor and privledge of spending a few hours with Dodger Great Tommy Davis last week. He had just returned from Arizona…He spoke very highly of Jerry Sands…said he was a “keeper”…He also spoke highly of Gordon and Robinson….I guess he was sent on assignment to work with the prospects on hitting…..not a bad choice in my book…

    What a gracious and hunble man!

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Glass, I met Tommy Davis in Mesa at a Dodgers vs. Cubs game last Spring (or maybe it was the Spring before). Had him sign a baseball and sign a copy of his book.

    We got to talk for a bit as I saw him play back in his Dodger days.

    Good guy, great man.

  4. RogerCraig says:

    Tommy is my favorite Dodger.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Two years ago at Camelback I got to meet Maury Wills and Ron Cey. Both very friendly people but Maury loves to talk baseball and with someone that will listen. Ron just quickly signed a ball for me but was very nice about it. Last year I got to meet Tommy Davis at Dodger Stadium signing before the game and Tommy Lasorda at Camelback. I wish I could have gotten a few minutes of Tommy’s time, but he was signing autographs outside the enterance gate at Camelback and someone came up to him and told him that a picture that he had just signed was being sold to someone accross the way. He came unglued and that’s all he could think about was getting this guy that was making a profit off his signature and throwing him out of the park. As it was my turn to get a ball signed, he was preoccupied in kicking some ass and just quickly signed my ball as a security guard was chasing the bad guy down. (bummer) I guess it was bad timing. It’s a great time to meet the current players and the Old Timers at Spring training. Tomorrow morning I’m heading back down. Hoping to Meet Jared, see Roger, Mark and have some fun.

  6. Anyone have any idea where Zack Lee will end up going? Hoping it is A ball in Rancho Cucamonga…at least for awhile….

  7. jWerthFan says:

    I, too, think Sands slots in at 1B for the departing powerless and overpaid Loney. Particularly because Uribe’s belly and lack of range moves to 3B for 2 dreadful years.

  8. DRomo says:

    I love that Mark still has an eye on Andy LaRoche. Awesome!

    BRuss & the gang, Have fun in Camelback! I hope next year I can make the trip the same weekend with you fellas.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    Roger Craig said that he may be attending some of the games this weekend, how will we know it’s you? I know, you will be wearing the Dodger hat. Tell us where you are sitting or something that could help us pick you out of the crowd.

  10. Michael says:

    I think Jerry Sands is too atheletic with too good of arm to be wasted at first base. I can’t remember where I read it but a scouting service rated him much higher in the OF and kind of slighted him as a right-handed 1B.
    As sure as you can count on the Dodgers being pitching rich you can go to the bank that they need a bonafide 3B. With the exception of Adrian, we have been in need since trading Ron Cey over 30 years ago.
    If it is indeed in their plans to try him out there, all I can say is Hallelujah

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Broxton gave up a double and then got two strikeouts and help from the catcher throwing Upton out at 3rd trying to steal. He’s looking better.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Back to Back Jacks, tie up the game. It’s only spring but I’m loving it.

  13. Michael says:

    Bill, are we there yet?
    I noticed on the blog for Roger that Badger made a cameo. I didn’t want to respond there but it was real nice to hear him.
    Hopefully that picture I was hoping for with Marks new D6 badboy will come to fruition. And I totally want one of you, I already know what Matt Kemp looks like.
    Have a blast man and spread the peace

  14. Joe says:

    I would like to see if Sands can play 3rd considering Kemp and Either are set in the outfield and if T-Rob can continue to improve and win a job next year. Loney needs to turn into a left handed Garvey or a Mark Grace clone. He is one of the few players that steps it up in the playoffs though- .349 3HR 14 rbis in 17 playoff games. Looks like Arizona’s bullpen is in midseason form today. I like what I see and hear about Kemp so far this spring.

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    Welcome, Joe.


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