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There Were No Games Yesterday

There Were No Games Yesterday

Dylan Hernandez and TJ Simers

I know that you know the Dodger afternoon game yesterday was rained out, and you think that the Dodgers played the D-Backs at Talking Stick.  However, you would be mistaken if you thought the Dodgers played.  Oh, they were there in body, but not in spirit.   Dee Gordon was the only highlight.  Well, I re-tract that,  Mike MacDougal and Kenley Jansen also gave me hope.

But back to Gordon – The Dude can really motor!  He made some acrobatic plays in the field and showed off his tremendous range.  Did I mention that he can really book?  If there has been a faster MLB player, I have not seen him.  WOW!  This kid is going to be fun to watch!

Mike MacDougal HAS to be on the roster – I know the stats suggest that he won’t be very good, but he has earned a shot and I believe he will get it.  I won’t say he will be “lights out” but if he was, I wouldn’t mind.  Kenley Jansen is a beast.  When he walks by you, you know he’s there.  He gets that ball back from the catcher and is ready to throw it again in just 5 or 6 seconds.  I like his aggressive approach.  He will have a few bumps in the road, but he’s certainly closer material.

I guess I have to say that Mahay continue to look lost.  His odds of making the roster have diminished.

The highlight of the day was the banter between TJ Simers and Don Mattingly – Simers wanted Mattingly to say thgat Thames was a horrible fielder and Mattingly wouldn’t, so TJ just kept re-framing the questions to Donnie, like a skilled attorney trying to trip up a witness.  It was hilarious.  The piece that  TJ Simers wrote today was mostly from that exchange.

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  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Everything I’ve read about Gordon indicates that his range is off the charts. If he’s not the fastest player in the game, no one could be much faster. But is he Willie Davis fast?

    I haven’t done so yet, but I’ll make it a point to read T.J. Simers piece today.


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