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The Whipping Sticks Are Out

The Whipping Sticks Are Out

For the second day in a row, the boys had their whipping sticks out and yesterday they beat the best offensive team this Spring 7-1.  So, the bats are heating up while the pitching continues to be very good.  I do have FIVE questions:

  1. In light of Jerry Sands maturation and growth, if James Loney can get off to a hot start, should he be traded?
  2. After all the hype, could Jay Gibbons be headed back to AAA?
  3. Can the X-Man hit his way on to the team?
  4. Is Jamie Hoffman in the mix?
  5. With Aaron Miles looking more and more likely to make the team, will Juan Castro retire as a Dodger and go to the front office or coaching ranks?

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9 Responses to “The Whipping Sticks Are Out”

  1. SpokaneBob says:

    1. Sands could be a viable replacement for Loney, hot start or not. But I think it likly that he goes to AAA for most of the year, with a September call up.

    2 & 3. I firmly believe for the Dodgers to field the best posible team, Tony Gwynn needs to be in the line up every day. I can see us keeping Marcus as the right handed bat off the bench and keeping the X-man as the lefty as he is out of options and if he can perform well his trade value may increase. Gibbons could go to AAA to get it together until we need him or trade Paul.


    5. Four guys for 2 spots. My first vote goes to IDJ2, now is his time. Sellers needs more seasoning. So its between Castro and Miles for the second spot. Ivan should be our 2b next year as Uribe moves to third. If Gordon takes over at ss in 2012, wouldn’t it be better to break in Ivan this year and Dee next year, rather than try to put in a rookie DP combo at the same time.

  2. Bobby says:

    unless tony gwynn EARNS his way to the starting LF job (and batting 2nd), that LF/#2 hitter should go to Sands.

    why play vet platoon over the hill guys who are not going to improve at this stage in their careers over a 23 year old with some nice upside?

    in a perfect world, sands starts in AAA, hits well, and is up by mid may and takes over full time (and wins rookie of the year like posey).

    it’s not just sands’ HR’s that are impressive; it’s his walks. he’s got a nice eye. those who see him play say he also has good speed, and solid defense anywhere he plays.

    put him in LF, and if loney stinks it up, throw sands at 1b and let loney go elsewhere.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Unless Loney has a breakout year, he won’t be with the team next year. So trade him when the best deal can be made.

    I would take Miles over Castro.

    If Gibbons isn’t working out, a trip to AAA should happen. His glasses look goofy anyway.

    Hoffman – NO

    I would like to see the X man stay but there may not be room enough for Pauly. I believe he can hit, I’m just not sure about his fielding.

    As I have stated in here many times before, if Gwynn can earn a spot, we will be a better team.

    If the team can score 4-5 runs a game, we should have a very successful year.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Injury bug may be biting, Garland just left the top of the 2nd with a side injury. Here we go………

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’ve been impressed with Sands the few times I’ve seen him. He looks patient, self-assured and balanced at the plate. However, it’s more than likely he opens the season in the minors, and perhaps gets a call between May-July, if he’s performing well. Marcus Thames probably is the extra righthanded hitting outfielder that opens the season in LA, in a platoon with Gibbons or Paul or Gwynn, or as a bat off the bench if Gwynn should manage to land an everyday job.

    If the Dodgers decide they want to hold onto X-Paul, then Gibbons becomes a candidate to go to AAA or perhaps gets traded. I don’t know the details of his contract, so I’m not even sure he can be sent to AAA without his permission.

    It would seem that Miles has the inside track as the second utility infielder. He’s been a capable hitter for most of his career, and likely being a switch hitter works in his favor. If he performs well at AAA, IDJ2 could be called up later in the season, to some degree depending upon how Miles performs.

    I can’t even imagine how Hoffman makes the team. but he’s certainly a candidate to be packaged in a deal.

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    This from MSTI reminds me of my comment a while back that it was conceivable that the Dodgers could open the season with 11 pitchers if there were enough days off at the beginning of the season. Doing so could buy the Dodgers time with respect to making a decision about Paul, and about any deals that would involve Paul, Gibbons, or whomever.

    “There’s also another option, one that I was thinking about but was beaten to the Twitter punch about by Eric Stephen of TrueBlueLA. Since the Dodgers have several off-days in the first portion of the season, they could conceivably make it until April 10 or 12 without needing a fifth starter. If that’s the case, they could avoid Xavier Paul‘s out-of-options status by carrying him to start the year, with Garland on the DL. They could then make a move to either activate Garland or recall Ely/Redding for that game.”

  7. Joe says:

    I also thought they might be able to go with a 11 man pitching staff with the maturation of Kersahaw and Bills to go along with the rest of the starters who are inning eaters. I would rather see Ely get the 1st shot to see if he has recaptured what he did early last year. I am afraid Redding might be this year’s version of Ortiz twins.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Ditto on Redding.


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